Relaxation Focused: Conte Max

Conte Max’s trips place an emphasis on “deep relaxation” with an onboard Ayurveda Center and specialist to guide guests through yoga and meditation.

There are a range of exciting diving itineraries available exploring different regions of the Maldives and at certain times of year there’s a special Manta Trust Expedition.

Great for: Ayurveda, Yoga, Manta Trust Expedition, Underwater Scooter, Extra Activities, Off-the-beaten-track dive sites

Trip Lengths: 2 – 10 Nights. 

Max Guests: 21

Price: $ (Comparatively Cheap)

Conte Max.

Although not much information about it is available online, Conte Max is described as having a “wellbeing centre” onboard with a trained specialist who can guide guests through yoga and meditation as well as provide individual massage treatment. 

The diving trips themselves are very varied and include many extra activities such as beach barbecues, kayaking, fishing, snorkeling and land excursions. There is also an underwater scooter available!

Routes explore either the Maldives famous Central Region which is good for grey reef, whitetip reef, nurse and whale sharks as well as mantas – the rarely visited North Region which has some of the best coral in the country as well as many mantas – or the rarely visited South Region with the most sharks: threshers, tigers, hammerheads, grey reefs and more. 

The Manta Trust Expedition is timed to coincide with the most productive monsoon winds and lunar currents which heavily influence manta activity. Guests are joined by a manta trust expert and can take part in conservation research for this trip. 

At 33 meters long, Conte Max is a medium sized liveaboard; a little older than some other Maldives liveaboards; but with a nice, traditional design featuring a hardwood interior and classic style cabins. 

There’s three outside deck areas equipped with sun loungers, sun mats, beanbags and deck chairs; providing ample space for guests to relax and enjoy the stunning Maldivian views. Inside is the air conditioned saloon with a stylish bar area, lounge, TV & DVD player and dining zone where Italian-international and Maldivian cuisine are served buffet style. 

There are 9 spacious cabins with double, twin or triple bed options. All cabins have ensuite bathrooms, aircon and charging ports. Most cabins have tiny porthole views but one of the twin cabins on the upper deck has a larger ocean view window. 

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