Adelaar - Most Luxurious Komodo Liveaboard

Adelaar is a beautifully constructed, 39 meter long Dutch Schooner with a gorgeous traditional interior; comprised of teak, high ceilings and hand-crafted ornaments.  

This is one of the few Komodo liveaboards where there are more crew (10 crew) than guests (8 maximum).

Customer Service is superb – the dive guides are very experienced whilst the talented chefs prepare truly excellent cuisine. 

Also; for extra dives and exploring off-the-beaten-track Komodo dive sites , Adeelar is a great choice. Most trips are 10 nights long; 3 nights longer than other liveaboards. 

Great for: Luxury Cabins, Beautiful Liveaboard, Excellent Customer Service, Superb Cuisine, Long Trips, Small Groups

Trip Lengths: 6 – 10 nights

Max Group Size: 8

Itineraries by Adeelar include 3 to 4 dives a day as well as a Komodo Dragon visit on Rinca island, Viewpoint Treks, Kayaking,  Beach Drinks and Stand-Up Paddleboarding. Of course; participating in these activities is entirely optional and guests can choose between attending or simply staying and relaxing on the huge and luxurious Adeelar. 

The upper and lower decks are extremely spacious and have lavish furniture and stylish lighting. There is a beautiful library areas as well as air-conditioned indoor salon and dining zone. Also very importantly (!), there’s a well stocked bar with local beer and imported liquor and wines.

There’s a very large sundeck which doubles up as the outdoor dining zone; this is one of the most popular common areas for guests to relax, soak in the incredible views and share a drink. Because there’s a maximum of 8 guests, these spaces all feel truly huge and spacious. 

The cabins – especially the master suite, are insanely large and all of them have an ensuite marble bathroom and private large plasm tv

With handcrafted Balinese ornaments, fossilised wood, marble and rare hardwoods, these cabins really do feel and look like luxury hotel suites. (In my mind, these cabins could only be nicer if they had private balconies like the liveaboards Gaia Loveand La Galigo). 

Truly Adeelar is the most luxurious Komodo liveaboard out there – it takes less guests than any other liveaboard; is a huge and simply beautiful boat and has superb itineraries with many extra dives and cool activities. Customer service is superb and 99W% of guests finish a trip with Adeelar extremely happy and satisfied. 

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