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Best Air Integrated Dive Computers (2022 EDITION)


May 1, 2022

(You can also check out our main, all encompassing page on the Best Dive Computers).

An air integrated dive computer tells the diver how much air/nitrox is left in their tank. This can either be done with a wireless plug-in transmitter or with a hose attachment (known as a console computer).

Modern scuba computers can also work out the approximate amount of time the diver has left using this information, as well as using your depth and exertion level.

Today, there are many options for air integrated dive computers on the market with varied prices, features and specs. 

That’s why we’ve narrowed down the best air integrated dive computers with brutally honest reviews in bit sized pieces of information.

(Bare note, that the models reviewed here are wrist air integrated dive computers. We have a separate article on the best console dive computers, which are also air integrated).

 Let’s dive in!

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#1 - Cheapest Option


The Vyper Wrist Computer is very affordable, considering all that it offers. It has an easy to use interface which is good for beginners, but also more advanced features – like air integration, which divers can use after they have gained more diving experience.

The watch supports multi-gas diving and can switch between up to three different gases. A big bonus for divers who enjoy diving with enriched gas. The scuba dive computer also has three standard modes; air, nitrox, and gauge.

The technologically advanced electronic 3D compass is an excellent feature as many entry-level dive computers come without it.

 A great addition to this feature is that the watch can be tilted up to 40 degrees with the figures remaining accurate and easy to read.

Another cool added touch to the Vyper is that it notifies you when it is safe to fly after a dive (or dives). 

The Vyper is a well priced, quality dive computer with all of the standard features and some great additional features. In my opinion, this is one of the best options out there due to the combination of quality and affordability. 

We have a main article on the Best Budget Dive Computers. 


  • Easy to use four-button interface

  • Large dive log storage (140 hours)

  • Complete decompression stop data


  • Large and bulky

  • Difficulties with Mac compatibility

  • No battery hot-swap



Oh, Mares. How we love you. The iconic brand never seems to disappoint with its intuitive four-button menu navigation and easy to read display screens. The Icon HD is no different. In fact, it goes beyond with its advanced features and graphs.

The full-colour display with pictures and graphs has left divers swooning. You can scroll through huge amounts of data, including gas consumption rate, colour-coded tank pressure display (pressure thresholds can be programmed by you), and PO2 (partial pressure of oxygen).

The Icon HD is the iPhone 11 of dive computers making it an obvious top pick. The air integration is wireless and it supports up to three air mixes. 

Let’s not forget the fact that you can upload up to 50 colored maps and images onto the dive computer. Awesome!

The watch comes with great tricks and fancy features but Mares has remained rooted in making a solid, user-friendly, long-lasting investment piece with the Icon HD.


  • Download colorful maps and images which you can view underwater

  • Integrated digital compass

  • Batteries are rechargeable


  • Expensive

  • The battery could last longer (average of four dives)

  • Not suitable for novice divers

#3 - More Pricey Option


At first sight, this dive watch oozes slick, stylish vibes that leave any diver feeling like they are James Bond. It is fair to say that Suunto is one of the world’s leading dive equipment manufacturers and the D5 follows suit.

And while looks aren’t everything, this dive watch computer is even more loved with its customizable colored straps, stainless steel bezel, reinforced composite casing, and easy to read LED colour screen.

The recreational dive computer is equipped with four modes; air, nitrox, gauge, and freedive. Additionally, you can add up to three gases while diving in air/nitrox mode.

A favoured feature on this dive computer is that it vibrates with its audible ascent alarms. If you suddenly ascend too quickly, the watch will sound (and shake) its alert and give you a 30-second countdown until you can carry on ascending. This is a great way to control your ascent rates without being annoying.

Suunto’s fascinating wartime history shows that their products are reliable and robust. These characteristics are really the only things that matter when it comes to dive equipment.


  • Connects wirelessly to your phone and PC

  • Can be worn as a watch

  • Wireless phone/PC connectivity


  • Battery life could be better (6-12 dive hours)

  • Algorithm locks if decompression ceiling is broken for more than three minutes

  • Recalibrate compass after recharging

#4 - Top Selling Option


The Scubapro Galileo Luna keeps things old school. It doesn’t have that youngster tech thing going for it. But what it does have is reliability.

The scuba dive computer has three screen options. A classic, full, or a simplified (light) display. The less information you choose to have on the screen, the larger the numbers.

The three-button menu navigation is nice and simple. Scubapro is keeping things uncluttered with this model, resulting in a functional yet enjoyable device experience.

While the watch is very easy to use, there are some useful, more advanced settings. The Micro-bubble (MB) setting (five levels available) allows you to monitor the build-up of nucleus sized bubbles that may appear in the body during diving.

These bubbles will not show signs of decompression sickness but if they cluster together, it can become dangerous.

Another great feature of this dive computer is that there are multiple language settings. We love an international feel here at Diving Squad. The alarms and warnings also show up in words so there’s no need to decipher what ringing sounds may mean.


  • Upgrade to heart rate monitor (optional)

  • Full tilt compass with bearing memory

  • Updatable processor


  • Single gas integrated

  • Bulky size

  • Battery life could be better

#5 - Expensive Technical Option


Are you addicted to diving? Do you have a decent amount of cash to blow? Are you interested in or focused on tech diving? If you’ve answered “yes” to these three questions then this could be the dive computer watch for you.

Shearwater specializes in technical wrist dive computers and the Teric is at the forefront of their new technology. The Shewarwater Research Teric is worth every penny. The list of features on this scuba dive watch computer is long, exciting and extensive.

One of our favourite features is that the Research Teric has multiple dive modes. It doesn’t stop there. Users can also program multiple gas definition presets with different modes.

One very obvious pro of this scuba computer is that it is small enough to wear as a watch. Dropping dollar on this watch is worth it when you can use it in and out of the water as well as looking incredibly stylish. 

Shearwater is the crème de la crème of scuba computers. That shiny rare pearl found in an oyster. I think if you have the tech-diving intent and money, this computer will serve you well.


  • 500-hour dive-log memory

  • 6 modes (air, nitrox, gauge, freediving, trimix, CCR)

  • Sapphire crystal display window


  • Expensive

  • Short battery life

  • No heart rate monitor
Unexpected charlie foxtrot situations can happen, but hopefully, it's never because of your dive computer.

Diving Squad Debriefing

Diving is not only about exploration, there is an increasing awareness among divers that we owe it to the ocean to do our part to look after it. Whatever your diving intention may be, our air integrated dive computer reviews will help you find the best dive computer for your journey.

David Attenborough said, “I wish the world was twice as big and half of it was still unexplored.” For many of us, this is true. The world is double its size and the parts that are waiting to be explored by us are under the water’s surface.

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