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Best Scuba Regulator - Buyers Guide and Brutally Honest Reviews


Ah, the Whale of a Problem of Choosing the Best Scuba Regulator! It’s an essential piece of kit, but which is the Best Model for you?

That actually depends on a whole number of Different Factors – your Diving Level, your Budget and the Conditions in which you’ll be Diving, to name but a few!

Scuba Regulators, which are the most vital part of the scuba octopus setup; come in a whole range of Different Makes with varying features, styles and operation methods.

In this Diving Squad Special, we’ll hold your flipper all the way as we lead you thorough the basics of Picking the Right Scuba Regulator to suit your exact needs and wishes!

Next, we’ll give Brutally Honest Reviews of our Top Picks.

Ok Squad – Let’s Dive In:

Best Scuba Regulator
Best Scuba Regulator of 2019

How to Choose a Scuba Regulator

When it comes to investing in your own scuba octopus setup, you’ll find that there are a massive amount of options out there to choose from.

As your scuba regulator is such an important piece of your scuba gear set, you should make sure that you get exactly what you need.

Your scuba octopus setup is what allows you to breathe underwater, and if looked after, it should last you a very long time.

With the importance of choosing the right piece of dive equipment in mind, here are a few things to consider before purchasing your own scuba octopus setup:

Scuba Octopus Setup

Yoke or Din – Whether you use a yoke/A-clamp or DIN, connections are an important consideration when buying your regulator. This decision should depend on your dive style, and where you’ll most often be diving and servicing your equipment. For deeper, or more technical dives, DIN regulators are often recommended due to their strength.

Unbalanced or Balanced – Most modern scuba octopus setups come in the balanced form. This is generally preferred, and is definitely recommended for more serious dives. However, balanced setups tend to be a bit pricier.

Unbalanced regulators use piston and diaphragm designs and ‘breathe’ a little harder. Balanced regulators ‘breathe’ evenly across the dive. This is usually a decision based on how much you’re willing to fork out.

Number of Ports –
Ideally, your scuba octopus setup should come with at least two high-pressure ports, and four low-pressure ports. If there are more ports available, this allows you to customize your setup further.

best scuba regulator 2019
Choose the Right Scuba Regulator and Attain Mad Swag!

Other Features to Consider:

  • What are the lengths of the hoses?

  • Does it include
    venturi/inhalation assist?

  • Is it an environmentally sealed regulator?

  • How much does your scuba octopus setup weigh?

With all of these considerations in mind, it’s important to understand what you are looking for in your gear. As each person has different requirements and preferences, it’s necessary to understand the variety of equipment available, and exactly what it is that you need for your dive situation.

Here are our top picks of scuba octopus setups – ideal for all situations:

QUICK LOOK - Best Scuba Regulator Comparison Table

Use the Quick Look Table for Getting Instant Stats on Our Top Pick Scuba Regulators! Delve Deeper Using the Reviews Section Below!

Scuba RegulatorBest ForMaterialGaureenteeRatingPrice
1. ScuaPro MK25 Evo Scuba Diving RegulatorOverallChrome Plated BrassYes5/5$$$
2. Cressi Sub Elipse Titanium Scuba RegulatorMost ReliableTitanium InsertsNo4.5/5$$
3. Mares Abyss 22 Navy II RegulatorTech DivingMetal Technology Yes5/5$$$
4. Palantic Scuba Diving AS103CheapChromium Plated Brass BodyNo4.7/5$
5. Atomic T3 First & Second Stage RegulatorLuxuryTitaniumYes4.8/5$$$
6. Mares MV 12S RegulatorFrequent FliersNickel and Chrome Plated BrassNo3.4/5$
7. Aqua Lung Calypso QC RegulatorBeginnersChrome Plated Marine BrassYes5/5$$
8. Oceanic Delta 5 EDX RegulatorAdvanced DiversMetal TechnologyYes4.6/5$$

The Best Scuba Regulator of 2019 - Reviews:

Absolute Best Scuba Regulator

  • Uses yoke

  • Air balanced flow-thru-piston design

  • Fully insulated internal parts

  • Chrome-plated brass body

  • $

Our overall favorite scuba regulator has got to be the ScubaPro MK25 Evo Scuba Diving Regulator. This regulator does absolutely everything a diver could ever dream of.

Perfectly suited for seasoned pros, frequent travelers, cold water divers and those looking for a regulator that does so much more than your standard product. Costing you around $957, this piece of equipment is a fantastic investment for any serious diver.

The Scubapro Evo performs exceptionally well in cold water due to the full insulation of its internal parts. It also features a superior ultra-high airflow system which really delivers on maximum performance in all kinds of conditions.

It’s design consists of air balanced flow-thru-piston mechanism made from balanced composite/stainless steel. This allows the regulator to deliver more air to the second stage than any other first stage while being unaffected by the change in tank pressure. The balanced piston results in seriously fast breathing response, with an instant delivery of on-demand air.

This regulator breathes incredibly smoothly, which is why so many users love it. The diver-adjustable inhalation effort and venturi-initiated vacuum assist are also great features on this scuba set.

Truly, this is an outstanding brand, a bit pricey though, which is why you’ll always hear of divers searching for some discount Scubapro gear. The quality is insane!



  • Breathes incredibly smoothly

  • Performs well in cold water

  • A well-trusted brand which delivers high quality

  • Superior ultra-high airflow system



  • Requires a Higher Budget

Most Reliable Scuba Regulator

  • Easily replaceable modular component


  • Hinged cover assembly with locking cam


  • Titanium inserts and a lightweight body


  • Four low pressure and two high-pressure ports


  • $

When it comes to scuba diving gear, it’s vital that you can trust and rely on your equipment. The Cressi Sub Elipse titanium regulator will definitely have you covered here. This regulator boasts a new valve design for maximum performance. Less breathing effort is required from their patented elliptical shaped design.

This piece of dive gear is also noted for its amazing lightweight technology. Featuring the industry’s lightest second stage, you can expect top quality results from a seriously lightweight and easy to manage setup.

Cressi Sub Elipse is great for cold water dives, and will have any technical diver happy with the performance. This is a device which really delivers for a wide variety of conditions, and it won’t let you down. The environmentally sealed design adds to this.

The airflow remains nicely consistent at all depths, while the tank pressure never seems to get affected. For those looking for scuba diving gear that works well, and won’t let you down, then this is a regulator to consider.


  • Consistent airflow at all depths

  • Works well in cold water dives

  • Requires minimal breathing effort

  • Highly reliable



  • The mouthpiece is quite small
  • Comes in yoke or DIN


  • All-metal design


  • Oil-filled environmental seal


  • $729.95 – $$

For those looking for the best in tech diving regulators, we strongly recommend the Mares Abyss 22 Navy 2. This amazing bit of scuba equipment is approved by all US Navy standards  and is ideal for long use in all kinds of harsh conditions.

Featuring an all-metal design, this is a seriously tough regulator. There is an oil-filled environmental seal which helps to counteract the effects of cold water conditions. This octopus setup is absolutely ideal for cold water dives through its various thermal transfer properties.

This regulator features a mesh grid, a fluoropolymer resin finish, and rubber hose. The ease of breathing with this mechanism is not affected by depth. Breathing on the Abyss 22 Navy 2 is fantastically easy and smooth, no matter how cold or harsh the conditions are.

If you are looking for a regulator that is built to last, performs in all conditions, and carries the US Navy seal of approval, then this product by Mares is a great idea.


  • Performs amazingly in all conditions


  • Specifically well suited to cold water dives


  • Built to last


  • Well trusted brand


  • A bit on the heavy size!

Best Cheap Scuba Octopus Regulator

  • Chromium-plated  brass body


  • Adjustable second stage


  • Low-pressure port swivel assembly


  • Five intermediate pressure ports, two high-pressure ports


  • Yoke


  • $

Unfortunately, scuba diving gear is not always very affordable. For those looking to acquire their own scuba equipment without breaking the bank, then we would suggest looking at this regulator by Palantic. The AS103 is our top pick for a budget scuba regulator, and despite its great price, it will still deliver on top quality features and performance.

This is a high-quality yoke regulator with an adjustable second stage. It includes environmental sealing which is great for colder waters, Nitrox compatible silicon mouthpiece (which is super comfortable), and a chromium-plated brass body.

The over-balanced first stage allows for progressively greater intermediate pressure as depth and gas density increases. This means that even under the most extreme conditions, air delivery will not be affected.

If you are looking for an affordable regulator without losing out on quality, then this Palantic model is a top choice. This regulator features everything you would want in such a piece of dive gear, and it would be a perfect addition to any scuba diving starter kit. We highly recommend this product.


  • Budget-friendly

  • Trustworthy brand

  • Works well under a variety of conditions

  • Breathing isn’t affected by depth

  • Built-in swivels



  • Not specialized to ice conditions

Best Luxury Scuba Regulator

  • 3 Year/300 dive service non-contingent lifetime warranty


  • Automatic flow control for ultimate easy breathing


  • Titanium build


  • DIN style


  • $1,749.95 – $$

For the really serious scuba diver, there isn’t much of a better regulator on the market than the Atomic T3. This particular scuba octopus setup is really only meant for those who are looking for the absolute best quality that money can buy them.

It is most notable for its extremely durable yet lightweight construction. Being made from titanium, this regulator is light enough to travel extremely well but solid enough to last you many years of diving.

As one would expect from such a high-end regulator, this product is well suited to both warm and cold water diving. It performs magically at all depths  and is fully equipped with a perfect seal system. This gives it its anti-freezing properties.

The automatic flow control included in this bit of scuba kit gives you the easy, unaffected breathing which Atomic is known for. This is a top of the line regulator for serious divers.


  • Compact and lightweight makes it ideal for traveling

  • Perfectly suited to warm and cold water

  • Ideal for diving at all depths

  • Lasting quality

  • No need to worry about service locations


  • One of the most expensive regulators out there!

Best Regulator for Frequent Travellers

  • Low profile and lightweight design

  • Patented dfc – high-performance first stage

  • Patented vad – high-performance second stage

  • Vortex assisted design and dynamic flow control

  • $

This regulator is a little different to many others, but it is a great product for those looking for cheap scuba gear.

Despite this being an extremely simple design by Mares, it gets the job done perfectly. For those looking to purchase their first scuba gear, this regulator could be a perfect choice.

With a super sleek and simple low profile design, the MV 12S will never get in the way or become a burden. This regulator is ideal for travel due to its light, small build.

However, being small does not mean that it doesn’t deliver results. This regulator is reliable and performs at a high standard. With the Mares legendary patented vortex-assisted design being incorporated in this device, breathing is made easy and consistent.

The regulator also comes with dynamic flow control for great reliability. The side exhaust in this regulator also works notably well in moving bubbles away from the face. This is a simple but high-performance product.


  • Lighter than many standard regulators


  • Really good for traveling


  • Affordable


  • A well-trusted brand


  • Performance can be affected at deeper depths

  • Not specifically designed for cold water

  • No air output adjustment

Best Scuba Regulator for Beginners

  • First and second stage regulators with an LP hose

  • High-flow piston technology

  • Comfo Bite mouthpiece

  • Polyurethane purge cover

  • Polycarbonate construction

  • $

Aqua Lung remains one of the top brands when it comes to scuba diving gear, and this scuba octopus setup by them is no exception. The Calypso QC regulator is ideal for beginners and the advanced divers.

The easy-to-use, lightweight design makes it a practical choice, while the performance and results from this product are highly commendable. This is the fifth generation of Calypso regulators, and we love it for its dependable, simple design.

As a more affordable regulator, this product gives you excellent value. The compact design is perfectly suited for traveling. Of course, breathing on this regulator is easy and well controlled.

This product is best suited to warmer waters due to its simple design. It is a reliable and robust regulator that should keep just about every diver happy with its results.


  • Great value for money


  • Easy to use


  • Lightweight


  • Uses quality piston based technology


  • Not ideal for cold water diving.

Best Regulator for Advanced Divers

  • Pneumatically balanced all metal valve


  • Dive/pre-dive switch


  • Dynamic airflow adjustment control


  • Mechanical purge button


  • Yoke style


  • Environmentally sealed


  • $499.95 – $

This is a technologically advanced regulator for the diver who wants to get the most out of their scuba octopus setup. This particular product is well known and loved for its highly reliable quality and smooth breathing performance.

The pneumatically balanced all metal valve makes breathing at great depths or in cold waters easier than ever before. This is aided by their patented design of the dynamic adjustment technology. This gives you the right airflow at any depth.

In terms of technology, there are loads of pre-dive and post dive controls. The mechanical purge button allows for consistent air-flow pressure during purge. The balanced diaphragm first stage eDX is environmentally sealed. This makes the regulator perfectly suited for cold conditions.

For serious divers looking for an amazing modern regulator, this is the scuba regulator to go for! This product is extremely durable, advanced and performs magnificently in a wide variety of conditions.


  • Works well in all conditions

  • Breathing not affected by depth

  • High-quality and durable


  • Nitrox compatible


  • Confusing controls for a beginner

  • Slightly heavier than most regulators.

Diving Squad Debriefing

Alrighty, Diving Squad! Now that this mammoth article, jam-packed with everything you need to know about the exciting world of the Scuba Octopus SetUp, has finally reached its end…

You are now equipped to make the best possible decision when it comes to buying Scuba Diving Gear, as well as how to set up your scuba equipment.

We’ve tried to answer any and all questions you may have surrounding the Scuba Octopus SetUp. From a detailed scuba diving equipment list, to which brands last the longest.

When asking ‘how much does scuba gear cost?’, always keep in mind that there are so many nitty-gritty things to consider that go far beyond the price.

Things like brand, quality, tech… there’s just so much to consider! And that, dear Diving Squad, is why we do what we do – refer back to this article for the top reviewed Scuba Regulators for ALL types of divers!

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