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October 12, 2023

Aqualung Plazma Mask Review by Diving Squad

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A mid-priced, frameless scuba diving mask, the Plazma is one of several scuba masks created by dive gear titan Aqualung, who’ve been established as far back as 1943!

The low volume that its frameless design affords, combined with special pressure reduction zones incorporated into the soft silicone skirt mean that this mask feels incredibly light against ones face.
Comfort is further enhanced by the special X-shaped strap to evenly distribute weight against the back of the wearers head. 

You can choose to buy it with a clear lens or amber one – amber lenses reduce glare in shallow water and enhance red colours in deeper water.

It’s mainly designed for people with larger faces and may feel a little leaky for anyone with a more petite mug.

Compact, comfortable and with a large field of view that’s unobstructed thanks to the single lens design, this is a popular mask that’s sold out on much of the web – although there’s still a few pages left that sell it – which we’ve provided affiliate links to!


  • Good field of view


  • Pressure reduction zones in skirt


  • X-shaped strap for added comfort


  • Frameless:


  • Exerts minimal pressure on face


  • Compact


  • Streamlined


  • Limited stock


  • Doesn’t take prescription lenses


  • People with smaller faces may find it a little leaky

“The Aqualung Plazma has a huge field of view which is further complimented by its single lens design – which means said view is unobstructed. 

It’s easy to clear and unlikely to fog whilst the skirt is soft and comfortable. 

However, I don’t like the fact that it’s such a big mask – I have a smaller face, so big masks like the Aqualung Plazma tend to leak more for me – usually just below the nose pocket!

I prefer smaller masks such as the Aqualung MicroMask.

All the same this is a high quality scuba diving mask that will probably be a great option for anyone with a bigger face”!

Aishling Fahy: Diving Squad Contributor


Other Specs:

  • Thin nose-pocket for easy equalisation

  • Several colour options for lens

  • Clear and amber lens options

  • Pressure reduction zones in skirt


1) Mono Lens:

The Aqualung Plazma incorporates a mono-lens for an unobstructed view. This is a large lens with a high brow and far reaching tear drops: the result is a huge scope of vision. 

You can choose between clear and amber lens options.

Few dive masks have amber lenses but the advantage of an amber lens is that it reduces glare in shallow waters whilst enhancing red colours which normally quickly fade with depth. So this is a rare feature to have – and it also looks pretty damn cool!

A dive mask with a lens as large as that of the Plazma is generally best suited for someone with a large face – it may be more likely to leak for people with smaller faces.

(If you do have a petite face, a better option at a similar price for you would be the Aqualung MicroMask).

2) Super Soft Silicone Skirt:

The skirt is the soft part of a dive mask that creates a watertight seal around the wearers face. It needs to be both soft and durable – for which silicone makes an excellent choice and is therefore the universal material for constructing dive mask skirts. 

In the case of the Aqualung Plazma, its skirt is a little special because it incorporates pressure reduction zones at strategic point; these help to relieve pressure. This is a nice feature that results in the Plazma feeling extra light against ones face – something thats further reinforced by its frameless design. 

3) Frameless Design:

Whereas the vast majority of scuba diving masks incorporate a framed design, a few are frameless. The Aqualung Plazma is one such frameless design mask. 

The main advantage of a frameless mask is that it exerts less pressure on the users face – something that’s particularly noticeable when diving at greater depths where pressure increases.

Frameless masks are also more compact as well as slightly more streamlined under water.  The downside of a frameless mask is that it’s not quite as durable as a framed mask nor is it able to offer quite such a stable fit – which may be the reason why some users have reported the Plazma being a little on the leaky side – or that could simply be because said users preferred smaller masks for more petite faces! (Small face owners instead check out the Aqualung MicroMask!). 

4) Specially Shaped Strap:

Most scuba masks incorporate a strap with a single split at the back but a few models feature straps with more specialized moulds.

In the case of the Plazma, it’s strap has two strands on either side that fuse together into a circular middle right at the back. 

The idea behind this is to exert pressure as evenly across the back of the wearers head as possible – and it certainly seems to work!

This is a cool feature for a dive mask to have but one that not many actually do. The buckles are flexible and easy to adjust.


The Aqualung Plazma is undeniably a high quality frameless scuba mask that offers great comfort thanks to it’s soft silicone skirt with pressure points and specially shaped strap. 

It offers a massive field of view with the added bonus of the option to get an amber lens version for reducing glare at the surface and enhancing red colours deeper down. 

This is definitely a mask that’s been designed for people with larger faces; people with more petite facial structures may find it prone to leaking. 

However if you are such a person with a more prominent face, this is a good option at a reasonable price. 


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