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October 12, 2023

Aqualung Reveal X1 Review by Diving Squad

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Whereas some scuba masks are created with UV resistance in mind and others are designed to be super-compact etc, the number one function of the Aqualung Reveal X1 is to offer maximum comfort.

This is achieved through it’s skirt being constructed from differently textured bands of an advanced grade of silicone to offer next-level softness. 

On top of this, it features a silicone sphere within the centre of the head strap to disperse pressure against the back of the wearers head far more evenly than the standard split-strap design seen in most dive masks. 

In this review, we’ll breakdown the features of the Aqualung Reveal X1 dive mask with real-life feedback from users as well as seeing if there’s any room for improvement. Let’s dive in!

Aqualung Reveal X1 mask next to scuba diving tank and regulator.


  • Incredibly comfortable

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to adjust

  • Innovative strap

  • Range of colours

  • Good value for money


  • May leak if you don’t properly adjust the strap

“The Aqualung Reveal X1 has got be the most lightweight and soft feeling dive mask I’ve worn. 

It’s incredibly comfortable – you almost forget it’s there on your face! This is especially useful if you’re diving day in day out, such as on a liveaboard. 

The strap feels really comfortable against the back of my head and once I’d adjusted it’s tightness properly, it’s unlikely to flood. 

It’s also really compact thanks to the fact that the buckles attach directly to the skirt which lets you squish it together and easily stow it away in a bc pocket.  

Scuba diver with Aqualung reveal X1 mask next to a big group of stingrays.

^ Stanislava met Diving Squad whilst diving in the Maldives!

Stanislava Yamakova – Diving Squad Contributor 


Other Specs:

  • Framed

  • Buckles attach to skirt = ultra compact

  • Range of colours

  • Available in mono lens (X1) and dual lens (X2) 
Aqualung Reveal X1 mask next to scuba diving tank and regulator.


1) Lens (Inverted Teardrop):

(The Aqualung Reveal X1 features a mono lens for a completely unobstructed view – however you can also buy a dual-lens version of it: the Aqualung Reveal X2). 

Overall field of vision is very good with a large inverted teardrop that makes it easy to glance down at your dive computer and pressure gauge as well as a wide peripheral vision that allows you to fully appreciate your underwater surroundings. 

Overall, volume is medium which makes it easy to clear whilst unlikely to leak (provided you adjust the strap appropriately for your head). 

Sure, there’s no special lens features – you don’t get UV protection or ultra-clear glass for enhanced underwater colours, but that’s because, as we’re about to cover in the next section, the standout feature of this particular dive mask is actual it’s ultra comfortable skirt.


Aqualung Reveal X1 mask held in hands over a scuba diving boat.

2) Universal Advanced Silicone Skirt:

This is where the Aqualung Reveal masks really shine through.

The lens is constructed from high-grade universal advanced silicon (UAS) which is what makes it so incredibly soft and light against the wearers face.

It’s mould follows that of a sophisticated wraparound geometry which means that it provides an excellent fit for just about every shape and size of face going. 

Furthermore, the end of the skirt is a little more rounded than that of traditional masks which results in a more effective seal and less pressure being exerted. 

There’s also a second internal skirt which creates a watertight seal around your face; keeping air in and water out. 

Finally, the nose pocket is textured to greater control when equalising.

As you can probably now tell, the Aqualung Reveal masks really do go above and beyond when it comes to the material and mould of their skirts – no wander they are so comfortable!

All we will say, is that with the skirt being so soft as it is, it’s a little more prone to wear and tear – so take good care of it!

Aqualung reveal mask extreme closeup of lens.

3) Frame:

You could be forgiven for actually assuming that this is a frameless mask, especially considering how compact it is. 

That’s because the buckles of the strap fuse directly onto the skirt allowing it to be squished against the inside of the lens, making it great for travel and use as a backup mask. 

However, the reality is that it still does have a frame which is actually a good thing as it ensures greater durability and stability of fit. 

So it really feels like you’re getting the best of both worlds – the secureness of fit that comes with a framed mask and the compactness that comes with a frameless mask. 

The Aqualung Reveal has actually been dubbed “the lightest (non-frameless) scuba mask on the market”. Nice!

Aqualung reveal x1 mask against blue sky background.

4) Innovative Stap:

Whilst most scuba diving masks feature a standard split strap, the Aqualung Reveal Masks also incorporates a silicone sphere at the centre back of its strap. 

The idea behind this is to ensure a more even dispersal of pressure against the back of the wearers head and in this regard it works like a charm!

One thing that’s definitely worth noting, is that due to how soft the skirt is, you’ll need to adjust the tightness of the strap so it’s just right for your head to avoid any potential leaking!

It may take one or two slightly frustrating, leaky dives to fine-hone this, but once you have it locked down, you’re good to go!

Close up of the strap of the Aqualung reveal X1 mask.


Comfortable, stylish and ultra-compact, the Aqualung Reveal masks have a lot of excellent points in their favour. 

In the future, we really hope to see more scuba diving masks placing an extra close emphasis on the material and mould of their skirts to improve wearer comfort. 

With how light and compact this mask is, it’s also a great backup or travel mask. 

Of course, theres no such thing as a perfect mask and in the case of the Aqualung Reveal, having to spend a couple of dives adjusting the tightness of the strap to avoid leaking is its achilles heal. 

But once you’ve done this, you won’t have to worry about doing it again and then you’ll love using it! 

Diver wearing Aqualung Reveal X1 dive mask photographing clownfish and sea anemone.

Stanislava rocking her Aqualung Reveal X1 whilst scuba diving in the Maldives!

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