Amelie - Low Cost, Short Trips & Small Groups

Amelie is the cheapest Red Sea Liveabaord making it a great option for those on a budget.

Whilst Amelie does operate 7 night trips, there’s also the option for 3 night trips which is great if you’re low on money or time. 

Not only is Amelie the cheapest Red Sea liveaboard and one of the very few to offer short trips; it also takes the fewest guests – with a maximum of just 12! 

All this makes Amelie a special and unique liveaboard; perfect for a more intimate and budget friendly experience. Amelie tours the North Red Sea. 

At 75 feet (23 meters) long, Amelie is a smaller yacht compared to other liveabaords however because there’s a maximum of 12 guests, it doesn’t feel cramped.

There are 3 sunbathing areas with mattresses and beanbags; 2 have partial shading. There’s also an indoor saloon with bar and dining area.
Food is a mixture of local Egyption and Western Cuisine, freshly prepared and served buffet style – it’s often mentioned as being very good by guests. 

The dive deck is located towards the back and has plenty of space for kitting up and rinsing off your gear. 

You may be wandering how a liveaboard such as Amelie can be so affordable yet still very well operated and modern!

Well, the main way in which Amelie is a little more basic compared to other liveaboards is the six cabins.

All bunk bed options – there are no double bed cabins as with other liveaboards.

Also, whilst most other liveabaords have cabins with private bathrooms, the six cabins of Amelie share two bathrooms between them. 

However, the cabins are still very nice; with good lighting, aircon and storage space and daily housekeeping.

Amelie explores the North Red Sea which is famous for epic shipwrecks at easy, beginner-friendly dive sites.
The guides are very experienced and it’s also possible to take dive courses throughout the trip. Boat staff are very friendly and happy to help with everything.

Amelie is a great value for money liveaboard; you won’t find a cheaper option anywhere and it’s also the only liveaboard to offer short trips and take such a small group (12 guests maximum).

Other Guest Reviews:

Thomas CFrance
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"We could dive with dolphins! The diving equipment was new and really good, the staff very friendly and professional with briefing before each dive, the food on board was really good, and there is flexibility for the dives depending of what people want to see and weather conditions. It was awsome"
Andy JUnited Kingdom
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"Sharks, eagle rays, dolphins and leopard ray sightings"
Melanie BFrance
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"Rencontrer les dauphins lors d'une plongée, la convivialité lors des repas et des soirées, la bonne humeur générale qui a reigné pendant le séjour"

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