#10 Depth Gauge & Rapid Ascent Alarm


The solar powered Citizen Eco-Drive BN2029-E01 is unique in that it features a seventy meter depth gauge in the form of two extra hands; a blue hand that points to current depth and a purple hand that shows maximum depth achieved. 

The depth gauge, which automatically starts working in water, is operated via two extra crowns; one’s used to ask for maximum depth when out of the water, the other is for resetting the maximum depth. Easy instruction manual included.

Another great feature that the Citizen Ec-Drive BN2029 is unique for having is an audible rapid ascent alarm. 

Behind the curved crystal with anti-reflective window, lies hands and markers that have been well coated with high quality luminous markerfor easy reading in low light. 

With it’s unidirectional rotating bezel, this dive watch is waterproof to 660 ft and employs a Japanese quartz movement for high accuracy. It also features a date display and a power reserve indicator.

Despite it’s stainless steel case measuring 43 mm in diameter, it wears quite lightly due to the fact that the lugs have been completely integrated into the case.

This allows the exceptionally comfortable polyurethane strap to easily wrap one’s naked wrist above water and tightly over a wetsuit.

A quirky looking dive watch, with excellent features, the Citizen Eco-Drive BN20290-E01 is a superbly well executed take on a timeless accessory equipped with modern tech.

  • Japanese Quartz

  • Depth Gauge

  • Rapid Ascent Alarm

  • 43 mm diameter case

  • Stainless steel case w. polyurethane band

  • Water resistance: 660 ft

Where to Buy:


  • Extremely comfortable strap.

  • Accurate.

  • Easy to read in low light.

  • Being solar powered means it’s environmentally friendly.

  • Power reserve indicator & Date Display.

  • Stylish and unique appearance.


  • No stainless steel band option. 

  • Three crowns instead of one, makes it a tiny bit more bulky. 

  • No different colours.