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Best Cheap Dive Light

Most divers love the occasional night dive but without a dive torch this would be impossible.

In fact, it’s recommended that you take two or even three dive lights with you so you have a couple of backups in case your main one has a fault (or one of your buddies torches stops working).

Of course, considering that night dives aren’t that common an occasion for most scuba divers, it’s understandable that you might not be so keen to fork out a lot of money on one. 

With that in mind, we’ve reviewed the best cheap dive torches currently available. Let’s dive in!

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Cheap Dive Light Reviews

Best Cheap Backup Dive Light

BlueFire 1000 Lumen Underwater Torch

  • Aluminum Alloy and Plastic

  • Maximum brightness up to 1000 Lumens

  • Operates down to 50m underwater

  • Rechargeable Battery not included

  • $18.99 – $

The BlueFire Underwater Torch has been designed with divers and underwater photographers in mind. Made from Aluminum Alloy and plastic, this handy-sized dive light is pretty durable for such a little thing.

So if you’re looking for the best dive light you can find within your price range, then we may have found you a winner.

The updated CREE XM-L2 LED makes this dive light super bright and way more practical underwater. The max output can reach 1000 lumen, while the LED runtime can reach 50,000 hours.

The torch doesn’t include a battery, which is uncommon with most dive lights anyway, but it uses a pretty standard 18650 battery (3.6v).

So all you need to do is unscrew the bottom cap, pop a battery inside and dive in! It’s also equipped with a AAA battery holder, so you could use such batteries as a backup or in case you find it difficult to source the other batteries too.

You’ll find the super durable magnetic control switch on the side, and when you turn, it will cycle through its 3 modes of two brightness levels (dim and bright), and a strobe light. Pretty cool, right?

So if you need a bright, compact dive light, then this little gem certainly does the job!

Best Cheap Dive Light for Beginners

BlueFire 1100 Lumen Diving Light

  • Aluminum Alloy Head and Fluorescence ABS body Design


  • Waterproof IPX-8, up to underwater 80ft


  • Uses a rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery or three AAA batteries (Not Included)


  • $14.99 – $

  • Includes free adjustable velcro wrist strap and lanyard.

The BlueFire 1100 Lumen Professional CREE XM-L2 Scuba Diving Flashlight is really bright and is, once again, designed for divers and underwater photographers.

It can be used with either a single 18650 rechargeable battery or 3 AAA batteries, however, batteries are not included.

This dive light comes with a waterproof level of IPX-8, meaning you can take it down to 80 ft underwater (about 24m). It also has a full hermetic flashlight head, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy light cup and 3 thickened waterproof O-rings.

Quick note: It’s very important to lubricate the O-rings after each dive and to replace them when damaged! Check out our featured silicone lubricant.

What’s really cool is that this dive light comes with a wrist strap too – perfect for freeing up your hands! You can adjust the velcro strap on your wrist, and there is also a lanyard strap, so you can tie it to your waist when you don’t need the light.

The yellow fluorescent colouring makes this dive light extremely easy to find in case you do happen to misplace it somewhere on a shore dive (which should be difficult seeing as you’ve got a wristband and lanyard on your side).

The light has dim, high and strobe modes. On high mode, this diving light can last an hour – which is pretty long for such a little thing!

Best Cheap Dive Light for Underwater Photography

Orcatorch D560 Mini Scuba Dive Light.

  • Made of aircraft grade alloy

  • Waterproof up to 150m

  • 360 Degree Rotatable Mask Clip

  • Illuminative distance of 125 meters

  • Worry-free after-sale customer service.

  • 2 X O-ring, 1 X Lanyard and 1 X After Sale car included. 

  • $44.90 – $$

Made of premium Type III military hard anodization, a sturdy design, oxidation treatment, waterproof and corrosion resistant – this little dive light really packs a punch!

One of these D560 Mini Scuba Dive Lights is exactly what you need if a quality design is at the top of your check-list.

You can equip the D560 flashlight with the ORCATORCH MX05 mask clip (included) to achieve 360° rotation, mounting it to your mask to completely free up your hands – perfect for allowing your hands to explore the reefs.

When clipped to the mask, it feels secure and you’ll feel confident it will stay on during your dive. The wrist strap, which is included, includes plenty of slack which is super nice for diving too.

This dive light uses one AA battery (but comes with two) and in terms of brightness, it does seriously well for a single AA battery.

However if you do need it to be brighter but don’t need to use it as long, you can use a 14500 battery to up the volts.

Being waterproof up to 150m, this is an awesome companion on most dives and you won’t have to worry about leaks.

What’s more is that if you run into any kind of quality problem with the dive light you receive, ORCATORCH offers friendly and helpful after-sale service to every valued customer. So you can really be sure you’re getting great quality and service at the same time.

You have to turn it on before diving and wait until you surface to turn it off, so in other words, this dive light will have to be on for the duration of your dive.

While it will likely last as long as your air tank, if you’re planning on doing an extended dive, you may need a light capable of being turned off under water.

P.S, make sure you tighten the base really tight over the rubber rings before it will turn on.

Best Cheap Luxury Dive Light

VOLADOR 2000 Lumens Scuba Diving Flashlight

  • Aluminum alloy head & fluorescence ABS body design

  • XPH50 CREE LED bulb

  • Light distance up to 236 meters & waterproof up to 150m

  • $65.99 – $$$

  • 3 mode (High / Low / Strobe)

  • Illuminates up to 236m

  • Lanyard, O-rings and user manual included

Say hello to one of the more expensive dive lights in our cheap dive lights range. However, you’ll soon notice that you’re definitely getting your money’s worth with this one.

The body of this dive light is made of military-grade aviation aluminum. What does that mean exactly? Well, it’s durable – Really durable.

Complete with abrasion and seawater corrosion resistance, and a double-barrel body that offers overheating protection and avoids external electrification – This dive light includes all the bells and whistles you’re after if quality means a lot to you.

The VOLADOR 2000 Lumens Scuba Diving Flashlight is quite impressive, with the ability to illuminate up to 236m and stay waterproof down to 150m! It’s charged by using two 18650 rechargeable batteries, and the battery and charger come included with the torch.

Making use of a CREE XPH50 Luminous Flux 2000 lumen LED, means it can be used for up to 50,000 hours, eliminating the trouble of needing to replace the light bulb at a later stage. Also providing you with a super bright neutral white light underwater.

It has a rotating head that also works as an on/off switch, and this is the only moving part on the entire flashlight. The point? Less moving parts means less chance of parts failing during usage!

Best Cheap Dive Light for Deep Dives

Odepro WD12 1050 Lumen 150M Dive Torch

  • Bright high powered CREE XM-L2 LED

  • Powered by 1 3000mAh rechargeable battery (included)

  • High efficiency constant current circuit offers constant brightness

  • Thickened aircraft grade aluminum alloy with 4MM tempered glass

  • Remaining battery display (shows you how much battery is remaining)

  • $45.98 – $$

Designed for deep-diving, the Odepro WD12 Scuba Diving Flashlight comes equipped with a 4 mm tempered glass lens and AL-6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy body, which can bear greater water pressure than that of our other featured dive lights.

Its premium type III military hard-anodized finish of the body has better corrosion prevention, and you’re going to find it pretty difficult to manage a scratch on this one.

What we find really cool about this dive light is the LED green ring round the switch (indicating anywhere from 30% -100% charge) that changes to red as the battery runs down (30% – 10% charge remaining), so you know how much charge is left.

This is great for beginners that are still getting into their diving, as it’s just one less thing to worry about. This dive light is powered with a 1 3000mAh rechargeable battery, which comes with it.

This dive light will fit well into your BCD pocket, with the provided lanyard reaching around the BCD pocket flap to the D-ring above it. You may even find the lanyard long enough to leave the torch attached to the D-ring when using it too.

If you don’t like the ‘blinding’ lights that some divers prefer using, then you’ll find the strength of this beam ideal! The bright high powered CREE XM-L2 LED offers a max of 1050 lumens underwater.P.S: the O-rings don’t come greased, so make sure to lubricate them before diving! Need silicone lubricant?

Best Cheap Dive Light for Cave Diving

Goldengulf Aluminum Diving Headlight

  • Aluminum alloy material

  • Quality inspection before shipment

  • Rechargeable battery and charger included

  • Waterproof up to 100m

  • Allows hands free diving

  • $29.99 – $$

Sometimes, it’s just seriously enjoyable to have a light on your head. You don’t have to hold anything, you don’t have to point it – you just keep looking where you’re looking.

What’s more is it frees up your hands so you can pull yourself along the reefs without bumping and scratching your torch!

Made using CREE XM-L L2 LED bulbs, this diving headlight is built to be bright! With 1800 max lumen, it will have those cracks and reefs well lit.

The 18650 rechargeable battery it uses is fairly standard for these little dive lights, and this one comes with a charger too!

The aluminum diving headlamp makes use of double O-rings, this waterproof design makes it possible to dive up to 100m with this headlight. Coming complete with 3 spare O-rings, make sure to always keep them clean and lubricated to maximize quality.

For the price, this diving headlight is definitely top of its range!  

Best Cheap Dive Light for Durability

Goldengulf 1800 Lumen Led Diving Flashlight

  • Diving capability of 100 meters

  • Uses Cree XML T6 bulb

  • 18650 rechargeable battery included

  • Aluminum alloy casing and non-skid design

  • $36.50 – $$

The Goldengulf scuba diving light will have you enjoying a full spectrum of colour and life underwater, diving with this light will greatly enhance your visual experience!

This diving torch has a magnetic switch on the head with five light modes (high-middle-low-strobe-SOS), with outputs of max 1800 lumens.

One thing to note though is that the switch may be slid to ‘on’ by accident – so do keep an eye out for that.

Some divers have also reported this one as deserving of a ‘promotion’ from being their backup light to being their main light. So if you’re looking for something with some really good dive light reviews – bingo!

Being powered by a 18650 rechargeable battery, you can recharge the batteries after you run out of juice. But what we really like is that it comes with an option to use regular AAA batteries if for some reason the included battery loses its charge, or maybe more likely, you forget to actually charge it before your next dive.

Double rubber O-rings make this dive light really stable underwater, and it is waterproof up to 100m. It also has 1.5 meters anti-drop capability too.

Goldengulf diving lights make use of Cree XM-L2 LED light bulbs, this top quality means that it can be used for more than 100 000 hours – eliminating the need to constantly replace the bulb.

Best All-Rounder Cheap Dive Light

Odepro WD43 Tool Box Package Dive Torch

  • T6061 aluminum alloy

  • Powered with a 18650 3000mAh rechargeable li-ion battery

  • Interchangeable magnetic switch

  • Waterproof up to 200 meters

  • Durable toolbox  and smart charger included

  • $62.98 – $$$

A rechargeable diving torch made from a thickened lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum body, 3 layer O-rings (for waterproofing) and a 4mm tempered glass lens, this torch can reach depths of 200m.

When your dive light arrives, it comes all wrapped up in a cool carry case that contains the diving light, two batteries, a charger, spare O-rings, instructions, and a warranty card. Overall, this is our favorite dive light – and with everything it includes, it’s great value for your money.

The CREE XM-L2 LED, ensures outputs of a max 1050 lumens steadily. And the Odepro diving flashlight is powered by a 18650 3000mAh rechargeable li-ion battery, that will last around 2 hours in the water on its highest setting. This diving light also comes with one more backup battery for your deep diving requirements.

Aircraft grade alloy material, as already mentioned, combined with the premium type III military hard-anodized finish in the body, means that this dive light will not be scratched by unconscious collision with rocks – and it especially withstands seawater corrosion.

The low battery warning is really cool, as it gives you an idea of how much juice is left. You won’t find this warning in the form of a green/red light anywhere on the body of the light – this one will ‘strobe’ twice per minute instead.

Pretty handy for when you’re diving and not paying attention to the exterior of your light, but rather to the objects your light is illuminating!

Best Cheap Dive Light for GoPro/ Camera

Suptig High Power Dimmable Dive LED Video Light

  • Made of stainless steel and ultra-durable PC material

  • 4 lighting modes

  • Waterproof up to 50m

  • 24-Month Warranty and 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

  • Compatible with most Gopro’s and cameras

  • $36.99 – $$

Underwater photographers, this one’s for you. There’s nothing quite like reliving a dive through editing some awesome footage – and this light will guarantee just that!

Being waterproof up to 50m, having a 84-leds high-brightness LED design and a built-in 2600Mha lithium battery – this powerful little Suptig underwater light will have you singing its praises.

This model is recommended by some divers, for giving the best flood lighting to avoid sharp shadows on video. Want to know if it’s compatible with your device? Here’s a list of all the devices it’s perfectly compatible with:


  • Canon SLR camera
  • Nikon SLR camera
  • Sony camera
  • Panasonic SLR camera
  • Pentax SLR camera
  • Gopro hero 6
  • Gopro hero 5
  • Gopro hero 2018
  • Gopro hero 4
  • Gopro hero 3+
  • Gopro hero 3
  • Gopro hero session


This unique patented design with a colour temperature of 5500k comes complete with a cold shoe mount adapter, a micro USB cable, quick release mount, thumbscrew and a wrench. It really is great value for your money!

Our Top 3 Cheap Diving Light Gadgets

YYST Stainless Steel Scuba Diving Lanyard

  • High strength stretch coils

  • Durable stainless steel line and TPU

  • Extends to 150cm/53″

  • Reduces risk of loosing valuable equipment.

  • Facilitates hands free water entry from dive boats

  • $9.99 – $$

Gone are the days of watching your dive torch make its way down to the bottom of the ocean to join Neptune and the rest of the unlucky lost dive lights! The high-strength stretch coils that this lanyard provides keep you well connected to your dive accessories.

By extending to 150cm/53″, this lanyard facilitates hands-free water entries from dive boats and has a clip ends, so you can attach to your BCD, and the other to your dive gear.

The quick-release buckle helps to keep your lanyard streamlined when not being used or while you are getting in/out of the water. Open the quick-release buckle to extend your dive light while it still remains securely attached to your BCD.

So if you’re purchasing a dive light that doesn’t already come equipped with a lanyard, the lanyard is flimsy or you just want as seriously durable one to match your other dive gear, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

Dive Torch Glove by ORCATORCH

  • Secures the dive light against your wrist

  • Easy to adjust

  • One size fits all design

  • Made of high-strength layer fabric

  • Compatable with nearly all dive lights

  • $11.98 – $$

None of our featured dive torches come equipped with one of these bad boys – but you’ll notice that they’re often bought together. And that’s no coincidence! Dive torch gloves make using a dive torch seriously comfortable and convenient.

Simply strap it on, and off you go. Moving away from standard scuba and onto cave diving? This is the perfect way of mounting your torch to free up those hands and perform other tasks!

It’s reversible, so can be used on either hand (yes lefties, this one’s for you too!), and there are several ways of adjusting the fit. The area the torch sits in is also perfectly molded to take a torch without slippage.

Trident Silicone Grease for O-Rings

      • 100% pure lubricant for scuba gear

      • Ideal for lubricating O-rings

      • Ideal for lubricating moving metal parts too

      • Remains pliable even after extended use

      • Non-flammable, non-toxic formula

      • $3.95 – $

As you probably know, (and even if you didn’t, now you do) it is extremely important to keep your O-rings (the parts that ensure your dive torch is watertight) clean and lubricated after each and every dive in order to maintain the quality and functionality of them.

Unfortunately, most dive lights don’t come with any sort of lubricant for your O-rings. However, the manual will tell you how important it is to keep O-rings lubricated.

Here are 3 easy O-ring tips for making them last as long as they’re designed to: Make sure they are never in contact with dust, hair or any other foreign substance; before diving, check they have no scratches or cracks and finally, your O-rings should always look a little moist/shiny (because you lubricate them!)

Diving Squad Debriefing

So if you’re one of the divers that recall that one time you were diving in the clear blue waters thinking to yourself ‘damn… I really could have used a dive light now to sneak a peek into that crevice and cave to see what was lurking in the dark’… or maybe you missed out on that perfect picture because the lighting just wasn’t as great as it could have been?

A dive light is an essential piece of equipment that can be taken advantage of on every single dive. Whether you’re diving in murky/clear waters, or day/night, then a dive light exactly something you need.

Okay diving squad! Now that you’ve got some of 2019’s best cheap dive lights at your fingertips, we hope that you’ll enjoy comparing and deciding on the best one for your dive light needs, just as much as we did reviewing them.

If you already own a dive light, consider using it regularly if you don’t already do so. And if you have yet to invest in a dive light… Well, now you have all the tools needed to make an informed decision.

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