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October 12, 2023

Mares One Vision Scuba Mask Review by Diving Squad

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With it’s uniquely shaped single-lens, the Mares One Vision provides an absolutely massive field of view that’s noticeably wider than that of most other scuba diving masks.

Its soft silicone skirt provides an extremely comfortable and watertight seal.

This is further complimented by the small set of ribs within its nose pocket which relieve pressure exerted on the wearers face by the masks frame. 

Also, the strap is uniquely X shaped so as to disperse pressure against the back of the wearers head as evenly as possible for yet more comfort.

In recent years, Mares have released new scuba diving masks such as the Mares X-Vision Ultra which are similar to the Vision One except they’re made from softer silicon.

However, these newer models are dual lens and don’t offer a mono-lens – which provides a less interrupted view. The Mares One Vision however is single lens and also cheaper than it’s newer cousins.


  • Unique lens shape


  • Mono-lens for unobstructed view


  • Massive field of vision


  • Ridges in nose pocket


  • X-shaped strap for more comfort


  • High volume makes it a little harder to clear at depth

  • More recent Mares masks such as X-Vision Ultra are made from softer liquidskin silicon

“My experience using this mask has been absolutely great!

When it comes to scuba diving masks, its all about finding one that fits your face well. For me, the Mares One Vision fits awesomely!

Something I really love about it is how soft and comfortable the skirt is.

It feels super comfortable on my face and also thanks to the ribs on the inside of the nose pocket doesn’t cause any rubbing. 

I love how that it has a single lens because this means my view is unobstructed – which is further complimented by  the widened lower-sides which add great peripheral vision. 

I really enjoy wearing such a comfortable mask that lets me see so much underwater. And of course it’s a cool looking piece of gear that makes a bold statement”!

Gabby Abouhassan – Diving Squad Scout and Writer


Other Specs:

  • High volume

  • Several colour options

  • Strap is easy to adjust

  •  Nose pocket easy to pinch for equalisation 


1) Single Lens with Unique Shape:

The manner in which the Mares One Vision mask juts out to the lower sides is quite unique (only being seen in other masks by Mares) but it enhances downward peripheral vision considerably – which is further complimented by the extremely high brow. The result is a scuba diving mask that offers a massive field of view.

In recent years, Mares have released newer masks such as the Mares X-Vision Ultra that closely resemble the Mares One Vision.

Whilst being made using softer silicon, all of these newer models follow a double-lens design. So for anyone after a Mares mask that offers the most uninterrupted the view, this older model – the Mares Vision One is actually better – as well as a fair bit cheaper than it’s newer cousins.

2) Soft Silicone Skirt:

Like the vast majority of scuba diving masks out there, the skirt (and also strap) of the Mares One Vision is constructed from silicon which is soft, durable and provides a watertight seal. 

Newer Mares masks – such as the Mares X-Vision Ultra are unique amongst most dive masks in that they incorporate two types of silicon to create liquidskin silicon which is both softer and more elastic than regular silicon. 

In that respect these newer Mares masks are superior to the Mares One Vision – however they don’t have a single lens option and are also more expensive.

3) Framed Design:

Most scuba diving masks incorporate a frame which is the hard ridge connecting the lens to the frame. 

The advantage of framed masks it that they offer a more stable fit and greater durability. 

The disadvantage of framed mask is that they’re a little less compact and also exert slightly more pressure on the wearers face. 

In the case of the Mares One Vision mask, even with a frame and fairly high volume, most users report it as being comfortable and fairly quick and easy to clear. 

The frame is available in all black or a black-red or black-white colour combo.

(A similarly priced masks and sized mask to the Mares One Vision but which is frameless is the Aqualung Plazma). 

4) Adjustable X-Shaped Strap:

Whilst the vast majority of scuba diving masks only incorporate one split at the bag to disperse pressure, Mares masks are unique in that they feature X-sculpted straps to create a more comfortable and secure feeling around the back of the wearers head. 

This is a really nice feature, which certainly makes the Mares One Vision feel that little bit more stable and comfortable to wear. Hopefully we’ll see other dive gear manufacturers experimenting with strap designs more in the future!


Ah the Mares One Vision – its the number one scuba diving mask of choice for Diving Squad Scout & Writer Gabby Abouhassan and also popular with many other divers out there.

Ultimately, whether you want to enjoy the unobstructed view of a mono lens mask whilst spending less – or choose one of the newer and more expensive Mares masks with a dual lens but made from softer silicon is up to you. Both will serve you very well. 

As is the case with just about all scuba diving products released by Mares (a highly reputed diving brand), all of their gear is of awesome quality and incorporates several unique features that makes it stand out from the crowd.

In the case of the Mares One Vision; these unique features are the specially shaped lens for maximum field of viewing as well as the ribs in the nose pocket and the X-shaped strap for next-level wearer comfort.

This is a bold and powerful looking dive mask that’s sure to make a statement and the several frame colour options give you some freedom when choosing your style.

Until next time Diving Squad!

Mares One Vision Scuba Mask in the sand

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