Meet Diving Squad

Hi there – my name’s Alex; but most people know me as: Sergeant Scuba.

Actually, no-one’s ever called me Sergeant Scuba in my entire life, so best stick to calling me Al.

Who the hell am I? Just a guy who loves to scuba dive and whose obsessed with travel. 

Also, imagine me talking in a British accent, because that’s where I’m from. Bloody ‘ell. 

I grew up in the english seaside city of Brighton and became obsessed with the sea after my first visit to the sea life centre.

(It was to be the first of literally hundreds, I even worked there at one point).

There I am:

Ok, so that kid’s not actually me but it was just like that I swear, although I don’t think I looked quite so innocent. Imagine an even fatter child that was quite likely donning a halloween costume regardless of what time of year it was.

Anyway, the point is; I was seriously into my marine life! On my first holiday abroad to Greece I got the chance to scuba dive and ever since that fateful day, I’ve been totally hooked on breathing underwater.

Now technically grown up, I’m still blown away by our oceans, scuba diving and the world in general. After finishing university, I went backpacking around SE Asia, where I rediscovered my love of diving on a little Thai island named Koh Tao. 

koh tao island
Koh Tao Island

I then returned to the UK and worked as an Ecologist for a year (my degree being in Ecology and Wildlife Conservation). But something in my life was missing.

I worked 60 hours a week and was still on minimum wage, meaning I couldn’t even afford to move out. Having time and money to travel, adventure and dive? Out of the question. 

But I knew people who were making money online by working on their own creative ventures…it was the digital nomad revolution. It sounded too good to be true but friends of mine were literally flourishing from it.

So I took a dive of faith and quit my job as an ecologist. Ever since I’ve been gallivanting around the world working as a freelance writer and diving in as many places as possible.

Some of my all times favourites so far have been Raja Ampat, Komodo, San Andres and Palawan! And I’m still on the go.

Chilling with a Stingray at San Andres.

During my travels, I’m honoured to say I’ve met some truly astonishing individuals. A few have been as obsessed with scuba diving as me and we’ve kept in touch over the years. Now we’ve come together to form Diving Squad.

Our Mission: to be the No.1 Web Resource for all things Scuba. We’ve noticed that a lot of other scuba diving resources on the internet give out of date information and seem to focus only on profitable content. 

That’s not how we want to be. We’re setting out to provide the most current information possible – we don’t just want to give brutally honest reviews of the best diving holidays and scuba gear on the market…

…we also want to teach our readers how to become better scuba divers, how to dive in an environmentally responsible manner and to captivate you with inspirational stories and mind-blowing facts about our world’s oceans.

Yes, we have our own Diving Squad games...

The Diving Squad website is sustained through being an affiliate website, which means that when you spend money on something after clicking on it through one of our links – we make a small % commission at no extra cost to you.

We donate a percentage of our profits towards Marine Conservation Programmes – currently we’re focusing on stopping illegal hunting of cetaceans.

Diving Squad is still new but we’re growing day by day. Join our ranks and help kickstart the Scuba revolution!