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Carpe Novo

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9.5 / 10

Carpe Novo is one of the few Maldives liveaboards that explores the most far flung off the Maldives regions; namely the far north and deep south where rare sharks species await.

Throughout her various diving itineraries, she also explores combinations of the central, south and north regions.

This is the best liveaboard for advanced divers as she is the strictest – all guests must have their advanced open water cert and at least 100 logged dives.  

Great for: Far North / North / Central / South / Deep South Routes, Advanced Divers.

Trip Lengths: 7 – 11 Nights. 

Max Guest Capacity: 22

Operates: All Year except June. 

Carpe Novo.


One of the only frustrating things about Carpe Novo is the fact that none of her itineraries have been properly named! Instead, they’ve been given long titles based on which atolls they visit. 

This makes it hard to get a sense of where you’ll be headed when glancing at the Carpe Novo Booking Page.

But we’re here to help! For your own reference, here’s what you need to remember regarding which atolls fall within which regions:

  • Central: Male, Ari, Rasdhoo & Vaavu.
  • South: Laamu, Thaa, Meemu.
  • Deep South: Huvadhu, Addu, Fuvahmulah.
  • North: Baa, Raa, Lhaviyani.
  • Far North: Haa Alifu, Haa Dhaalu, Shaviyani.

Descriptions of each region and what to expect when scuba diving there can be found in the “routes and regions” section of our Maldives Liveaboards Home Page

Carpe Novo’s itineraries – although confusingly titled, are some of the most varied and interesting routes through the Maldives. 

Besides Blue Voyager, she is the only liveaboard that explores all five of the Maldives regions! 

Guests are required to have their advanced open water certification and a minimum of 100 logged dives for all trips, making Carpe Novo the strictest liveaboard.

This makes her a perfect option for experienced divers, whom want to explore lots of advanced dive sites.

There are 12 each cabins, each one featuring a TV/HD Player, storage space, ensuite bathrooms and AC. Also, there’s two single suites (with double beds).

The indoor lounge features a large TV, entertainment system and library whilst forward of this is a comfortable outdoor area with partial shading.  

The al-fresco dining area is located on the upper deck, which is conveniently the same location as the bar!  Finally, there’s a large sundeck for taking in the panoramic views.

Carpe Novo is a fantastic option for anyone wanting to explore the most off the beaten track regions of the Maldives, matched only by Blue Voyager.

There might not be any private balconies like on Adora – nor a spa as with ScubaSpa Yang and Emperor Explorer, but if pushing the boundaries of scuba exploration is your priority – or being in a crowd of advanced divers exploring challenging dive sites is, then Carpe Novo is the liveaboard for you!

master cabin of carpe novo
al fresco dining carpe novo

Guest Reviews:

Yevgeniya MUnited Kingdom
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"This was my first liveaboard, but everything was fantastic! The crew and the dive guides were great. Food was delicious. We've had a really good group of divers as well, so overall a wonderful experience, would definitely recommend Carpe Novo".
Michael RUnited States
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"Whale sharks and manta rays. Plus a night dive with 30 large nurse sharks all around us".
Kota IAustralia
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"Everything was well organised to make a week trip so comfortable and do diving. Delicious meals are always ready when we come back from each dive and staff were all professional and dedicated to what they do. We are so happy that we chose this liveaboard. If we come back, we will definitely look no further".
  • Camera Station with separate rinse for u/w cameras

  • Warm water showers

  • Charging stations

  • Daily housekeeping

  • Paid internet

  • Beach BBQ Party

  • Western and local food with vegetarian and vegan options available on request

  • Wine and beer available 

Anita P from Australia said:

“I loved this trip! Absolutely everything was organised and the communication prior to the trip (as well as during) was always prompt and included the necessary information.

The highlights the trip for me where see a whale shark, many many manta rays, lots of different types of sharks I hadn’t yet seen and octopus. The dive masters were quality.

They took us to good sites and had a good knowledge of the areas we would be diving and what we could expect to see. I enjoyed that the tanks were always changed for us when it was time to do the next dive.

There was a great variety of food served throughout the day. It was very hard to be hungry on this trip”.

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