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October 12, 2023

Cressi Focus Dive Mask Review by Diving Squad

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A true classic that has withstood the test of time, the Cressi Focus was one of the first ever scuba diving masks with inclined glass for improved downward view. 

Despite being nearly ten years old, these masks are still best sellers on Amazon which speaks for itself considering the huge number of new scuba masks that come out every year. 

Made by Cressi; one of the world’s leading scuba diving gear manufacturers; the Focus dive mask is still considerably better than many more recent models of dive mask.

The advantage of it now tactually  being a recent model itself? It’s now super cheap! 

Although when it came out it, the Cressi Focus was at the top of the price-spectrum for dive masks; it’s now highly affordable due to being old – but it’s far from outdated.


  • Awesome value for money


  • Enhanced field of downward view


  • Comfortable and fits most faces


  • Easy to adjust


  • Range of colours


  • Can take prescription lenses


  • Limited stock!

“The Cressi Focus is the most comfortable mask I’ve ever used and fits my face perfectly.

It’s durability, wide field of view and low volume make it ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling.

I love the huge field of view it provides and the fact that strap is so quick and easy to adjust. It’s exceptionally low-cost for such a great scuba diving mask”!

Laura DeLaura: Diving Squad Scout & Writer


Other Specs:

  • One size fits all

  • Enclosed nose pocket

  • Frame available in a range of colours

  • Skirt comes in black or clear

  • Low Volume for easy clearing


1) Inclined Dual-Lens:

When talking about a scuba diving mask with an inclined lens, this means that the glass (the lens) has a subtle inclination. 

This allows one to see downward a little more easily – whilst not having to tilt their neck quite so far to do so. 

Back when the Cressi Focus first came out over ten years ago; it was revolutionary for being one fo the first scuba diving masks to have an inclined lens. 

This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise as Cressi are a leading pioneer in scuba diving tech; they’re a huge name that have been present since 1946.

An inclined-lens is now a very common feature in many scuba diving masks and whilst the extra field of view is relatively marginal, every little helps especially when your underwater and you want to have as much awareness of your surroundings as possible!

In the case of the Cressi Focus being a dual lens, this means that the lens is split in two. The advantage of this is that it can accept prescription / corrective lenses. The downside is that the field of view is not continuous like that of a single lens mask. 

However, dual lens masks such as the Cressi Focus also tend to be lower volume and easier to clear when flooded compared to single lens masks. 

2) Soft Silicone Skirt:

The soft portion of the dive mask that makes a seal against your face is called the skirt.

For a scuba diving mask to be comfortable and have a good fit, it’s vital that the skirt has a great mould and is constructed from comfortable, high quality material.

In the case of the Cressi Focus; it’s skirt is constructed from hyperallogenic silicone – which is both insanely durable and also extra soft for added comfort.

Admittedly; most scuba masks today are made from soft silicone; it’s kind of the norm because of well it works. 

Where dive mask skirts do vary more, is in the specific mould that they have; the proportions and contours, the angles and connection points.

For this, the Cressi Focus stands out because of the fact that it’s skirt is widely cited by many divers as fitting any kind of face type whatsoever – whereas other masks can often be described as fitting well – if you have a big face or a small face etc.

In the Cressi Focus, it seems to fit all face types like a dream.

It’s also a nice bonus that you can choose for the frame to be clear or black.

3) Framed:

The Cressi Focus is a framed mask which means that there is a rigid frame between the mask lens and skirt. 

Although frameless masks are a little more compact and streamlined, framed masks such as the Cressi Focus often provide a more stable fit whilst also being less prone to leaking and more durable. They can also come apart for maintenance and cleaning!

It’s really a matter of choice whether you decide to go for a framed or frameless mask; both offer their own set of advantages and disadvantages. However regarding the best possible fit, maximum durability and least likely to flood, a framed mask is usually the best option. 

You can read about a range of framed and frameless masks on our main page on the best scuba diving masks.

4) Adjustable Strap:

No dive mask would stay on your face without a strap – but not all straps are equal! Much like the skirt of a mask, they come in a range of moulds and cuts and can also vary in the material from which they’re constructed. As well as this, some masks differ in how they’re adjusted. 

In the case of the Cressi Focus strap, it’s made from silicone (same as the skirt) for softness and durability and features a wide split for even dispersion of pressure around the back of the wearers head maximising comfort and stability of fit. 

The buckles rotate making them extremely easy to adjust from any angle and are operated by pushing down on one button; which is thick and easy to grip even with thick diving gloves.


Over ten years ago when it was first released, the Cressi Focus set the bar for what constitues a superb quality dual-lens framed scuba diving mask. 

Even today, many top dive masks strive to offer the same comfort, durability and wide field of view as the Cressi Focus; whilst many succeed they are often a lot more expensive simply for being more recently developed – even if they don’t actually offer any advantages over the Focus.

If you’re looking for a scuba diving mask that’s almost guaranteed to offer a great fit, no matter what face shape you have; that is easy to clear, comfortable, durable and quick to adjust…all whilst being incredibly affordable, the Cressi Focus is a superb option.

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