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Gaia Love Review

Diving Squad Rating:


10 / 10!

A stylish and modern yacht, Gaia Love has superb luxury cabins and many extra services & activities.

The social areas are beautifully decorated and feature lavish amenities, whilst the highly attentive crew members include naturalist guides, scuba experts, talented chefs and masseuses.

Great For: Couples, Luxury Services, Beginners, Alternative Dive Trips to the Banda Sea. 

Trip Lengths: 8 – 12 days.

Max Guest Capacity: 22

Tours Raja Ampat: November – April (tours other parts of Indonesia over rest of the year).


Gaia Love runs several unique diving itineraries, which can be loosely classified into two groups:

  1. The “Sorong – Sorong” tour is a roundtrip showcasing the very best of north, central and south Raja Ampat – it’s the perfect all rounder.
    The marine biodiversity of Raja Ampat is greater than anywhere else in the world, demonstrated by the insane variation of coral species that make up the pristine reefs here and the countless reef sharks spotted on almost every dive.
    Divers can also encounter dugong, endemic wobbegong sharks, turtles and manta rays.
    At Raja Ampat there are many superb viewpoint treks to be experienced, birds of paradise to be watched, ancient rock paintings to be witnessed and traditional villages to be visited.
    North Raja Ampat also offers a variety of excellent WW2 shipwrecks.


  2. The “Sorong – Ambon” or “Triton Bay – Ambon” trips explore Raja Ampat’s utmost southern limits before pushing down further still, to explore the very seldom visited Banda Sea dive sites, around the Maluku Islands, once known as Indonesias Spice Islands.
    The Banda Sea offers many diving opportunities with marine mammals such as spinner dolphins and humpback whales, as well as the rare chance to swim with huge congregations of sea snakes! 

    You’ll also enjoy a land excursion to Banda Neira, the only large settlement of the Banda Islands where you’ll visit a colonial fort and the former Dutch governors mansion before having lunch on a nutmeg and spice farm. 

Whichever trip you choose, you’re guaranteed to enjoy an immense variety of diving experiences in a dazzling assortment of different marine habitats. 

It is possible to go on this liveaboard with just your open water certification and 10 logged dives, although you may not be able to partake in some of the advanced dives. 

Onboard kayaks, massage services, snorkelling equipment, a library and audio & video entertainment means there’s always something to do between dives.

In total, there are 11 spacious cabins – all of which feature ensuite bathrooms, a private TV and individually controlled AC.

The upper deck cabins all have private outdoor balconies and large picture windows with stunning ocean views.

For relaxation in company, there is an indoor saloon & dining room, a luxurious outdoor lounge, an al fresco bar and a very spacious, partially shaded sundeck. 

Photographers will appreciate the separate rinse tanks for underwater cameras and the camera room with charging stations. 

There’s an almost 1:1 staff to guest ratio and the highly attentive staff are on hand to attend to every one of your needs. 

Gaia Love’s two best qualities are it’s alternative routes to the Banda Sea and it’s incredible cabins and luxury services, which make it perfect for couples. 


  • Available for Private Charter

  • Massage

  • Audio & video entertainment

  • Naturalist guide

  • Kayaks & snorkelling equipment

  • Paid internet

  • Camera station

  • Laundry service and daily housekeeping

  • TV in cabins

  • Nearly 1:1 crew to. guest ratio

  • Warm water showers

Juan Carlos S from Spain said:

“Fantastic diving! The best dive boat we have been to. It is like a small cruise. The diving theme is very well organised and all the staff are very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend”!

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