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Of all the Mid Price Raja Ampat Liveaboards, the Carpe Diem is possibly the most beautiful we’ve ever had the pleasure to review.

It is specially designed for small groups and individuals looking for a more personalised service, taking no more than 8 guests.

Great For: Small Groups, Couples, Short Trips.

Duration of Trips: 6 – 10 days

Max Guest Capacity: 8

Tours Raja Ampat: October – April (Tours other parts of Indonesia for rest of the year).


The visually stunning Carpe Diem, has just 4 pristine Cabins, all of which include AC and ensuite bathrooms. 

The Nutmeg cabin spans almost the entire width of the boat and has a skylight & ocean view windows. 

The other 3 cabins have the option for double beds or two singles, perfect for couples or friends. 

Delicious, locally sourced meals are served at the Al fresco dining table, with vegetarian and vegan options being available. 

The immensely knowledgeable and friendly dive staff love sharing their impressive knowledge of the local marine ecosystems. 

There are also kayaks and paddle-boards available, plus snorkelling equipment.

In between dives and catching rays on the sun deck, guests can relax in the AC saloon.

This is decked out with comfortable furniture, a library plus audio and video entertainment system.

Guest Feedback:

Kevin L
"They whole crew is amazing, the food is great, the cabins are very nice and cosy. We had so many awesome dives. I had such a good time on board and didn't had to care about anything. From pick up till drop off on the airport, everything was well organised. I highly recommend this cruise".
Jared W
"I rarely give reviews publicly and would secretly prefer that Carpe Diem remains exclusive only to those who are willing and able to experience its beauty 😉 Not my first time on a liveaboard, so I can safely say that I'm impressed by Cecile and Agus's hospitality and family oriented approach towards both staff and guests. Can't wait to join them again for another trip"!
Clara L
"Small dive group made for a personal experience on board, both while diving and also on deck. Owner/operators took care of all the logistics and the crew was superbly organized, which meant our every desire was anticipated and catered toward. The chef made sure every meal was full of variety and flavor. We requested and stayed in the largest cabin, Pala, which was very comfortable".


  • Leisure Deck

  • Outdoor Dining

  • Naturalist Guide

  • Sun Deck

  • Warm Water Showers

  • Daily Housekeeping

  • Kayaks & Paddleboards

  • Indoor Saloon with Audio & Video Entertainment

Julius A said:

“I had a fantastic time on Carpe Diem. It really exceeded all expectations. (except maybe the diving, because I knew that would be incredible). We ate like 5 meals a day so were never want for food.

I had a room to myself because there were only 2 guests on board. (out of a possible 8; Cecile has a policy of not cancelling on guests, which helps show how much she cares about clients). The room was actually not cramped at all, which surprised me given past liveaboards.

Dive equipment was top notch and Cecile and Agus were fun and informative divemasters and were great at finding amazing stuff for us. (2 Spanish dancers, tons of manta, tons of turtles, nudibranchs, whitetips, etc).

A typical day looked like: wake up, have a small pre-dive breakfast, dive, have a real breakfast, dive, hang out for a bit, lunch, dive, have a snack and hang out, night dive, have dinner, hang out or head to rooms.

The last few days we swapped the evening diving for Komodo dragons and sunsets and stuff so we always had full days.

Overall, the whole crew was so friendly and great to be around and it was really a fantastic experience and hit every mark I had”.

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