Snefro Love - Conservation & Sustainability

After completing several weeks of training and full day inspections, Snefro Love became the first ever Red Sea liveaboard to join Green Fins in June 2022. 

Green Fins is a UN Environmental Program aimed at implementing sustainable practices in the diving industry through a strict code of conduct. 

Whilst all travel has some environmental impact; by going on a trip with Snefro Love; divers are reducing this. For example single use plastic is banned and the crew regularly engage in cleanup dives. 

Besides an ambition towards an environmentally cleaner style of diving, Snefro Love is also a great liveaboard to spend a week on!

Trips are 7 nights long and are situated within the North Red Sea which is famous for having many epic shipwrecks.

These North dive sites are generally within fairly shallow waters with no currents, making them suitable for beginner divers. 

Also because the North Red Sea is more touristy than the South; it’s generally a bit cheaper to dive here! 

Snefro Love is 37 meters long and caters to 20 guests. There are 6 twin cabins on the lower deck, 2 double cabins on the upper deck and 1 master suite on the main deck.  

All cabins have beautiful wooden interiors, ensuite bathrooms and air conditioning.  

There’s a 3 sundecks on the higher decks and a spacious indoor saloon, bar and dining area where delicious Egyptian and Western Cuisine is served buffet style.

Diving takes place from the huge dive deck located towards the back of the boat – there is plenty of storage space here as well as rinse tanks and a kitting up area. 

For certified divers, Free Nitrox is available – it’s also possible to complete your Nitrox course over half a day during the trip!

The dive guides are very friendly and knowledgeable – they can tell you a lot about the incredible marine life you’ll see.

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