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Pro Dive Cairns

Diving Squad Rating:


9.2 / 10

Pro Dive Cairns (aka Scubapro) operates short, action-packed trips that are perfect for those who’re limited on time and cash but still want to discover the Great Barrier Reef, whilst exploring some of it’s less visited reefs. 

Great for: Unique Routes, Short Trips, Alternative Dive Sites, Friendly Crew.

Trip Lengths: 3 days

Max Guest Capacity: 32

Operates: All year


In total there are 11 dives; including 2 night dives, over a variety of incredible underwater environments featuring spectacular coral reef, with many sightings of turtles, large pelagic fish, small reef sharks and reef fish. 

Guests only need open water cert and 4 logged dives to embark on trips, although additional training is required (advanced open water cert / night course) to go on the night dives. 

The boat itself is fairly basic in terms of onboard facilities, but there is enough space. On the upper deck is a large sundeck. There’s also an indoor lounge and dining area with plasma tv entertainment and a well stocked book shelf, as well as free internet. 

In total, there’s 16 air conditioned cabins, which share 8 bathrooms. Most cabins are twin bunk, but there’s also a couple of double cabins available. 

All of the staff are very friendly and create a relaxed, yet safe atmosphere. At the end of the trip, you can join the crew and other passengers at a local restaurant for a farewell meal…and drinks ;). 

Pro Dive Cairns is one of the cheaper liveaboards to operate around the Great Barrier Reef. The routes don’t reach the north ribbon reefs like the more expensive Spoilsport and Spirit of Freedom. 

Instead, they travel east of Cairns to the outer edges of the Great Barrier Reef with diving takes place around Thetford, Milne, Flynn and Pellowe reefs, where the coral is in pristine condition. 

Whilst a couple of other liveaboards venture this way to (Coral Sea Dreaming and Rum Runner), it is only Pro Dive Cairns that explores Thetford, Milne and Flynn Reefs all in the same trip and only Pro Dive Cairns that pushes as far Pellowe reef.

Consequently, this is a great option for exploring alternative, off the beaten track dive destinations around the GB reef’s far outer edges. 

Guest Feedback:

Samuel CUnited States
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"By far one of the best Liveaboards I have done. The safety of the crew and watchfulness was wonderful. Anything that was needed that you forgot was available to purchase or use for free. Food was wonderful, very tasty but for little kids might be a bit above their level of taste. (No chicken nuggets or peanut butter sandwiches here!) Great diving spots with good information. When we did night dives, someone always led them, although you could go with just your buddy if you wanted or were comfortable. Saw lots of wonderful fish and turtles and even a few sharks"!
Christian RColombia
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"This trip was an absolute STEAL. Incredible value. The crew was fantastic, the boat was super comfortable and cozy, the other guests were amazing (made some friends for life), the food was delicious and healthy, the gear was great, and the dives were phenomenal. WiFi worked great too!:) My only regret was not diving for longer!"
Gregory DUnited States
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"The crew made the trip unforgettable, I really enjoyed our dive spots and the instruction I received while getting my AOW certification."

Other Features:

  • Dedicated local and international crew

  • Charging stations

  • Snorkeler friendly

  • Nitrox available

  • Local food with vegetarian and vegan options

  • Non-smoking rooms

  • Leisure deck

  • Shaded diving area

Jacqueline L from the United Kingdom said:

“The ScubaPro team is very professional and great scuba guides. I always felt looked after and safe. The dives were excellent and the pre-dive briefings were a highlight.

The boat itself is not luxurious but it is very clean and well maintained. Perfect for a 2-4 nights when you goals is great diving and not a floating spa”.

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