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Pindito Review

Diving Squad Rating:


9.1 / 10

Pindito is the only liveaboard to have been touring Raja Ampat for over two decades and as such her crew are highly experienced.

The most unique points of this option are the special “Whale and Dolphin Cruise” as well as the chance for water skiing, wake boarding and stand up paddle boarding. 

Great For: Whale & Dolphin Watching, Watersports, Non-Divers, Extra Activities, Beginners

Trip Lengths: 12 – 13 days.

Max Guest Capacity: 16

Tours Raja Ampat: Oct – Nov & April – June (tours other parts of Indonesia for rest of year).


Pindito runs a variety of itineraries through Raja Ampat, but the most unique of these is the “Whale – Macro Cruise”, led by marine biologist Benjamin Kahn , who specialises in dolphins and whales.

Kahn, who knows which areas are preferred by these marine mammals, uses hydrophones to locate them; meanwhile the crew watch for signs of activity on the waters surface.  

When animals are sighted, Kahn gives detailed briefings about the species and it’s behaviour. It’s also possible to snorkel with the whales and dolphins!

In between, guests can enjoy dives over pristine coral reef with an excellent chance of spotting Manta Rays, and an almost guarantee of reef sharks, large pelagic fish and seahorses.

This tour departs from Sorong and heads through the Dampier Strait to Waigeo and Batanta. This means you don’t explore the northern or southern regions of Raja Ampat, but stick to the central area – however this is where you’ll have the absolute best chance of spotting whales and rare species of dolphin!

Guests can dive so long as they at least have their open water certification, without needing any additional logged dives, making this a good option for beginners. 

There are many additional experiences, including watersports like water skiing, wake boarding and stand-up paddle boards as well as beach visits and viewpoint treks through the jungle. 

In total, there’s six double cabins, all of which features ensuite bathrooms and individual climate control with daily house keeping. These cabins are fairly basic compared to the other luxury raja ampat liveaboard options but they are still spacious and comfortable enough. 

The upper deck consists of a shaded lounge and huge sundeck, outfitted with loungers and multiple seating areas, whilst up top is the observation deck – the best place to look for whales and dolphins!

Inside, there’s a large dining room with a large plasma screen for video and audio entertainment as well as a bar and a well stocked library. 

Whilst the Pindito vessel does feel a little more dated than other liveabaords, she is the number one choice for anyone who is serious about spotting dolphins and whales at Raja Ampat!

Guest Feedback:

Anne Quaid
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"My husband and I recently returned from another fantastic trip on Pindito. This was our third time on board and we have already booked a fourth trip. Always consummate professionals, the Pindito team can be relied upon to make your experience a fantastic, easy and fun one. Nothing is ever too hard, they bend over backwards to make life easy and comfortable. Your gear is always ready, well looked after and where it needs to be. The food is amazing too. The captain always makes safety his priority which means sometimes plans have to change due to unforeseeable weather but there is always a great alternative available, such is the amazing underwater diversity of Indonesia. Love the boat, can’t wait to get back there".
Pete OUnited Kingdom
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"The best don't expect 5 star luxury , great stable quiet boat.well organised but not regimented. You get asked for opinions , rib trip's between some hidden extra costs. And a nice final touch your luggage gets taken ahead and checked in you arrive 30 mins before flight and away you go. Even delays are checked . Great value for money".
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"Raja Ampat is an incredible destination! I felt like a brand new diver there, you know back when you had no idea which was what? The marine bio-diversity is limitless. I saw my first hammerhead shark, observed dozens of manta rays dancing together, saw countless sea horses and many new kind of nudibranchs. Forget about the 500 previous dives, the 30 dives I had there were the most fabulous ever. Okay, I have to admit that a few were more challenging. The current can be harsh sometimes but the guides are great, they know the area and they warn you and give you tips so you can be efficient underwater. It was perfect! Thank you to the Pindito team for the awesome journey".


  • Water ski’s, wakeboarding & paddleboards

  • Naturalist itineraries

  • Audio & video entertainment

  • Family cabins

  • Naturalist guide

  • Seaview cabins

  • Bar

  • Camera station 

  • Warm water showers

  • Almost 1:1 crew to guest ratio

Anna said:

“Our second diving escapade in Raja ampat proved to be so much better, and more riveting! The diversity of marine life in this place is really remarkable. This is the first time that I boarded Pindito, and it was a wonderful liveaboard experience. I liked the layout of the boat. The cabins were also impeccably clean and organized.

The dive deck has massive space. I was given a large box for my gear, in which I can keep for the entire trip. When it was my time to dive, the crew took my gear to the speed boat.

You don’t need to worry about your gear for they were very good in handling any equipment. After diving, they also assisted me in bringing my gear back to the deck. I really appreciated it.

We gathered a lot of facts and data from them that were very important to enhance our diving experience. And did I mention that the local Indonesian cuisine was mind-blowing? Yes! The chef was talented. He can creatively cook a lot of dishes.

Another thing that I’m grateful about Pindito is that they really care for their customers. Making things easier and more convenient for their guests is their utmost priority.

Thanks Edi, for sharing your great liveaboard, Pindito, with us and for making our diving adventure fun and awesome

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