Gaia Love - Longest Trips & Luxury Runner-Up

Gaia Love is a popular Komodo liveaboard; a luxurious and modern yacht with private balcony cabins, superb service and excellent extended diving itineraries.

If you’re looking to dive as much of Komodo as possible and get to some off-the-beaten-track dive sites; Gaia Love is your best bet!

This liveaboard regularly operates 11 night long trips (longer than any other liveabaord): some entirely through Komodo, others combining it with other nearby Indonesian destinations like Alor. 

(At certain times of year Gaia Love explores totally different parts of Indonesia such as Raja Ampat). 

Great for: Luxury, Private Balcony Cabins, Modern Yacht, Longer Trips, Couples, 

Trip Length: 9 – 11 Nights

Max Guests: 22

All trips with Gaia Love have about 3 dives a day as well as Welcome Cocktails, Beach Treks, a Komodo Dragon Visit, Kayaking and various other Land Excursions. Guests can even pay extra for Massages!

Gaia Love’s Komodo trips last up to 11 nights; this is quite a lot longer than that of most other Komodo liveaboards; which generally only do 7 night trips or shorter. So if you want to dive as much as possible and go to some really far-flung, rarely visited Komodo dive sites, Gaia Love is your best bet!

But in my opinion, the nicest thing about Gaia Love is the 11 insanely luxurious cabins; all feature a stunning modern interior with ensuite bathrooms, Private TV and individually controlled AC. Best of all, the upper deck cabins have Private Balconies! (Adeelar also has very luxurious cabins but no private balconies!). 

Gaia Love has a total of 4 decks – common areas include the very large, partially shaded sundeck, al fresco bar and outdoor lounge as well as an an indoor saloon & dining room. 

This liveaboard is also exceptionally well equipped from a diving point of view, with a huge and gorgeous wooden dive deck that has 11 large rinse tanks, camera room as well as two skiffs to give quick, easy access to the very best Komodo dive sites. 

The crew are very experienced, knowledgeable and friendly – they’re on hand to attend to every one of your needs with an almost 1:1 staff to guest ratio. 

So if you’re looking for a truly luxurious liveaboard – one that is a modern yacht rather than the traditional Phinisi style usually seen in Komodo liveaboards and which has private balcony cabins and super long dive trips – consider Gaia Love. 

Guest Reviews:

Richard SUnited States
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"The entire crew on the Gaia Love were incredibly kind, attentive, and looked after every detail to ensure each guest had an extraordinary experience. This was the best scuba diving experience of my lifetime".
Kendra PUnited States
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"This trip was beyond my expectations. The food was perfect, the boat beautiful and comfortable, the crew lovely and competent, diving fantastic, everything wonderful. I hope to return again and again for any of their dives. I wish I could live on this boat"!!
Jia FChina
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"They know exactly what you want to do when you go diving"!
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