Heaven Saphir - Luxury, Spacious & Beach BBQ

Heaven Saphir is a 36 meter (118 ft) long luxury liveaboard that caters to 19 guests in 9 cabins in Standard, Honeymoon and Executive Suite options. 

Trips are 7 nights long and explore either the South Red Sea; famous for big pelagics like sharks, manta rays and dolphins or the North Red Sea which is renowned for epic shipwrecks. 

Food and service is great! Meals are a fusion of tasty European with Middle Eastern Seasoning created lovingly by the onboard chef and crew.

Diving takes place from the large and well equipped divedeck which has Nitrox, a camera rinse station and plenty of storage space. 

There are 9 cabins; all have ensuite bathrooms, storage space, ac, fridges, music player and beautiful hardwood interiors.

Choose from 10 sqm Standard Cabins with 2 single beds on the lower deck, 13 sqm Honeymoon cabins with double beds on the upper deck or a 19.5 sqm Executive Suite with panoramic oceanview windows on the middle deck.

Heaven Saphir is a classy liveabaord to spend a week on! There is a huge sundeck on the top deck, a partially shaded outdoor lounge on the middle deck and leading inside from here an indoor saloon with bar, dining and lounge area. 

Although this is one of the more expensive Red Sea liveaboards; the quality of service, cabins, itineraries and food; makes Heaven Saphir an excellent choice for those looking to treat themselves. 

The staff are very kind and friendly; they help make this trip a smooth and pleasant one; the dive guides also have an awesome knowledge of the incredible marine life you will see on your trip and can tell you all about it in detail. 

On most trips, there is also a Beach BBQ; something very few other liveaboards do; but a really cool and social experience nonetheless.

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