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October 12, 2023

Apeks RK3 Fins Review by Diving Squad

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The Apeks RK3s have been the standard issue to US military divers and coast guards for decades – a testimony to their awesome performance and insane durability.

They are shorter and wider than standard fins; making them incredibly powerful – and also less likely to get snagged in tight spaces like wrecks and caves.

This design also makes them excellent for frogkicking which is more stable and energy-conservative than standard flutter kicking.

The spring-heel strap automatically adjusts to the changing pressure that comes with altering depths resulting in a fit that is both consistent and comfortable.

Although they’re a little heavier than standard fins, its not by too much and they also feature two grommet holes on each fin to fit clips and carabiners for easy carrying.

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  • Powerful

  • Durable

  • Perfect for frog-kicking

  • Great in confined spaces

  • Comfortable

  • Spring-heel strap for consistent fit


  • Heavier than other fins


  • Quite expensive

“The Apeks RK3 fins are just so incredibly powerful, durable and comfortable; they’re everything that scuba diving fins should be!

Being shorter and wider than most other fins, they’re excellent for frog-kicks- which you’ll wanna do instead of flutter-kicks as you progress as a diver.

I find them incredibly comfortable thanks to the spacious foot-pockets and spring-heel straps that automatically adjust to changing pressures.

There’s no denying, the Apeks RK3s are awesome scuba fins – I’ve had mine for years and still love them”!

Alex: Grand Admiral of the Diving Squad


Other Specs:

  • Super durable

  • Open heel design

  • Made from rubber

  • 4 sizes

  • Available in range of colours.

  • Grommet hole in foot-pocket and at end of blade for each fin – to fit carabiners and clips.

  • Standard issue fins to US military divers.


1) Tec Blades with Vents:

The Apeks RK3 blades are shorter and wider than standard fins – this is typical of a tec blade design.

Tec blades are favoured by tec divers and diving professionals because they’re extremely powerful, unlikely to get snagged and great for frog-kicking.

However – tec fins are also great for recreational divers – there is nothing that makes them more complicated to use than normal fins. They’re just a little heavier!

The Apeks RK3’s also feature vents – open spaced gaps, which reduce resistance on the upstroke and enhance thrust on the downstroke. This makes them even more powerful!

There’s also a grommet hole at the end of each fin to attach a clip or carabiner.

2) Spring Heel Strap:

The deeper you dive, the greater the water pressure is. This means that a regular strap will feel like it’s getting tighter which can feel pretty uncomfortable. 

However, high quality dive fins like the Apeks RK3s feature a spring heel strap.

A spring heel strap automatically expands and contracts with changing water pressures. 

This means that the fins wont feel like their getting deeper as you descend – or looser as you ascend! Instead they should provide a fit that is always comfortable and consistent. 

3) Foot Pocket:

The foot pocket of each Apeks RK3 fins is both spacious and comfortable – it can easily take dive boots. 

Ridges on the insole of each foot pocket provide decent grip to keep these dive boots secure.

Despite how big the Apeks RK3 fins look, you can choose from 4 different sizes: small, medium, large and extra large so unless you’re feet are very small, you should be able to find the right fit!

But if you’re feet are extra small – check out the ScubaPro Go Sport fins!

Theres another grommet hole at each foot pocket for clip or carabiner attachment. 


“Ahhh the Apeks RK3 fins – these guys are seriously powerful; insanely comfortable and perfect if you prefer frog-kicking for great aqua-dynamics. 

Sure they’re a little heavier than the average dive fins but not overwhelmingly so (they’re just fins!) and a little extra weight is worth the insane thrust that they provide. 

It makes total sense to wear shorter fins of a tec design – they’re way less likely to get caught on anything which is handy when you’re somewhere like a wreck or a cave.

On top of all that, they appear to be virtually indestructible – I’ve been dragging mine around the world for years and they still show no sign of wear or tear.

If you can afford these somewhat expensive dive fins, it’s money well spent. A final bonus – you get to brag you use the same dive fins as US military divers do”!

Alex: Grand Admiral of the Diving Squad

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