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Gary Kulisek Interview and Diving Books & Movies Recommendations:

In 2020, I spent half a year living in Puerto Galera, the Philippines, during the global lockdown, as I trained to become a Divemaster.

During this time I improved my scuba knowledge and experience, dived around some beautiful sites and met some incredible individuals. 

One such character whom I encountered was a scuba diving legend Gary Kulisek, who had endless stories to tell from a lifetime spent diving to a beyond and above level! 

You can check out the eye opening interview with Gary by clicking here. 

Below, is a list Gary’s favourite diving books and movies of all time:


#1) Deep Descent

Gary says: “This is the story of diving the Andrea Doria, which many consider to be the Mount Everest of diving”.

#2) Dark Descent

Gary says: “From the same author of Deep Descent, except this time it’s about diving the Empress of Ireland. The book also goes into a lot of detail about wreck diving; the people it attracts and the lifestyle it entails”. 

#3) The Last Dive

Gary says:   “A particularly good book. It is tragic in a way but gives a glimpse into the addictive nature of diving. A lot of the questions you asked me, are talked about in this book and discussed in even greater detail”.


#1) Big Blue

Gary says: “I think that everybody who dives should watch this as it’s all about the scuba lifestyle. Big Blue is my number 1 recommendation”. 

#2) The Abyss

Gary says: ” This is kinda a science fiction diving movie. It’s functionally inaccurate, hypothetically and theoretically accurate and there’s not much misinformation”. 

#3) 47 Meters Down

Gary says: “Highly implausible, highly improbable, highly stupid. but incredibly amusing”. 

#4) Sanctum

Gary says: “Too many mistakes and too many inaccuracies but a good flick all the same”. 

#5) A Few Good Men

Gary says: “Commercial diving in the united states navy – accurate to a fault, albeit not the kind of diving people normally do these days, being brass helmets and all”.

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