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October 12, 2023

TUSA M-2001 Paragon Mask Review by Diving Squad

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If you’re looking for the ultimate UV-resistant mask; one that provides noticeable protection against sunlight and also enhances underwater colours significantly…

…whilst also making you look insanely badass: like some kind of scuba diving Darth Vader – look no further than the TUSA M-2001 Paragon Mask. 

These babies may be expensive but if you can afford to splash out (pun intended) they are so worth it!

With strategically placed dimples and ridges around the super-soft silicone skirt, this is also one of the most comfortable dive masks on the 2024 market. 

In this epic review we’ll take a look at the TUA M-2001 Paragron dive masks awesome features, see if theres room for improvement and provide real-life feedback from users of this incredible dive mask. 

Tusa M-2001 scuba mask closeup on liveaboard in the red sea.
"No Luke - I AM your scuba mask"!


  • UV Protection

  • Anti-reflective

  • Enhanced colours underwater

  • Makes you easy to identify

  • Incredibly comfortable

  • Highly durable

  • Can adjust angle of strap


  • One of the most expensive dive masks out there!

“I love my TUSA M-2001 Paragon – as a diving professional I need a scuba mask that helps me endure weeks on end of relentless diving. 

The specially treated lens lets in noticeably less sunlight than a regular mask – not just on sunny days but for cloudy days also. This means my eyes feel less tired and strained. 

Because the lens is bright purple and reflective it also makes me easily stand out so my students can quickly and easily identify me underwater. 

It’s an incredibly comfortable mask thanks to the dimples and ridges around the super soft lens and it’s also nice that it looks totally badass”! 

Mostafa Bakr – Dive Instructor on the Seawolf Dominator

Scuba diver in the water wearing the Tusa M-2001 Paragon dive mask.

^ Mostafa first me Diving Squad in the Red Sea of Eygpt!


Other Specs:

  • Low volume

  • Range of colours

  • Available in dual or mono lens

  • Dual lens accepts prescription lenses
Tusa M-2001 Paragon scuba mask on pile of green rope.


1) Anti-Reflective Lens with UV420 Treatment:

Besides just looking cool, the lens of the TUSA M-2001 Paragon has a hell of a lot going for it.

For starters, it features UV 420 treatment which means that it protects against harmful high-energy visible (HEV) light which can potentially damage the retina and is what can make your eyes feel strained after squinting away in the sun all day. 

HEV is present not only on sunny days but also on cloudy days as well – so you’ll notice a difference with the TUSA Paragon in all weather conditions. 

On top of this, the lens is also treated to make it anti-reflective which decreases internal and external light reflection so that you have a better view. 

And on top of that (!), the lens is constructed from crystal view glass which provides superior clarity which means you see colours more clearly underwater. 

The TUSA M-2001 Paragon is the dual-lens version of the TUSA Paragon mask and allows prescription lenses.

However, there’s also a TUSA M 1007 Paragon mask which is basically the same but features a mono-lens meaning it offers a slightly bigger view – but can’t accept prescription lenses. 

That said, both versions of the TUSA Paragon mask offer a huge field of view, with an inverted teardrop shape that makes it easy to glance down at your dive computer and pressure gauge. 

Without a doubt, the special equipped lens of the TUSA Paragon masks provide the best UV protection of any scuba diving mask out there and also one of the clearest views. 

Close up of the UV resistant lens of the Tusa M-2001 Paragon mask skirt.
Tusa M-2001 scuba mask closeup on liveaboard in the red sea.

2) Round-edge Skirt with Soft Dimples and Ridges:

The super soft silicone skirt of the TUSA M-2001 Paragon features Freedom Fit II technology which adds support without making it any less light against the wearers face. 

Also, unlike most scuba diving mask skirts, it’s edges have been rounded like an O-ring which creates a better seal against the wearers face and makes it more comfortable whilst also reducing mask rings around the wearers face!

But perhaps the most noticeable aspect of the skirt are the soft dimples and support ridges that have been strategically placed around the forehead and cheek bones to increase comfort and flexibility whilst also reducing leaking. 

Truly, this is one incredibly soft, comfortable and lightweight mask to wear and one that is almost impossible to leak. 


Close up of the soft silicone skirt of the Tusa M-2001 Paragon.

3) Tri-Mix Frame:

Three distinct layers – polyurethane, bumper protection and a cross-beam metal frame combine to produce a single superior frame structure that results in one seriously tough mask.

There’s no denying how incredibly durable this makes the TUSA Paragon masks – they will last for years to come if not your entire lifetime as a scuba diver. 

At the same time, the frame is still more compact and lightweight than a lot of other dive masks on the market making it a great option to travel with. 

The metal beam also enhances this already badass looking mask to appear even more awesome. 


Closeup of the frame of the Tusa M-2001 Paragon dive mask.

4) Soft Strap with Angle Adjustor:

The soft silicon strap features a split at the back for even dispersal of pressure against the back of the wearers head and a quick-adjust buckle system that lets you easily make it looser or tighter whilst wearing it. 

This is actually pretty standard stuff – most dive masks have these. 

However, where the TUSA Paragon masks differ is that they also feature an angle adjustor that allows for 5 vertical strap adjustments so you can get the perfect strap-angle for your shape of head.

Honestly, at this point we’re not surprised to see that even regarding the strap, TUSA have gone above and beyond to to make this mask stand out from the crowd. 

Sideview of the strap of the Tusa M-2001 Paragon dive mask.


Ah the TUSA Paragon mask…

…it provides the absolute best UV protection of any scuba mask on the market, offers some of the clearest viewing underwater and is also phenomenally comfortable to wear.

It’s also durable, compact, easy to adjust and incredibly reliable. 

The cherry on top – it looks freaking awesome!! Seriously, with this mask you’ll appear like some sort of underwater vigilante – which also makes it incredibly easy for other divers to identify you. 

We can dream of a distant future where such high quality masks will be cheaper but realistically that’s not going to be for some time.

For now though, every penny is worth it to have a scuba diving mask like no other: the TUSA M-2001! 

(Or the Tusa M-1007 if you want the mono-lens version). 

Scuba diver wearing Tusa M-2001 Paragon dive mask next to colourful coral reef in the red sea.
^ Mostafa rocking his Tusa M-2001 Paragon in the Red Sea of Egypt!

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