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What the hell is Diving Squad!?

“In 2018, I quit my job as an ecologist to pursue my dream of scuba diving in as many different parts of the world as possible.

Both to document and fund this lifestyle shift, I started creating immersive online records of my ongoing scuba-odyssey; the many adventures that ensue from it and all that I learn along the way about diving, marine ecosystems and how we as humans interact with them.

Much of this is done in the form of surrealistic edits of scuba diving videos to weird music, in-depth guides on diving locations, gear and know-how as well as a series of semi-rambling memoirs about the many adventures that spring forth from my life as a rootless divemaster, perpetual traveler and all-round adrenaline junky. 

There’s also a hearty splash of ecology and biology thrown in to give an in-depth insight into aquatic creatures and ecosystems that tells you more than just the mainstream facts about them than you already know!

Over the years, this project has evolved and adapted to become a multi-dimensional source of information that comes from a group of diehard scuba divers and wildlife scientists from various far flung corners of the world” – Alex: Founder & Grand Admiral of the Diving Squad. 

Point of view - looking through the lens of a dive mask at beautiful coral reef.


Alex Hatton

Grand Admiral & Founder of the Diving Squad

That’s me! In 2018, I quit my job as an ecologist to pursue my dream of creating an online business centred around scuba diving and travel. 

Ever since I’ve been a rootless divemaster. So far I’ve scuba dived parts of the Red Sea, Maldives, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua and Ireland – and I still very much consider myself to be at the start of my scuba-odyssey!

I love to film my underwater adventures and splice the videos into surreal movies then write travel guides aimed at scuba divers about the places I’ve visited. 

When I’m not diving, making movies or rolling around on the carpet with my dogs, I’m happiest trekking through the mountains, running along the beach or repeatedly picking up and putting down heavy objects whilst listening to pounding electro.

Laura DeLaurii

Diving Squad Scout & Writer

Laura is a marine biologist and underwater photographer whose been scuba diving since the age of 19. 

She first met Alex whilst scuba diving Panama in 2021. Since then she been an integral Diving Squad Scout; venturing forth into various far-flung corners of the world to gather location guides, gear reviews and underwater photography for the Squad!

She has hundreds of dives under her belt but never ceases to be astonished by the marine ecosystems and landscapes that she sees…she would love to spend one day as her favourite marine animal, a Manta Ray.

When not doing marine biology stuff, traveling, diving or flexing her mad multi-lingual skills, Laura can usually be found outdoors or flipping into beast mode at the gym!

Simone Papalia

Diving Squad Scout & Writer

Simone has been addicted to travel since 2012; he worked as a dive instructor for 5 years in Australia and has also dived much of Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Dubai, Mexico and Central and South America.

When it come to diving, his passions are tech diving and big animals – especially whale-sharks and his spirit-animals: orcas (Simone is guide by a mystical spirit-Orca that glows blue…).

Simone met Alex at a party in Jaco, Costa Rica where after many beers they decided to drive Alex’s incredibly beaten up, 27 year old car (Senor. Carro) to Guanacaste the next day and spend a week searching for whales and manta rays around Playa del Coco.

They’ve been epic friends ever since, with Simone contributing diver-travel guides, gear reviews and underwater photography guides to Diving Squad.

He and Alex are also working on a side-project – it’s gonna be big. Just ya’ll wait…

Through Diving Squad, our aim is to transport you to being under the water yourself. Strap on a virtual dive mask and come with us for the ride; see what we have seen, learn what we’ve learned and find out how you can travel to and dive these beautiful places for yourself. 

There’s another member of the team to still introduce. It’s you! If you have scuba diving experiences or original photos, videos or reviews of your own that you’d like to share, feel free to reach out and find out how you can become a paid member of the Diving Squad.

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