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Using Adobe Express To Promote Your Underwater Photography

Pursuing a hobby in underwater photography can be a relaxing, creative way to beat stress and express yourself, but you can also turn it into a career or side-hustle. 

Your images may be perfect for art prints, promotional materials for authors or musicians, or print marketing materials that will help you draw attention to your website or nonprofit. 

The great news is, Adobe Express offers a variety of tools that can help, and they’re extremely budget-friendly. In fact, many of the tools available are free to use, and they offer similar features as the ones you’ll find in Photoshop. 

In this blog post courtesy of Diving Squad, we’ll take a look at a few of the ways Adobe Express can help you promote your photography.

Diver wearing Aqualung Reveal X1 dive mask photographing clownfish and sea anemone.

1) Start Garnering Attention on Social media

Adobe Express offers several resources for sharing attention-grabbing images on social media. Whether you want to create a gif or just make some edits that will help your photo pop, there are lots of tools you can use that make the process easy. You can add icons, stickers, and other graphics to your photo and help it catch the eye of your intended audience right away.

2) Build your Portfolio

You can also create a beautiful online portfolio using Adobe Express. Showcase all of your favorite shots in one place so that potential customers can browse through your work at their leisure. You can customize this portfolio with unique themes, backgrounds, and fonts that will help bring attention to each individual photo and give viewers a great first impression of your work.

3) Make Marketing Materials

With Adobe Express, you can also make print marketing materials such as flyers or posters. Just select one of their templates, add in some details about who you are and what type of photography you specialize in, then print off copies and distribute them around town or send them via email or mail. This is a great way to get people familiar with who you are before they even reach out to secure your services.

4) Create Commissions

Another creative way to promote yourself using Adobe Express is by creating custom book covers for authors who might be interested in featuring their stories alongside gorgeous underwater photography. Connecting with local authors and giving them an eye-catching cover design could lead to long-term partnerships or even commissions from publishers looking for stunning visuals for their books. Furthermore, you can use graphics created with Adobe Express as promotional tools for musicians or other artists who may be interested in showcasing their music alongside your beautiful work. You might create flyers for their shows, promotional posters, album covers, or thumbnails for Spotify using the tools available in Adobe Express to enhance your images.

Promoting yourself doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive when taking advantage of all that Adobe Express has to offer. From creating an online portfolio to making promotional materials like flyers or posters, or even designing custom book covers for other artists— there are endless possibilities when it comes to promoting yourself as an underwater photographer using these powerful tools. Not only that, but Adobe Express is easy to use and doesn’t require previous design experience. With these tools, you can turn your photography hobby into a legitimate business that also satisfies you creatively.