Busy Girl - Best Cheap Komodo Liveaboard for Couples

Busy Girl takes the smallest group of any Komodo liveaboard; a maximum of just 4 guests in two double cabins; making it a perfect option for couples.

This is a cozy and intimate liveaboard with small but sweet common areas; nice dive itineraries and a friendly crew.

It is also one of the cheapest Komodo liveaboards out there!

Great for: Couples, Small Groups, Short Trips, Cheap, Wakeboarding

Trip Length: 2 – 4 Nights

Max Guests: 4

Most Komodo diving safaris offered by Busy Girl are 4 nights long; this is shorter than average yet still long enough to see some of the best Komodo dive sites; mainly around the north & central regions. On average there’s 3 dives a day. The 4 night trips also include a Komodo Dragon visit! (Rarely, there are sometimes 2 night trips; with 9 dives but no Komodo Dragon visit).

Busy Girl offers wakeboarding; something other Komodo Liveaboards don’t have!

This liveaboard is also more beginner friendly than most others around Komodo. Guests are only required to have their open water cert and it’s even possible to complete courses throughout the trip. Diving Komodo, guests can spot many species of shark as well as manta rays, turtles and countless fish over stunning coral reefs that are in superb condition.  

Busy Girl is 14.5 meters long and has two very sweet outdoor common areas: a lounge and a partially shaded mini sundeck; each located at opposite ends of the boat. 

There are two cabins; a double and a twin – both have ac and an ensuite bathroom. Plus, there is audio and video entertainment plus library in the indoor saloon and dining area. Finally, this liveabaord is also equipped with a fish radar, to help hone in on the best dive sites of the day. 

Brett H from South Africa said:

“This was our first live aboard experience and it exceeded all of our expectations! The food was amazing (courtesy of the onboard chef) and the crew were friendly and attentive. There is an epic chill area with bean bags and a lovely dining table both of which make for gorgeous views of the surrounding scenery. 

The smaller boat size meant that interactions with staff were intimate and dives were tailored to our needs and experience level. Staying on a live aboard gave us exclusive access to many remote dive sites, allowing for once in a lifetime experiences. 

All amenities worked well and were clean, and the cabin was surprisingly spacious. We would highly recommend Busy Girl to divers of all levels”. 

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