Seawolf Soul

Bright; spacious and modern, Seawolf Soul runs a variety of excellent dive trips that cover the very best dive sites of the Red Sea all the way from north down to south. 

Spacious and roomy, this is a modern and luxurious yacht and very comfortable to spend a week on whilst diving. 

I have a real soft spot for Seawolf Soul as its from part of the same fleet as my all time favourite Red Sea liveaboard: Seawolf Dominator!

Many large pelagic species including oceanic whitetip, hammerhead and thresher sharks as well as manta rays, dolphins and dugong can be seen by lucky divers on trips to the South Region which is more off-the-beaten-track due to sometimes experiencing stronger currents.

Meanwhile, the North Region is perfect for beginners with shallow dive sites and no currents; here divers will discover many beautiful shipwrecks and awesome coral reefs. 

Seawolf soul is a large and spacious liveaboard with luxury feels. There is a large sundeck at the bow which offers stunning views of the beautiful Red Sea and adjacent landscape.

Below is a massive fly deck with plush furniture, partial shading, a drinks station and more superb views.

This leads in to the beautiful indoor saloon where there is a large flat screen entertainment system, library, well equipped bar and dining area. 

There are 8 twin cabins and 3 double suite cabins to choose from; all feature ensuite bathrooms, ac and mini-bars.

I honestly think that Seawolf Soul is a great liveabaord; although perhaps not quite as good as it’s sister vessel and my all time favourite Red Sea liveaboard: Seawolf Dominator!

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Scuba fanatic, travel ecstatic and loveable rogue. A rootless divemaster and perpetual adrenaline-junky, Alex holds the esteemed rank of Grand Admiral of the Diving Squad; a title he most nobly awarded to himself. A scuba-junky since 2014, he's dived much of the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Maldives, Red Sea, Ireland, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama. It's hard to say where he'll pop up next for he never settles; forever a leaf on the wind... or perhaps a lone bubble blasted along on the current.

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