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9.9 / 10

The award winning Seven Seas has over 10 years experience operating in Egypts’ Red Sea and offers a variety of next level dive safaris.

Stylish and modern, this liveaboard also has the hands down coolest onboard bar we’ve ever seen…as well as a  barbecue lounge!

Great for: Advanced Divers, Onboard Amenities, Deep South Excursions, Luxury Cabins, Couples, Friends.

Trip Lengths: 8 – 15 days

Max Group Size: 24

Operates: March – December

Seven Seas liveaboard trips cover the central and deep southern regions of Egypt’s Red Sea.

Favourite sites include St. Johns, Daedalus, Elphinstone, Brothers and Fury Shoals. 

Mysterious and seldom visited, these locations are an advanced divers paradise, with shipwrecks, pelagics and 8 frequently spotted shark species!

There is a bright and spacious indoor salon with a comfortable seating area, large TV and an immaculate, well stocked bar – the ideal meeting place for guests.

That said, another favourite hang out spot is the barbecue lounge with bar, grill and outdoor seating area.

The large sundeck, complete with loungers and partial shading, is the ideal place to catch some rays and enjoy the epic views.

Each cabin is fitted with AC, a flatscreen TV, minibar and fridge. 8 of these are twin cabins, whilst 4 are double cabins with king sized beds and ocean view windows.

Other Features:

  • Camera Station

  • Library

  • BBQ Area

  • Daily housekeeping

  • Free internet

  • Non – smoking rooms

  • Outdoor dining

  • Outside showers

  • Nearly 1:1 crew to guest ratio

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Scuba fanatic, travel ecstatic and loveable rogue. A rootless divemaster and perpetual adrenaline-junky, Alex holds the esteemed rank of Grand Admiral of the Diving Squad; a title he most nobly awarded to himself. A scuba-junky since 2014, he's dived much of the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Maldives, Red Sea, Ireland, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama. It's hard to say where he'll pop up next for he never settles; forever a leaf on the wind... or perhaps a lone bubble blasted along on the current.