Blue - Highest Guest Rating, Luxury

With an average rating of 9.6 / 10, Blue (aka Blue Dive Cruise) has the best reviews of any Red Sea liveaboard out there!

Guests can look forward to luxury cabins, exquisite food, superb dive safaris and next level service all aboard this state of the art yacht. 

Offering trips to either the North or South Regions of Egypt’s Red Sea, Blue also provides Free Nitrox to certified divers.

All cabins feature private TVs & DVD players (something rarely found on other liveaboards) as well as ensuite bathrooms, ac and masses of space.

You can choose from Bow Cabins, Standard Cabins, Double or Twin Sea View Cabins and a Master Cabin with epic ocean views. 

Truly, Blue is an incredibly luxurious and modern liveaboard – measuring a whopping 43 meters long it feels incredibly spacious to the 24 guests that it takes.

It might lean towards the higher end of the price spectrum for Red Sea liveaboards, but the quality of the liveaboard itself makes it, in my opinion, worth it. 

There are a number of social areas including a huge sundeck, a large, partially shaded outdoor lounge, a modern, indoor saloon, bar and dining area.

Food is served 3 times a day and is a mixture of delicious local Egyption cuisine meets Western with all manner of fresh seafood, meats and vegetarian / vegan options available on demand.  

The staff really go out of their way to make sure that every need of each guest is met; they are very friendly, helpful and approachable. 

Meanwhile, the dive guides have a lot of experience and a truly impressive knowledge of the local marine life which they can tell you about in great detail. 

So, if you can afford to splash out a little for your Red Sea liveaboard trip and you want to go on a luxury yacht that is, according to it’s guest reviews, the best one to cruise the Red Sea – consider Blue!

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