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Emperor Serenity

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This sleek and stylish modern yacht is the best option for divers with less experience but a keen sense of adventure!

Emperor Serenity is the only liveaboard that requires guests to only have their open water certification, without any extra logged dives! Dive courses can be completed during the trip.

On top of this, Emperor Serenity is the only cheap Maldives liveaboard to have an onboard spa!

Great for: Beginners, Completing Dive Courses, Spa, Central Region

Trip Lengths: 7 Nights

Max Guest Capacity: 26

Operates: Intermittent throughout the year

Emperor Serenity.


The “Best of Maldives” route explores the Maldives central region; an area known for lots of grey reef shark action and even whale sharks and hammerhead sharks! 

There are also plenty of manta ray cleaning stations amidst a varied and dramatic underwater landscape of pinnacles, walls and caves; covered with vibrant hard and soft corals and home to many reef fish. 

Emperor Serenity is the only budget liveaboard where for every trip, guests only need to have their open water certification and no extra logged dives. 

On all “Best of Maldives trips” many of the featured dive sites are suitable for all levels of divers! 

That said, there are strong currents at certain areas, which beginners may find challenging – so beginners may be asked to skip some dives by the Cruise Director! Also, on some dives the recommended depth is below 18m, meaning advanced or deep diver training is advised. 

Also, you can pay extra to complete dive course training during your liveaboard trip!

Emperor Serenity is also the only cheap Maldives liveaboard besides Soleil 2, to have an onboard spa! In addition to this, guests can enjoy land excursions, snorkelling, paid internet and a beach bbq on every trip. 

The upper deck has a covered and open area and above this, there’s a large sundeck, ideal for soaking up some rays and taking in the views. 

Inside, guests can relax in the air conditioned salon which features a TV entertainment system and a bar. 

The modernly furbished cabins are equipped with ensuite shower rooms and individually controlled air conditioning. There are suite options on the main and upper decks with king sized beds and ocean views.

For beginner divers who want to embark on a liveaboard trip around the Maldives, Emperor Serenity is the absolute best option. 

A very similar beginner orientated Maldives liveaboard, that is slightly more expensive is the Emperor Virgo.

Guest Reviews:

Khoa BNetherlands
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"Awesome dives, the guides really make an effort to show the best of the Maldives!"
Zafer Erdim ITurkey
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"We had a liveaboard with the Emperor Sererenity for a week in Maldives. Our room was super clean and it was tidied after every single dive. All of the crew were very kind and helped us all the time. Our dive guides Lexie and Bruno were super professional. Whenever we faced small problems in our dives, they always explained to us what we needed to do in that situation after that dive. It was so helpful to improve our diving skills! We will definetly go back and join this company with lovely guides and crew. Hyojin Kim, Zafer Erdim İnal"
Craig MUnited Kingdo
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"It is so difficult to reduce to highlights as the whole trip was a complete success.. Serenity is a stunning boat with ample space on board to feel extremely comfortable.. the staff of the Emperor company were first class and nothing was ever too much... this holiday for me was pretty much faultless... thank you"
  • Camera station

  • Library

  • Daily housekeeping

  • Warm water showers

  • Ensuite bathrooms

  • Al fresco dining

  • Western and local food

  •  Beer and fines wines selection

  • Free wine w/dinner

Lacy R from the United States said:

“Everything about this trip was spectacular to me. One of the little things that stood out to me the most took place during our dive briefings.

You could see the passion for preserving our beautiful underwater world in the way the crew educated the guests on what they would see, how to conduct themselves and ways we can all help to preserve this majestic world.

I highly recommend this company and this particular crew. Gabriel and Maria are a dynamic duo and everything was executed beautifully”

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