JP Marine

JP Marine is one of the cheapest Red Sea liveaboards out there as well as the all time cheapest to explore the South Red Sea with. 

The South Region is more off-the-beaten-track and a great place to see big pelagics like Oceanic Whitetip Sharks, Manta Rays and Dolphins. 

Choose from a range of exciting and original dive itineraries including “Pelagic trail”, “Brothers & North” and “Golden Mix”. 

At 37 meters long, JP Marine is a decent size; not as big as luxury Red Sea liveaboards but also not as small as some of the other budget options. 

There is a large sundeck up top and a partially shaded outdoor lounge with bar area on the main deck.

Leading in from here is the air-conditioned indoor salon with TV entertainment, dining area and self service Tea, Coffee and Snacks. 

Sure JP Marine isn’t quite as flashy as more expensive liveaboards but it is still a nice and modern liveaboard with beautiful night time lighting, furniture and cabins.

There are 8 lower deck cabins and 6 upper deck cabins; the latter have ocean views. All cabins have ensuite bathrooms and ac; it’s worth noting that cabins are twin singles with no double bed options. 

With JP Marine, guests will discover some of the very best dive sites of the South Red Sea such as Daedalus, Fury Shoal, Zabargad, St.Johns and Elphinstone. 

Trip highlights include coming face to face with inquisitive Oceanitc Whitetip Sharks around Elphinstone; diving amidst spectacular underwater labyrinths at St.Johns Reef and swimming with dolphins around Fury Shoals. 

Max guest capacity is 28: ideally guests should have their advanced open water cert and at least 18 logged dives as some of the South Region dive sites can experience strong currents.

This is a great liveaboard for anyone looking to explore the South Red Sea on the cheap. Whilst it’s not as big or flashy as other options, the value for money it offers is superb and the quality of dive trips very high. 

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