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Queenesia Review

Diving Squad Rating:


8.8 / 10

Queenesia is the second komodo liveaboard option and perfect for those who want to go on a short trip and/or do as much diving as feasibly possible!

Although the indoor saloon is a little basic; you do get to do more daily dives with Queenesia than any other budget komodo liveaboard. 

Great for: Single Travellers, Short Trips, Value for Money, Kayaks. 

Trip Lengths: 3 – 7 days

Max Group Size: 8

Operates: All Year

The itineraries range from 3 – 7 days. Generally, they all explore the same area; with most diving taking place around the northern region of komodo national park, which is well known for stunning underwater landscapes, vibrant hard coral and large pelagic species including manta rays, big fish species and reef sharks. 

I like the 7 day trip best, because it includes a trek around Rinca island with a guide, to witness the Komodo Dragons!

There are 3 dives a day plus a night dive on most days, which is insane value for money when you consider that even many mid-price and luxury komodo liveaboards only provide 3 dives on most days. 

There’s also onboard kayaks and snorkelling equipment, plus guests can enjoy welcome cocktails, a beach bbq and several short viewpoint treks. 

Queenesia is fairly unique in that one of her cabins is a quad option with 4 single beds in the style of two bunks. It’s a little like a floating hostel dorm on water. This is a great selling point for single travellers. There is also a twin and a double cabin option available. All cabins feature an ensuite toilet and shower room as well as ac.

There’s a partially shaded sundeck, which is the main chill out zone and a great place to enjoy a wine or a beer as well as al fresco dining. Guests can also retreat inside to indoor dining area, although there isn’t any audio or video entertainment like you’d get with Busy Girl, Kira Kira or La Unua. 

As the second cheapest Komodo liveaboard option  – and only a few more dollars per day than Putri Papua, Queenesia offers fantastic value for money with the 4 dives each day. It’s also the only komodo liveaboard to offer a quad cabin and the best option for those short on time, thanks to the 3 day trip option. 

It’s also really nice to see the onboard kayaks and free snorkelling equipment. 

I really like Queenesia because of the extra dives, the kayaks and the dorm style quad cabin, which greatly increases the chance of meeting other lone travellers. This is one of the best cheap liveaboards from which to truly discover the komodo region and all that it has to offer. 

Ludwig M from Germany said:

“Such an incredible dive experience. We made all the famous dive sides in Komodo and saw the whole marin life what you can see in Komodo. Ricky and Sam were like super lovely and professionel dive guides, like all of the staff on the boat. Everytime again”!

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