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Mission Briefing

Alright, Diving Squad – at ease! Your mission objectives are these:

  • Arm yourselves with Knowledge: Whether you’re a beginner or advanced diver, love shipwrecks or coral reefs, seek mighty beasts or tiny critters, your dream scuba diving destination is out there. Knowing where’s best for you, who to dive with there, how to dive and where to stay can be hard though. Fear not. Use the Liveaboard Articles as well as the Destination Guides to discover where to go for your next scuba adventure and how to get the most out of your trip.

  •  Craft your Ultimate Scuba Gear Arsenal: By reading our brutal yet hilarious Diving Gear Reviews with special deals, discount options and informative users guides for picking the best bit of kit for your own personal needs as well as how to use it.

  • Hone your Scuba Diving Prowess: Like any extreme sport or adventure activity, scuba diving requires practice, experience and knowhow to get truly good at it in order to be able to go on ever more adventurous dives, whilst staying safe. Use the training guides in the Scuba Skills section to master your art and become one with the scuba.

  • Get Inspired: Scuba Diving is more than just an adventure activity – it’s a fuckin’ lifestyle baby!  That’s why on this site you’ll find a whole bunch of unique interviews with famous scuba divers as well as whacky stories, quirky marine life facts and cool anecdotes to keep you entertained, informed and inspired.

  • Take Action and Save the Ocean: In 2020 there are less than 50% of coral reefs and only 5% of sharks than there were in the 1950’s.  Divers have a responsibility to protect the ocean by staying informed of ways to not only reduce human impact on marine ecosystems but also to actively reverse some of the shocking damage that’s already been done. Support Diving Squad by booking your scuba holidays and buying gear through links on this site* so we can eventually start marine conservation programmes of our own. . Find out more about Marine Conservation here!

Ok Diving Squad, you have your mission – complete it at all costs! Not sure where to start? Check out some of our most popular articles trending now:

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