Adora - Solo Travellers & Cheap Private Balconies

What makes Adora unique is the “Superior Single” Cabin: designed for Solo Travellers; it lets you have a cabin all to yourself and avoid sharing with a stranger.  

For those travelling as couples or pairs of friends however, the Ocean View Suites are also great – each has a private balcony with twin or double bed option. 

It’s highly unusual to see cabins with private balconies on a mid-priced Maldives liveaboard; this feature is usually only seen in luxury liveaboards and even then often not all!

Besides this, Adora is also a very nice liveaboard to stay on with fantastic scuba diving itineraries, tasty food and awesome staff. 

Great for: Solo Travellers, Private Balcony Cabins, Value for Money

Trip Lengths: 7 – 10 Nights.

Max Guests: 21

Price: $$ (Mid-Price)

Adora at sea with scout boat in tow.

On the middle deck is the 1 Single Cabin (“Superior Single”): single cabins are so rarely featured ON liveaboards but are perfect for solo travellers.  Normally if you’re a solo traveller on a liveaboard; you’ll end up in a twin cabin (2 single beds) sharing the space with a total stranger. But with this option; you can have a double bed and a cabin all to yourself. Nice!

Up on the top deck there are also 4 “Ocean View Suites”: each comes with it’s own private balcony; again this is something that is rarely seen on liveaboards and almost never on those that are any less expensive than “luxury” tier (with Adora actually only being mid-priced!). 

Finally, down on the lower deck are 6 Standard Cabins, each with 1 double and 1 twin bed. 

All cabins feature ensuite bathrooms, TV & movies selection and minibar and are roughly 9 meters squared. 

At 37 meters long, Adora is a medium sized liveaboard. The most popular common area is the partially shaded outdoor sundeck – this is a great place from which to take in the views, work on your tan and enjoy a sunset drink! There is also a small outdoor lounge and a somewhat larger indoor saloon, bar and dining area with beautiful panoramic ocean views and TV entertainment.  

Onboard cuisine brings tastes from India, Sri Lanka and the Maldives in addition to international dishes which also provide vegetarian and vegan options on request. Weather allowing there will also be a beach bbq one evening!

Most trips by Adora last 7 nights and are around the Central Maldives – this is the country’s most famous scuba diving region and home to many species of sharks as well as manta rays, other ways, dolphins and many beautiful reefs. 

However, on certain months, Adora also operates extended 10 night trips down to the Maldives South Region which is more off-the-beaten-track and has even more sharks.

Adora is the obvious choice of Maldives liveaboard for any solo traveller looking to have a cabin all to themselves – or for any couple seeking a private balcony cabin at an unusually cheap rate. 

Guest Feedback:

Christina PUnited States
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"Mantas mantas mantas! Crew is wonderful, boat is very comfortable. Single cabin was a wonderful value, so nice to have my own private cabin".
Thomas VGermany
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"This was my first liveaboard so I´m hardly an expert....but I really enjoyed the boat and the experience! It was August so the weather wasn´t all that great! Still the diving was remarkable and we saw Mantas and a big number of sharks. The single bed room is nice. But nobody had to share a room beacuse the boat wasn´t fully booked".
Kity YHong Kong
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"Night dive with uncountable number of sharks was really awesome".

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