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Epica Review

Diving Squad Rating:


9.5 / 10

There’s only one way to describe Epica – a backpacker hostel on water for scuba divers.

With a friendly and social vibe and next level itineraries, she is the third cheapest Raja Ampat liveaboard and well suited to new divers.  

Great For: Backpackers, Singles, Unique Dive Trips, Extra Activities, Awesome Value for Money

Trip Lengths: 7 – 10 days.

Max Guest Capacity: 12

Months of Operation at Raja Ampat: October – April


Epica truly takes the prize for running the most fun and unique itineraries in Raja Ampat. She offers a variety of different trips, exploring combinations of the best dive sites in north, central and/or southern regions of Raja Ampat. 

With different themes for each day like “Sensory Overload”, “Pelagic Magic” and “Fish Frenzy”, the vibe is extremely friendly and entertaining – guests can enjoy exhilarating night dives, action packed drift dives, wall dives and more.

Epica only requires it’s guests to have their open water certification and 4 logged dives, making her the most beginner friendly cheap Raja Ampat liveaboard. 

Every trip also includes a viewpoint trek, beach visits and a BBQ beach party. You’ll also spot a huge aggregation of large fruit bats when you pass through Mioskon / Bat Island.

Some trips, like the 10 day ones, include many more exciting activities such as village visits, waterfall treks and for those who head down south (“southern showdown” trip), the opportunity to swim in a lake filled with non-stinging jellyfish!

The upper deck is kitted out with psychedelic themed beanbags and hammocks, perfect for relaxing with an icy beer as you catch the sunset.

Guests can also climb up to the roof to take in the epic panoramic views and catch incredible sunsets.

Epica caters to 12 guests in 6 twin bunk bed style cabins, with individual fans and sharing twin bathrooms with showers.

The lack of privacy is literally the only drawback to this otherwise incredible liveaboard, but it’s also the reason why Epica is so insanely affordable.

However, for those who are used to hostels, it’s no big deal. The dorm style accommodation also results in an incredibly social atmosphere.

Epica is without a doubt the most backpacker orientated raja ampat liveaboard, with great vibes and unique trips. 

Guest Reviews:

Rivkah JUnited States
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"The boat was very well organized and comfortable. The atmosphere was great and crew was friendly and professional. Food was great. The dive sites were above and beyond my imagination. Definitely one of the best experiences I've ever had!!! Highly recommended!!"
United States
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"It is difficult to pinpoint because there were so many. The diving was magical. I have never seen such a variety and great numbers of fish and sea life and the coral/plant life of the reefs were stunning. This is the diving that can bring you to tears of joy. The shore excursions were great too, especially the trip to the Pianemo Viewpoint and the beach BBQ".
Marco CItaly
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"Every day was a surprise, every dive was amazing. The crew of the boat make everything to make you feel at home and our dive guides were amazing, not only underwater. The boat is basic, but who need a fancy yacht when you already have everything you need for diving and enjoying one of the best spot in the world?"


  • Sun Deck

  • Leisure Deck

  • Charging Stations

  • Outdoor Dining

  • Beer available

  • Western food with vegetarian and vegan options.

  • Beach BBQ Party

  • Viewpoint treks

Diana K from the United States said:

“The Epica liveaboard was a wonderful experience! I went in July and got to see some amazing marine animals, the most beautiful corals, and most of the dive sites were only our group or very few other people since it was off season.

The reefs were amazing and we even got to see a manta (despite time of year)! The trip had 18 dives and they were all so wonderful, I can’t pick one as my favorite. Raja Ampat does not disappoint and totally lives up to the hype.

I came here as a new diver and was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to hold up but Josh and Stefan quickly helped and guided me to becoming an advanced diver. They’re both extremely knowledgeable about the area – both on land and under water.

Josh and Stefan went above and beyond to make sure that the trip was amazing and that everyone was having a great experience. In fact, the entire crew of the Epica were amazing and wonderful.

The crew were so kind, keep the boat running smoothly, made sure all the gear was good to go, tanks filled, and the chef is amazing.

The food was always great and they are accommodating to any food allergies. I feel like 7 days wasn’t enough, I could have gone for a few more”.

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