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This is the ULTIMATE resource for scuba divers who love travel! Get insider tips to craft a kickass dive trip anywhere in the world; no matter your budget.  Read first hand reviews of the very best dive gear and get inspired by insane stories, awesome facts and epic underwater movies.

Ahoy friend! My name is Alex Hatton. For many years I’ve been a rootless divemaster, travelling the world on a mission to dive as much of its mighty oceans as possible. 

Along the way; I’ve been honoured to meet all kinds of awesome and zany characters; the finest of whom have been recruited into the Diving Squad. 

Today, this site is the ultimate resource for scuba divers; we’ll help you craft a kickass diving-travel itinerary wherever you want to go and no matter how high or low your budget.

We’re also huge nerds when it comes to reviewing the best dive gear, liveaboards and insurance policies in mega detail.

Plus we’ve included all manner of anecdotal, hilarious and epic diving stories and movies to get you inspired. Huzzah!!

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