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October 12, 2023

TUSA TM-5700 Review by Diving Squad

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The TUSA TM-5700 is an excellent choice for divers who require a dive mask that accepts prescription lenses and offers good all-round quality without costing very much at all!

(Most prescription lens accepting scuba masks are expensive, but this one sits within the lower end of the dive mask price spectrum). 

This is a framed mask with low volume: it’s easy to clear and unlikely to flood whilst also being durable and sitting securely on the wearers face.


  • Cheap

  • Accepts corrective lenses

  • Comfortable

  • Enhanced downward view

  • Range of colours


  • Silicone material is slightly out of date compared to that used by newer TUSA models

“My TUSA TM-5700 mask has served me well for years!

It’s ideal for me because I need a dive mask that can accept corrective lenses which is exactly what it can do.

It’s field of vision is great, especially thanks to the inverted teardrop which lets me easily glance down at my dive computer and pressure gauge.

This is also a really comfortable mask; one that for me never leaks and it’s also super compact which makes it a great scuba diving mask to take traveling.

If you’re a diver who wants an affordable mask with corrective lens compatibility – this is a great, low-cost option.


Other Specs:

  • Low volume

  • Range of frame colours

  • Skirt available in clear or black

  • Comfortable

  • Good field of vision

  • Excellent value for money


1) Dual-Lens with Corrective Lens Compatibility:

The TUSA TM-5700 is compatible with corrective lenses – it’s one of the all time cheapest scuba diving masks that is. 

This is excellent news for divers who would wear glasses in every day life. 

Of course, you won’t get a mono-lens version of it, because mono (single) lens masks can’t take prescription lenses. 

The inverted teardrop shape of the lens means it offers excellent downward vision which is perfect for when you need to glance down at your wrist or pressure gauge. 

Sideways vision is also excellent thanks to the wide proportions of each lens. 


2) Soft Silicone Skirt:

It’s made from a soft silicone skirt that’s designed to fit most face shapes and sizes and is available in clear or black. 

Now, TUSA have actually marginally improved the quality of the silicone that they use in their newer dive masks and it’s for this reason that the TUSA TM-5700 mask had dropped in price so much over the years. 

However, the difference between the softness of the silicone from which its skirt is constructed and that of newer TUSA masks is really quite negligible and barely noticeable. 

It’s still an extremely comfortable mask to wear and provides a watertight fit that very rarely if ever leaks and combined with the low volume of this mask creates a soft and light feel on the wearers face.

3) Framed Design:

The TM-5700 is a framed mask (it would have to be in order to accept those corrective lenses) which actually makes it more durable and able to provide a more secure fit. 

We really like that the frame is available in several vibrant acrylic colours – like all TUSA masks, the TM-5700 is highly attractive and stands out from the crowd!

Framed masks are generally a little less compact than frameless masks which means this is really more suitable as your primary mask than a backup that you might stow away in a bc pocket. 

That said it’s still small and lightweight enough to make it a great option for travel as it takes up minimal packing space. 

4) Adjustable Strap:

Made from the same (slightly out-dated) silicone as the skirt, the head strap is soft and comfortable nonetheless and features a split at the back as do many dive masks. 

The split helps to evenly disperse weight against the back of your head when wearing it. 

The EZ adjust buckle system makes it incredibly easy to adjust even whilst underwater – even whilst wearing thick dive gloves!

As with the skirt which it matches, the strap is available in either clear or black.


Once it was a luxury-priced dive mask but now it’s one of the cheapest options that accepts corrective lenses on the market. 

All because it’s silicone is perhaps 10 – 15% less soft compared to that used by newer TUSA mask models… we’re almost glad it is if that means that it’s so cheap. 

This is a comfortable, durable and stylish looking scuba mask and a great option for travel thanks to how small and compact it also is. 

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