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Seaview RAWA Snorkel Fins - Diving Squad Report:

Diving Squad Rating:


Seaview RAWA Snorkel Fins feature next-level compactness! 

They’re less than half the length of regular scuba fins, which is a game-changer for effortless snorkeling – and also convenient packing.

You can easily stuff them in your day bag with plenty of room for other stuff as well making it incredibly easy and convenient to have them on you pretty much all the time.

Which means you might just get get to bust them out for some surprise snorkeling awesomeness like a random beach or lake you unexpectedly wind up at.

In this review, I’ll walk you through the RAWA snorkel fins; what makes them unique and whether there’s any room for improvement. Let’s dive in!


Alex: Grand Admiral of the Diving Squad


Other Specs:

  • 2 Sizes – small/medium and large/extra large
  • Open-heel design
  •  Quick-release buckle strap
  • 4 vibrant colours (Seafoam, Sky, Stealth & Sunset
  • Include mesh travel bag
  • TPU construction


  • Super compact
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Great manoeuvrability whilst snorkeling
  • Powerful 
  • Require minimal effort to us
  • Look super stylish
  • Cheap – great value for money!


  • Only 2 sizes (medium and large)

1. Short blades:

The first thing you notice about the Rawa Fins is how compact they are.

At 14.5 inches long and 6.5 inches at their widest point, they’re way smaller than diving fins. This makes them a lot more compact and easy to travel with.

But being so short, also makes them great for snorkeling because you can walk straight into the beach whilst wearing them and when in the water they’re super manouverable.

Also, whereas longer fins used for diving move more water with each kick, they also require more power from your legs. But the Rawas require minimal effort due to being so short.

At the same time, they’re still surprisingly powerful thanks to having added flex channels to maximise propulsion with each kick.

Short blades make it easier to keep up a quick tempo at a higher kick rate with awesome propulsion through the water.

2. Quick Release Buckle Strap:

The Seaview Rawas are super easy to get into thanks to their quick release buckle strap which can be easily adjusted to create a custom fit for the wearer. 


3. Open-heel Foot Pocket:

Many snorkeling fins feature closed heel foot-pockets.

Not so with the RAWAs which feature open heel foot pockets which makes theme easy to take on and off, especiallyc ombined with the quick release strap at the back. 

The fins are constructed from TPU – thermoplastic polyurethane which is flexible and elastic yet highly resistant to tears and abrasion. 

This makes them durable yet soft and comfortable to wear around your foot – they don’t feel stiff or rigid like some other fins do. 

FINAL VERDICT - Diving Squad


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Scuba fanatic, travel ecstatic and loveable rogue. A rootless divemaster and perpetual adrenaline-junky, Alex holds the esteemed rank of Grand Admiral of the Diving Squad; a title he most nobly awarded to himself. A scuba-junky since 2014, he's dived much of the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Maldives, Red Sea, Ireland, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama. It's hard to say where he'll pop up next for he never settles; forever a leaf on the wind... or perhaps a lone bubble blasted along on the current.