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Hi! I’m Alex – founder of Diving Squad!! You’ve dived into the Captain’s Log. Here you can read about the many adventures that spring forth from me quitting my job to spend my life exploring the ocean. Read about Diving Squad’s earliest days right up until the latest adventure:

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Scuba fanatic, travel ecstatic and loveable rogue. A rootless divemaster and perpetual adrenaline-junky, Alex holds the esteemed rank of Grand Admiral of the Diving Squad; a title he most nobly awarded to himself. A scuba-junky since 2014, he's dived much of the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Maldives, Red Sea, Ireland, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama. It's hard to say where he'll pop up next for he never settles; forever a leaf on the wind... or perhaps a lone bubble blasted along on the current.