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Mission Briefing


September 1, 2020

When scuba fanatics share a dive, there is a sense of comradeship. Together, you experience the epic forces of the aquatic kingdom, knowing that no two dives will ever be the same. 

You can try and tell people who weren’t there what it was like – but they’ll never get it like those who were with you at the time. In that moment you were comrades – you were part of a Diving Squad!

When I was a wee’ lad, I went to visit my local sea life centre. I was totally blown away by what I saw. I could scarcely talk – those animals seemed like they came from another planet.

Over twenty years later, living in our world; one that is rapidly changing and at times appears terrifying yet at others feels full of potential, life has been full of surprises. 

Few things stay the same but one thing always has for me: a skull numbing mesmerisation by life in the oceans. 

Life on land may seem familiar to us, but in truth it’s the abnormality. Most of the natural world is defined by the mysterious, yet beautiful communities of creatures living within the sea; which covers over 70% of the planet. 

It’s a place of awe inspiring environments and mighty forces; one where majestic beasts cruise above fantastical beings that exist within every nook and cranny, their anatomy and lifestyles appearing to defy logic. 

If you’re reading this, chances are you feel the same way about the marine world and the power of scuba diving as a means to explore it that I do. 

You probably already know what I’m getting at when I talk about the bond that can form so easily between divers. 

The mission objective is this: continue to discover our oceans and learn more about what’s happening in them – the dramas that play out and the changes that are happening as we speak. Spread good vibes and have Diving Squads mates’ backs on all dives. 

Pay homage to the sea and all that lives within it, whilst using the inspiration gained from this to spread the word about and resist threats facing our oceans today. 

As well as using this website to learn about the coolest places in the world to scuba dive and the best ways to experience them, you can also use Diving Squad to arm yourself with useful scuba diving tips such as diving technique, course info and marine conservation goals. 

Keep checking back on this page to stay posted as from Spring 2020, I travel to the Philippines to learn what it’s like to become a scuba diving instructor.

Next, I’ll be hopping on a bike and exploring the very best dive sites, mountains and national parks of the vast and mysterious Filipino archipelago.