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Honors Legacy

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Stylish and modern yet also affordable, Honors Legacy boasts a spa, hot-tub and well equipped cabins plus superb cuisine. 

Most trips explore the Maldives famous central region where dramatic underwater landscapes, scores of manta rays and whale shark action await. 

Because guests are required to have their advanced open water certification and at least 50 logged dives, Honors Legacy is a great choice for advanced divers.

Great for: Central Routes, South Routes, Deep South Routes, Advanced Divers, Spa, Hot-Tub, Excellent Cuisine.

Length of Trips: 7 Nights

Max Guest Capacity: 18


Honors Legacy operates three different trips:

  • Best of Maldives: Explores the Maldives popular central region – look out for manta rays, reef sharks, whale sharks and hammerhead sharks! The central region is the most famous part of the Maldives and has the country’s best coral reef!

  • Deep South: The Maldives deep south consists of Fuvahmulah, Huvadhoo and Addu atolls. This region is considerably off the beaten track and has more species of shark than anywhere else in the Maldives!

  • Best of Southern Atolls: Actually a combination of the central, south and deep south regions! Start in Male and travel through the south region all the way down to the Maldives’ deep south. 

Quite a lot of the dive sites visited by Honors Legacy experience strong currents and are also deep; making them best suited for experienced divers.

This liveaboards policy of guests requiring their advanced open water certification and at least 50 logged dives, ensures that you won’t get slowed up by any beginners!

All trips include welcome cocktails, free WiFi and a beach bbq. For an extra fee, guests can get a massage at the spa, go on extra dives or even complete their nitrox course.

In total, only 18 guests are taken by Honors Legacy, meaning it has one of the smallest group sizes of any Maldives liveaboard.

Each of the 9 cabins features a private mini-bar, a safe, a high-definition TV and an ensuite bathroom. The ocean view suites also have stunning ocean views and a private bathtub.

The main social area is the large sundeck at the top which gives epic views – these you can choose to take in from either one of the sun loungers or the jacuzzi! 

There’s also a spacious, air-conditioned indoor saloon with a giant plasma TV and a sleek modern bar, complete with bar stools.

Cuisine aboard Honors Legacy is noted as being particularly mouth watering, with local and international dishes featuring a variety of fish, meat, poultry and seafood plus plenty of fresh fruit and veg.

The highly professional crew of 13 are extremely experienced and friendly – they truly go out of their way to make sure every moment of your trip is a special one, both in and out of the water.

It’s surprising to see that Honors Legacy is one of the cheapest mid-price Maldives liveaboards out there! An excellent liveaboard to go on, provided you’ve got the right amount of diving experience.

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honors legacy saloon.

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