Carpe Diem - Review by Diving Squad

Carpe Diem is a beautiful traditional Phinisi with luxurious cabins and incredible diving itineraries that also include Komodo Dragon visits and other activities. 

Taking just 8 guests, she is a perfect option for those looking for a more intimate setting – i.e. couples. 

The “Komodo National Park” explores just Komodo whilst the “Komodo, Banta, Sangeang & Bima” route combines Komodo diving with other nearby Indonesian locations.

Great for: Couples, Small Groups, Value for Money, Extra Activities, Alternative Dive Sites

Trip Length: 5 – 7 Nights

Max Guests: 8

Catering to a maximum of 8 guests, Carpe Diem features 4 Cabins with ensuite bathrooms, aircon and natural lighting; twin, double and triple bed options are available. The “Nutmeg Cabin” is the largest, spanning almost the entire width of the boat it features a skylight (amazing for star-watching) as well as ocean view windows. 

In between dives , guests can enjoy activities like viewpoint treks, snorkeling, kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding. Each trip also includes a Komodo Dragon visit. 

For common areas there is an air-conditioned saloon and dining area as well as a partially shaded outdoor lounge and sundeck; this is especially popular among guests as a place to relax with a drink at the end of each day.

The knowledgeable and friendly staff include a naturalist guide and they really do excel at creating a very warm and relaxed – yet very professionally managed trip. 

In my opinion; if you’re a couple or small group of close friends and you’re looking for a tranquil and intimate setting, Carpe Diem is the absolute best Komodo liveaboard due to the low number of guests, luxury cabin options and relaxed vibe. 

From a diving perspective, this is certainly one of the best options for exploring all the regions of Komodo or combining Komodo with some alternative Indonesian dive sites. 

Guest Reviews:

Angela TUnited States
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"World class diving, clean and comfortable boat with hard working crew and good food".
Elizabeth PUnited States
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"Boat is incredibly comfortable - cabins are spacious and beautiful, food is excellent (and available for 5 meals/snacks per day), top deck lounge area is perfect, and staff are friendly and accommodating."
Kevin LSwitzerland
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"They whole crew is amazing, the food is great, the cabins are very nice and cosy. We had so many awesome dives. I had such a good time on board and didn't had to care about anything. From pick up till drop off on the airport, everything was well organized. I highly recommend this cruise".

Kieran from the United Kingdom said:

“Carpe Diem boat is well maintained and the crew is very warm and professional. Service and food was excellent. Dive Masters were extremely responsible and highly knowledgeable of the different dive sites that suit the capacity of the divers. 

They were also very informative and took the time to get to know us and make sure we were comfortable and enjoyed our trip. Food and lodgings were extremely good. All dive equipments were well maintained and catered to all our needs. The sites around Komodo were great and the crew matched it”!!!

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