Longest Running Luxury Liveaboard: Maldives Aggressor II

Maldives Aggressor is one of the most posh liveaboards to cruise the Maldives; with luxury cabins, 5 star service (all drinks included in the main fee!) and excellent dive itineraries.

Having been built in 2006, it’s older than other luxury Maldives liveaboards and so the crew and operators have that little bit more experience when it comes to crafting incredible trips.

Generally, Maldives Aggressor explores the Central Maldives over 7 nights but on some months; 10 night trips to the rarely-visited North Maldives are also available. 

At 41 meters long, Maldives Aggressor feels very sleek, modern and contemporary. It may be one of the most expensive Maldives liveaboards out there – but the quality of this liveaboard as well as its staff, food and trips is superb. 

Great for: Luxury Cabins,  Longer Trips, Off-the-beaten-track diving regions of the Maldives. 

Length of Trips: 7 – 10 Nights

Max No. of Guests: 22

First, let’s talk about the 11 cabins. There are 4  Deluxe Staterooms and 1 Suite on the upper and main decks; these all have huge ocean view windows. There are also 6 Twin Staterooms on the lower deck. 

All of these cabins have plenty of space, ensuite bathrooms, aircon and large flatscreen TV with a selection of movies. Furthermore as well as there being daily housekeeping service; cabin service for the Maldives Aggressor goes further than most other liveaboards… by also including an evening turndown service…and a morning beverage service!

For common areas; there is a partially shaded outdoor lounge with a jacuzzi and bar. There is also a small sundeck – it only has space for 4 sun loungers but this is no problem at all as guests mainly hang out at the outdoor lounge anyway where there is also space to sunbathe!

The indoor saloon is very spacious and has almost panoramic views – here guests can look forward to a variety of mouth watering local and American cuisine that is served buffet style. On one evening; there will also be a barbecue event on a deserted beach. 

Maldives Aggressor regularly explores the Central Maldives – this is the most famous region of the country for scuba diving and a great place for seeing countless species sharks as well as manta rays, other rays, turtles, dolphins and extensive coral over a varied underwater landscape of pinnacles, channels and sloping reefs; home to countless reef fish. 

However; on certain months this liveaboard also runs extended 10 night trips up to the North Maldives which is perhaps the most-off-the-beaten-track diving region of the entire country. The North atolls have the best hard and soft coral in the country as well as the usual Maldives suspects like mantas and sharks. Maldives Aggressor II is the only luxury liveaboard to regularly explore this region. 

Diving amenities include a large swim platform with personal gear lockers, air/nitrox fill stations, rinse tanks, three-tier camera table with low pressure air hoses and 2 warm, freshwater showers. 

If you’re looking for a super luxurious liveaboard with exceptionally comfortable cabins and service in them that goes the extra mile, Maldives Aggressor is definitley worth considering. 

Guest Feedback:

Moritz GGermany
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"We saw so many mantas and other rays (during day and night), all kinds of sharks, incl. wale sharks and octopoi! We did not expect to actually see so much! The channels are really fun! For rather inexperienced divers with now 41 dives, we felt always safe and really well taken care of."!
Tim Albert VNetherlands
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"I saw everything I was hoping to see, mantas, whale shark, shark, dolphins, eagle ray, sting ray, turtles, just everything and in a very high dive quality".
Unpil BSouth Korea
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"Thank you to all the crew members who were friendly. It was a satisfying trip in all respects. Very good schedule and perfect service".

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