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October 12, 2023

Tidal Mask Review by Diving Squad

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The Tidal Mask by Proshot is quite unlike any other scuba mask mask currently on the market. 

That’s because it features a special anti-fogging coat on the inside of it’s lens with the soul intention of making it the least-likely to fog scuba mask in the world

So does it live up to the hype and does the anti-fogging tech actually work? 

In this review we’ll find out, whilst also taking a look at the other features of the Tidal Mask and listing it’s pros and cons. 

Let’s do this!

Proshot Tidal


  • Anti-fogging tech generally works well


  • Reflective lens option


  • Wide field of view


  • Comfortable


  • Stylish


  • You have to follow the instructions exactly or it will become damaged and not work

“ProShot are a relatively new name on the diving gear scene, but they’re already making a big splash with their revolutionary scuba products. 

The Tidal Mask follows a classic dual-lens teardrop design, providing great all round field of view and comfort. 

Where it really stands out however is the special anti-fogging technology. When used correctly this can be a game-changer!

However, make sure to follow the instructions to the T – or you’ll actually stop this mask from working at all”!

Alex Hatton: Admiral of the Diving Squad


Other Specs:

  • Dual lens (mono-lens version also available)

  • Range of colours

  • Anti-reflective lens option available

  • Low volume

  • Comfortable to wear
Tidal Mask Review


1) Anti-Fogging Lens:

Straight out of the box, the lens of the Tidal Mask has already been treated with a special anti-fogging film.

However: one thing I want to make very clear. You absolutely MUST NOT treat your ProShot Tidal with toothpaste, burning or any other new mask treatment method as you would for a normal scuba mask. 

Doing so will destroy the anti-fogging film and then this mask will fog terribly – and none of the usual treatment methods you’d do for a dive mask will work. It’ll be unusable!

The whole point of the Tidal Mask is that it’s ready to use and not fog straight out the box without pre-treatment.

In addition to the pre-applied fogging film, it also includes an anti-fogging spray – although you shouldn’t need to use it until you’ve already had your Tidal Mask for 6 months.

Do lightly rinse your Tidal Mask with freshwater and soap after each dive.

So…provided you follow all these instructions – it’s a great mask and it really does appear to not fog. That was my experience anyway and the same for many other reviewers.

Admittedly, some reviews on amazon do stay that this mask still fogs. Was that because those people didn’t follow the instructions? It’s hard to know for certain, but I’d be inclined to say yes.

In my own personal experience, following these guidelines will result in the Tidal Mask remaining awesomely clear on all your dives!

2) Soft Silicone Skirt:

The soft skirt of the Tidal Mask is made from a high-quality silicone for maximum comfort and is designed to fit all face shapes and sizes.

I’ve found this to be a really comfortable mask that provides a stable fit and also lent it to friends before who’ve said the same!

It’s also cool that it’s available with either a black skirt or a clear one!

(There’s some small variances in the experience of using a black skirt vs a clear one and Proshot actually explain these on the buying page for the Tidal Mask).  

3) Framed Design:

The Tidal Mask by Proshot features a framed design. Framed masks are generally more durable and provide a more stable fit on the wearers face.

Compared to frameless masks they are a little less compact and can exert more pressure on the wearers face. 

However, the Tidal accommodates for the latter point well by having low volume which means it actually feels very light against your face despite the frame and is also easy to clear.

So once more, the Tidal Mask ticks yet another box for being a great scuba mask!

Tidal Mask frame

4) Adjustable Strap:

Made from soft silicone also, the head strap is two-way adjustable so that you can easily get the perfect fit, even if you’re adjusting it underwater on a dive. 

The buttons are large and responsive enough that it’s easy to push down on them even if you happen to be wearing thick dive gloves. 

Like many scuba masks, this is a split strap, meaning it dives into two at the back in order to evenly disperse weight across the back of the wearers head. 

Depending on which colour option you choose from the mask the strap can either be black of clear – it matches the colour of the skirt. 



I’m a big fan of the Tidal mask and also it’s manufacturer – Proshot themselves. 

I actually reached out to Proshot before getting their mask and they were incredibly quick to respond, friendly and helpful. 

Here’s to hoping we see more products that break the conventional moulds of scuba diving from ProShot in the future!

In terms of the Tidal Mask – it’s an excellent product; comfortable, stylish and easy to use. 

For myself and the vast majority of reviewers it does exactly what it intends which is provide a high quality, non-fogging mask that’s ready to go straight out of the box! 


Proshot Tidal

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