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10 / 10!

This has got to be not only one of the best Komodo liveaboards, but one of my favourite liveaboards of all time.

With dive itineraries that are crafted just as they’re meant to be – letting you discover all of Komodo at a leisurely pace, awesome facilities and superb extra activities, Nataraja is a beautiful vessel that easily deserves her 10 / 10 rating. 

Great for: Superb Itineraries, Extra Activities, Amenities, Small Groups, Beginners.

Trip Lengths: 7 – 9 days

Max Group Size: 9

Operates: June to October in Komodo (Tours other parts of Indonesia for rest of year)


My favourite thing about Nataraja are the diving itineraries, which in my opinion are the absolute best of any Komodo liveaboard. There’s two main options:

  • Labuan Bajo – Labuan Bajo: Explores all the regions of Komodo national park from the spectacular underwater landscapes of the north to the countless large marine animals of the central and the quirky macro critters of the south. Plus, you’ll visit several dive sites around banta island, which lies 10km to the northwest of komodo national park and is very rarely visited indeed, yet has some pristine fringing coral reef! An alternative to this trip: Labuan Bajo – Maumere is also available. It’s exactly the same in terms of diving, but you get dropped of at Maumere, which is further east along Flores than Labuan Bajo. This is only useful if you were planning on exploring any of Flores island yourself, not if you want to leave after your liveaboard trip!
  • Lombok – Labuan Bajo: This trip focuses entirely on North Komodo; with it’s spectacular pinnacles and many large marine animals. It’s the best and most detailed way of exploring any one region of the national park.

Both routes also include a trip to the ranger station on Rinca island to come face to face with Komodo Dragons…as well as kayaking, a beach bbq, fishing, optional massage treatment and a naturalist guide…not bad!

In addition to this; Nataraja is beginner friendly as guests require only their open water certification and no logged dives!

 If this is you, you will have to sit out on night dives and those where currents are particularly strong but you can hire a private dive guide to teach you your advanced open cert! There’s only one other beginner friendly liveaboard: Moana. 

The next awesome thing about Nataraja are it’s exceptionally cool and stylish chill out zones – especially the outdoor lounge with it’s hammocks and panoramic views; which opens into the immaculate outside bar. No other liveaboard has an outside bar with nearby hammocks!

There’s 3 double stateroom cabins and 1 master cabin; each features a private shower room  and a beautiful wooden interior.

The master cabin; which has two single beds and a double, making it good for families or groups of friends….also has a private balcony with hammock, TV and ocean views. The only master cabin that has more than this is that of La Galigo, as it also has a PS4 and private lounge. 

Sleek and beautiful, crammed with great amenities and amazing cabins; Nataraja is one of the coolest all round Komodo liveaboards out there. 

For me, her itineraries are the coolest on offer; whereas the overall look and feel of this beautiful wooden phinisi, create a relaxed and intimate feel; ideal for couples, families or small groups of friends. What’s more, the trips are packed with fantastic extra activities and run by a very experienced and friendly team of staff. 

diver and corals
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Komodo dragon

Other Features:

  • Audio & Video Entertainment

  • Free Internet

  • Nearly 1:1 Crew to Guest Ratio

  • Daily Housekeeping

  • Sea View Cabins

  • Laundry Service

  • Charging Stations

  • Separate Rinse for U/W Camera

  • Non-Smoking Rooms

  • Library

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