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Blue Voyager

Diving Squad Rating:


9.7 / 10

Blue Voyager runs a variety of exciting dive trips in the Maldives – both around the well known and more off the beaten track regions.

In addition to exploring combos of the central, south and deep south regions; Blue Voyager is one of the very few liveaboards to explore the north and far north regions of the Maldives.

This is also the cheapest mid-price Maldives liveaboard. Although it doesn’t feel quite as luxurious or spacious as other options – hey, it’s still got a jacuzzi! 

Great for: Central Routes, South Routes, Deep South Routes, North Routes, Far North Routes, Long Trips, Small Groups, Jacuzzi, Affordable. 

Trip Lengths: 8 – 13 days.

Max Guest Capacity: 24

Operates: All year except July

Blue Voyager Liveaboard at Sea.

Blue Voyager is the only other liveaboard (besides Carpe Novo) to offer trips to all five of the Maldives regions:

  • Central: most popular and touristic. Look out for manta rays, whale sharks, hammerhead sharks and reef sharks! Lots of impressive underwater landscapes with swim throughs, walls and overhangs. Some great coral reef.

  • South: more off the beaten track and has lots of big pelagic fish such as dogtooth tuna and silver tip sharks hunting huge schools of fish.

  • Deep South: More species of shark found here than anywhere else in the Maldives. As well as the white tip, silver tip and grey reef sharks found in other regions; in the deep south one can also see many tiger sharks & thresher sharks.

  • North: rarely visited and has many manta cleaning stations – plus Hanifaru Bay where you can snorkel (but not dive) with hundreds of mantas and several whale sharks at certain times of the year!

  • Far North the most rarely visited part of the all the Maldives. The underwater landscape is very dramatic with huge caves and walls, plus one can see rarer shark species like leopard sharks and guitar sharks!

(The above information is a very brief synopsis of Maldives diving regions. For a much more detailed look, check out our main page: Scuba Diving in the Maldives). 

Blue Voyager Itineraries:

  • Best of Central Atolls
    8 nights: Explores Central Region.
    11 – 13 nights: Central & Northern Regions.
    Open Water Cert & 30+ logged dives required by guests.

  • Best of Southern Atolls
    Central & Southern Regions.
    10 – 12 nights.
    Advanced Open Water & 50+ L. Dives.

  • Manta Trust Expedition
    South & Far South.
    Take part in important research for the Manta Trust!
    7 – 11 Nights.
    AOW & 50+ L. Dives.


  • Project Shark
    South & Deep South
    Guests are joined by a shark specialist and marine biologist.
    11 Nights.
    AOW & 50+ L. Dives.


  • Far South
    All of the Deep South.
    7 Nights.
    AOW & 5O+ L. Dives

  • Baa & Central Atolls
    Explore Central & North Regions.
     7 – 10 nights.
    AOW & 30+ L. Dives.


  • Best of Northern Atolls
     Explores North & Far North Regions!
    10 nights.
    AOW & 50+ L. Dives.

As you can see, you can explore anywhere and everywhere within the Maldives with Blue Voyager!

It’s extremely satisfying to discover areas that are still at the frontier of scuba exploration within a country and Blue Voyager let’s you do just that. 

It’s also nice to see that Blue Voyager is the cheapest mid-price Maldives liveaboard! 

In terms of the liveaboard itself, the crew are very friendly and knowledgeable and really seem to go out of their way when attending to guests needs to make sure that everyone has a memorable trip. 

For relaxation, guests can choose between the 2 sundecks (one with a hot tub) or the inside loungewhich has a large plasma TV and a bar. 

Underwater photographers can take advantage of the camera station, with table and charging point plus a separate rinse for U/W camera gear. 

There are 13 cabins with twin and double bed options, ensuite bathrooms, mini refrigerators and TV’s. 

So – there’s no denying that the short list of onboard amenities which Blue Voyager does have are not nearly as extravagant as other liveaboards such as ScubaSpa YangAdora or Carpe Novo.

However, if your number one priority is an exciting dive trip to an off the beaten track destination, then Blue Voyager runs the most frequent and widest selection of unique itineraries to all of the Maldive’s regions. 

She is the best Maldives liveaboard for exploring the north and far north regions and also a very good option for exploring the south and deep south. (The only other liveaboard to visit all five regions is Carpe Novo).

If diving destinations are your number one priority, Blue Voyager is the obvious choice to go for. 

Guest Reviews:

Jonathon SUnited Kingdom
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"Cabins very comfortable, with A/c and a TV in each one. We changed our diving itinerary on day 1 on advice of the cruise directors given conditions and we were very much rewarded, with great diving as well as a whale shark and mantas. Would very much recommend this trip and the trip directors Albert and Sophie were fantastic. Food was varied, plentiful and delicious all trip".
Nadine GLebanon
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"Mantas, the stingrays and night diving with the chubbiest nurse sharks on the planet! :-))"!
Chris LUnited States
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"The boat is really upscale, the crew and guides did make the trip and dives a pleasure. Mantas did gave a fantastic dance performance. Fish live just out of this world! Highly recommended".

David S from Australia said:

“The boat was of a high quality – modern, clean, large and comfortable. Although the boat was full, we always could find space somewhere to relax. Crew were really attentive, with literally help for everything.

The diving was both mind-blowing and average in turns, depending on the conditions, but the dive guides had a good balance of showing things and letting people explore with their buddy.

I would consider diving with Blue O Two again. Thanks of course to Albert and Sophie, who made the trip relaxed and fun – thanks for hooking me up Diving Squad”!

  • Daily housekeeping

  • Warm water showers

  • Sea view cabins

  • Observation Deck

  • Available for charter

  • Indoor saloon with ac

  • Western & local food with vegetarian and vegan options

  • Non smoking rooms

  • Outside showers

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