Queenesia - Best Budget Komodo Liveaboard

Queenesia is among the all-time cheapest Komodo liveaboards out there and in my opinion the best budget option there is. 

Trips are 5 nights long and feature 3 dives a day (normally 2 day + 1 night dive) as well as a Komodo Dragon visit, Trekking, Kayaks and various Beach Excursions. 

With 3 cosy cabins (single, twin and quad), friendly staff and a lively itinerary this is a great option for anyone looking to dive Komodo on the cheap. 

Great for: Cheap, Short Trips, Value for Money, Extra Activities

Trip Length: 5 Nights

Max Guests: 8

Dive Trips are almost always 5 nights long although sometimes 3 and 6 night trips are also available. Most Komodo diving with Queenesia explores the northern region of Komodo National Park, which is known for stunning underwater landscapes, vibrant hard coral and large pelagic species like manta rays, reef sharks and big fish.

There’s also onboard kayaks and snorkelling equipment, plus guests can enjoy welcome cocktails, a beach bbq and several short viewpoint treks not to mention a Komodo Dragon visit. 

Catering to a maximum of 8 guests, Queenesia has 3 cabins:  a quad option with 4 single beds, a twin and a double. This makes it a great option for all kinds of divers – couples, families and groups of friends. All cabins feature an ensuite toilet and shower room as well as ac.

The partially shaded sundeck is the main chill out zone and a great place to unwind with a drink at the end of the day whilst enjoying some al fresco dining. Guests can also retreat inside to indoor salon with aircon to get out of the heat. 

Queenesia really does offer awesome value for money – with awesome staff and food and very well planned out dive itineraries that are pack with extra activities. 

Ludwig M from Germany said:

“Such an incredible dive experience. We made all the famous dive sides in Komodo and saw the whole marin life what you can see in Komodo. Ricky and Sam were like super lovely and professionel dive guides, like all of the staff on the boat. Everytime again”!

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