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October 12, 2023

ScubaPro Go Sport Fins by Diving Squad

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Strong, light and durable; ScubaPro Go Sports Fins are also one of the few models to come in an extra small size – perfect for people with tiny feet!

They’re constructed from monprene which is ultra-strong yet also surprisingly light, making them great for travel. 

The 25 degree pre-angled blades provide longitudinal rigidity to create a channeling effect for more power with less effort!

These are stylish looking fins, available in a range of colours and with a self-adjusting bungee strap for an exceptional fit and easy donning and doffing. 


  • Lightweight and compact

  • Durable

  • Comfortable

  • Self-adjusting bungee strap

  • 5 sizes (including X-Small)


“My ScubaPro Go Travel Fins are great for travel because they’re so compact and light – which is almost surprising considering how durable they also are!

They’re also really comfortable and the open bungee cord at the back is very nice for ensuring I always have a good fit, no matter what depth I’m diving at.

They may not be the cheapest fins, but I’d say they’re still a very reasonable price for the awesome quality that they provide. 

I have really small feet, so it’s great that they come in an extra small size – not many other dive fins to. I also love the vibrancy of the colour turquoise that mine are

Aishling Fahy: Diving Squad Contributor


Other Specs:

  • Constructed from monprene

  • 5 sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

  • Available in range of colours

  • Compact and lightweight

  • Ultra strong

  • Open-heel boot-fit


1) Pre-angled Blades with Power Bars:

The ScubaPro Go Sport fins feature 25-degree pre-angled blades with power-bars on the undersides for powerful movement with minimal effort. 

They’re certainly provide enough power – we’ve seen divers stay motionless in moderate currents with them quite effortlessly. 

At the same time, it’s worth pointing out that being so light does mean the ScubaPro Go Sport fins simply aren’t as strong as some other, heavier fins like the Apeks RK3 fins.

The ScubaPro Go Sport fins blades also feature mounting points to attach optional skegs that minimise sideslip whilst maximising stability. 

A full monoprene construction means these fins offer exceptional durability whilst still being surprisingly lightweight. 

2) Bungee Heel Strap:

The bungee heel strap is self adjusting meaning it expands and contracts with changing water-pressures to ensure a constant fit. 

Because its so big, the bungee strap does not feel very tight which is really nice for comfort; at the same time it still provides an incredibly secure fit. 

We really like the toggles at the back of each strap, they’re incredibly easy to grab and pull when donning and doffing these fins making them easy to get on and off. 

It’s also cool that the strap can easily be replaced, in case it should get worn down over the years. 

3) Foot Pocket:

The ScubaPro Go Sport fins feature a revised Ergo3 foot pocket for dive boots. A series of grooves on the insole keep dive add stability and grip for dive boots. 

We love that these fins are available in 5 sizes – including extra small, which is rarely seen in other dive fins. This make them an excellent choice for adults with small feet – although they also have small, medium, large and extra large sizes! 


If you’re an adult with small feet, the ScdubaPro Go Travel fins could be the answer to your prayers!

But even if you’re not, they’re designed for every other size of foot as well. 

The main strengths of these fins are how light, compact and durable they are – making them excellent for travel.

A self adjusting bungee strap at the back also means that the ScubaPro Go Travel Fins are exceptionally comfortable to wear.

They’re moderatley powerful fins and look incredibly cool as well, being available in a variety of colours. 

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