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Meet the Diving Squad

Hi – my names Sergeant Scuba; but most people call me Alex.

In fact everyone calls me Alex, so you probably should to.

Who the hell am I you ask? A guy who loves to scuba dive and who loves to travel. 

Also, imagine me talking in a British accent, because that’s where I’m from. Bloody ‘ell. 

I grew up in the English Seaside City of Brighton and became obsessed with the sea after my first visit to the Sea Life Centre.

(It was to be the first of literally hundreds).

Ok, so technically that Kid isn’t actually me but it was just like that I swear, although I recall being a lot more snotty as a child. 

Anyway, the point is, I was really into the sea.  On my first family holiday to Greece I got the chance to scuba dive and ever since that fateful day, I’ve been hooked.

Since metamorphosing from a kid to an adult, I’ve stayed fascinated by marine life, scuba diving and the world in general. 

It was after finishing college that I first went backpacking; around SE Asia where I rediscovered my love of diving on a little Thai island named Koh Tao. 

I went on to scuba dive in as many different places as I could; some of my all times favourites so far have been Raja Ampat, Komodo, Santa Marta and Palawan! And I’m still on the go.

But now it’s not just me. Over the years, I’ve been lucky to meet some truly awesome people. And with some…I’ve discovered we have a dirty little secret in common:

A shared obsession with scuba diving and an urge to share that obsession with as many people as possible. It’s like…our squad mission.

SQUAD PUN. <– You better get used to that! No wait, sorry, I’ll never do it again. 

Diving Squad is a group of die hard Scuba Diving Fanatics and Best Friends.

We come from all sides of the World, and it’s quite likely that none of us would have met were it not for one thing…a shared obsession with scuba diving.

As fate would have it, we’ve been thrown together, one by one over time, and now we are the Diving Squad.

Yes, we have our own Diving Squad games...

The Diving Squad Mission: To help you get the most out of Scuba Diving!

We’ve all met Sam’s in our time. People who saw pictures of scuba diving on National Geographic or read about it in the Lonely Planet, and captivated by the idea of such a mind blowing sport, raced away to get involved without another moment’s consideration.

Well guess what! Scuba Diving is indeed a mind blowing sport. But it is also complicated, immensely varied and not something you can second guess at!

It’s no good rocking up to Komodo to learn to Scuba Dive, and only realising when you get there, that nearly every diving location around the island contains drift currents that are only suitable for advanced divers.

Or setting off to the Philippines in search of Whale Sharks – outside of Whale Shark Season.

Or signing up for the liveaboard adventure of your life – without realising that the kinds of dives, marine life and boat facilities you were looking for, were to be had on a completely different yacht!

So: How does one come to grips with the vast wealth of information that is needed to have a long, happy and successful relationship with scuba diving?

You join the Diving Squad!

"Grab on"!

Diving Squad is your go to resource for all things Scuba!

We cover everything: the best liveaboards, what its like diving in different countries and locations, how to improve your scuba skills, comprehensive gear reviews, the fascinating underwater ecosystems you will encounter, inspiring stories and more!

So why do we do this? Well – we just love scuba diving. All of us at diving squad have been profoundly affected by the mesmerising experience of experiencing life beneath the big blue.

“I’ll never forget my first dive. I was 21 years old and in Koh Tao, Thailand. It was love at first splash.

Like it was yesterday, I remember how from the moment my body entered the water and I was rewarded with the rich sight of multi-coloured coral stretching out across the seafloor beneath, I was totally hooked.

Since then, I have gotten stuck in underwater caves in Vietnam, drifted through ghostly World War Two wrecks in the Philippines, been battered by insane ocean currents off of Komodo and swum with black tip sharks throughout Raja Ampat in Western Papua, to name but a few of my favourite dives” – Diving Squad Officer. 

Cave Diving in Raja Ampat

We are constantly adding to and updating our information. In a World of half heartedly slapped together information, Diving Squad aim to go above and beyond to provide you with every single piece of information you could ever need – and more!

We want you to enjoy learning about scuba diving because that way you will remember what you have learnt and then you get more out of scuba diving.

When you go on your hard earned travels and adventures, we want you to have the best possible scuba diving holiday you can have – not by what we define as the best, but what you define as the best

Which is why Diving Squad takes into account the immense array of varied subjects, diving types and styles and locations that there are to be had in the world of Scuba.

We provide all the information you need. And then you choose how to put it into action.

What’s more – Diving Squad is committed towards a greener future for our Ocean’s.

A key aim of the squad is to provide comprehensive information on environmentally friendly diving as well as tips on how you can protect the ocean for future generations of divers.

We Want to End Ocean Pollution

The Diving Squad website is sustained through being an affiliate website, which means that when you spend money on a liveaboard holiday, piece of gear or insurance after clicking on it through one of our links – we make a small % commission.

We donate 10% of all of this money towards Marine Conservation, specifically aimed at combating plastic pollution in our oceans. More information on this to come, soon!

Ok dear reader – so now you know – who the squad are, what we do, and how you can be part of it. Join us today!

We’ll tell you something truthful. Although each of us has many years of scuba diving experience, this website is new, which is why you may notice only a few articles to start with.

But Diving Squad is growing. Each day we accumulate new followers and pump out more information in our ever growing sea of knowledge.

JOIN NOW and help kickstart start the scuba info revolution!

Have you got what it takes to Join Diving Squad?!