Traditional Design: Nautilus Two

Whereas most Maldives liveaboards are modern yachts, the beautiful Nautilus Two has been built following a traditional Maldives sailing vessel design.

At 43 meters long, it’s very spacious; this is reflected by the large 20m sq cabins; all have desks, shelves, mirrors, wardrobes and ensuite bathrooms with massage showers. 

Despite all this and the fact it has a jacuzzi – Nautilus Two is one of the cheapest Maldives liveaboards out there and subsequently offers awesome value for money!

Great for: Big Cabins, Spacious, Value for Money, Jacuzzi, Massage Showers, Traditional Design

Trip Lengths: 7 – 12 nights

Max Guests: 24

Price: $ (Comparatively cheap)

Nautlius Two liveaboard at sea.

With its traditional design, Nautilus Two is instantly recognisable and really stands out against other Maldives liveaboards, most of which are contemporary yachts.

However, at 43 meters long, Nautilus 2 is actually larger than most other liveaboards. This truly shows in its 12 spacious cabins. With an average size of 20m sq, each cabin has a king-size double bed, king-size single bed, wardrobe, shelf, closet, mirror, desk and ensuite bathroom with massage shower. 

Trips last an average of 7 – 10 nights and are based around the famous Central Maldives which is good for mantas as well as grey reef, whitetip, blacktip, nurse and whale sharks and sometimes other large species to. The underwater landscape there is diverse and dramatic with many pinnacles, overhangs and reefs plus channels with hundreds of grey reef sharks!

On all trips, kayaks and stand up paddleboarding are available for an extra cost and there is also a free beach bbq and welcome cocktails. 

There is a large sundeck on the top deck; this is a great place to take in the incredible Maldivian views with a drink. Below at the bow of the main deck is a partially shaded outdoor lounge with seating area and jacuzzi!

Leading inside is the indoor saloon with comfortable lounge area and a well stocked bar serving beer on tap as well as a selection of wines. This is also where guests will find the dining hall; where local and international cuisine is showcased atop a beautiful 5 -meter long ex-fishing dhoni. 

The staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable and they really seem to go out of their way to provide guests with a truly memorable experience. Nautilus Two is actually one of the cheaper Maldives liveaboards; but offers a unique experience and always gets superb reviews (average of 9 out of 10 on LiveAboard). 

Guest Feedback:

Irene DItaly
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"We had an amazing boat (aesthetic, comfort, attention to details, and lots of space); all members of the crew were very friendly, competent, and helpful; the diving programme was very well organised, diving guides were highly competent (thank you Isey for wonderful dives!); fellow divers were all very nice people and expert divers, so that there was a really pleasant atmosphere on board and under water."
Casper DNetherlands
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"The knowledgable and flexible diving staff - a couple times we had to make slight alterations to the dive sites we'd planned to go to either because of weather or because they'd be too busy with other boats. The alternative dive sites were just as good, and we always saw something interesting or new!"
Gregory BNetherlands
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"Whale shark visiting the stern one evening. Very social environment, both staff and guests. Good food."

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