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October 12, 2023

Atomic Aquatics Venom Mask Review by Diving Squad

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I wear my Atomic Aquatics Venom more than any other scuba mask in my arsenal.

I love how insanely comfortable and durable it is as well as the absolutely massive field of vision that it provides.

Its lens is constructed from Schott Superwhite glass; which allows more light in than other mask lenses; enhancing viewing clarity.

This has got to be the most leak-proof dive mask I’ve ever used;  partly because it features a reinforcing internal frame which provides an extra secure fit. The extra wide-split strap also helps. 

It also looks incredibly cool – where else can you find a scuba mask with coloured stripes like this?! There’s three colour options: black & red (like mine), black & blue and black and grey.


  • Reinforcing internal frame = extra stability


  • Extremely comfortable


  • Extra-wide split strap


  • Huge field of vision


  • Schott Superwhite lens


  • Low volume


  • Highly unlikely to leak


  • Expensive


  • A little bulkier than other dive masks

“Of all the scuba diving masks I’ve so far tried, the Atomic Aquatics Venom is still my favourite.

For starters; I don’t think theres any scuba diving mask that looks as good as it; thanks to the coloured stripes at the top and bottom of the frame. 

From a practical point of view, it’s the most comfortable mask I’ve ever worn thanks the internal frame with a super soft silicone skirt and an extra wide-split strap.

It also has a truly massive field of vision and thanks to the lens being constructed from Schott Super superwhite glass; it makes underwater colours brighter than any other mask”.

Alex Hatton: Founder and Grand Admiral of the Diving Squad


^ Taking in the epic coral reef whilst  diving Egypt’s Red Sea!


1) Mono-lens made from Schott Superwhite Glass:

The Atomic Aquatics Venom mask features a mono (single) lens which I prefer to a double lens design as it provides an unobstructed view. 

Because it has a high bridge and exaggerated teardrops, it provides an absolutely massive field of vision.

Seriously; the Atomic Aquatics Venom lens comes down a good half inch further than other scuba masks and is also a centimetre wider.

This does mean it takes up a little more packing space than other dive masks due to being slightly bulkier! But not much.

Unlike just about every scuba mask on the market, the Atomic Aquatics Venom features a lens constructed from Schott superwhite glass – which is imported from Germany. 

Schott superwhite glass lets more light through resulting in colours appearing more vivid when wearing the Atomic Aquatics Venom compared to other dive masks. I’ve definitely noticed this; another reason it’s my favourite dive mask!

2) Super Soft Silicone Skirt:

Like most scuba diving masks, the skirt of the Atomic Aquatics venom is constructed from super soft silicone which is comfortable to wear whilst also durable and watertight. 

I like that this skirt features a double-feather edge; this is a newish feature in modern dive masks that makes them more likely to fit a range of face shapes. 

I find that the skirt feels incredibly comfortable against my face; I have no way to accurately measure it against the skirts of my other dive masks but it does feel a fair bit softer.

Even though I have a beard; its never once leaked for me; thanks to the excellent seal that the skirt creates around my face.

3) Reinforcing Internal Frame:

Like many scuba diving masks, the Atomic Aquatics Venom features a frame; the hard ridge between the lens and the skirt. 

Framed masks have the advantage of providing a more stable fit as well as being more durable; although they’re slightly less compact than frameless masks. 

Where the Atomic Aquatics Venom stands out is the fact that it’s frame is moulded directly beneath the surface of the silicone skirt; this provides a more stable fit whilst still maintaining relatively low volume so that it doesn’t exert much pressure on your face. 

I’ve found that despite it’s bulky appearance, it does almost feel like a hybrid mask between framed and frameless; it doesn’t exert as much pressure on my face as a regular framed mask; again making it more comfortable. 


4) Adjustable Strap with Extra Wide Split:

Like the skirt, the strap of the Atomic Aquatics Venom is made from high quality soft silicone for a comfortable fit. 

Many scuba diving masks feature a split at the back but in the case of the Atomic Aquatics Venom, the split is unusually wide which I’ve found really helps with evenly dispersing pressure across the back of my head. 

The strap also feels a little stretchier than that of other dive masks – whilst not being any less strong or durable. 

I also really like that there’s a splash of the same colour on the frame in each corner of the strap splits. 

The adjustment buckles are mounted onto the skirt which allows more flexibility when positioning the strap and they can also be folded inwards to make it easier to pack. 


As far as I’m concerned, the Atomic Aquatics Venom is a truly kickass scuba mask!

In my opinion it’s the coolest looking dive mask on the market – I seriously love the red stripes and I reckon it would also look awesome in blue.

These stripes also make you easy to identify underwater to other divers; handy if you’re leading a dive!

But probably my favourite thing about the Atomic Aquatics Venom is truly massive lens which wider and taller dimensions than any other scuba diving mask I’ve ever seen.

The result is that you get an absolutely colossal field of view in every direction.

Plus, the Schott Superwhite glass used for the lens really does let more light in, giving the impression of one’s surroundings being lighter compared to when wearing other dive masks. 

It is also an exceptionally comfortable scuba diving mask to wear.

The internal frame means that it exerts less pressure on your face than most other framed masks whilst the extremely soft silicone skirt combined with the extra wide split at the back of the strap results in a light and comfortable fit.

I have yet to ever experience flooding with this mask despite my big bushy beard, which is extremely handy and not something every other dive mask can offer!

It’s easy to adjust the buckles even when underwater and they’re incredibly easy to twist in just about any direction.

There’s no denying that the Atomic Aquatics Venom costs considerably more than most other scuba diving masks on the market but in my opinion it’s so very worth it!

This dive mask is practically unbeaten on all fronts of quality and performance. I can easily forsee it remaining my number one choice of mask for years to come.

^ Diving Egypt’s Red Sea with my trusty Atomic Aquatics Venom. 

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