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8.4 / 10

Bavaria is both affordable and one of the only Thailand liveaboards to throw a beach bbq one evening. 

Also, whereas most other liveaboards are universally suitable for beginners, Bavaria’s “Trip B” is only suitable for more experienced divers, making her a good choice for those who want to stay in the fast lane!

Great for: Massages, Beach BBQ, Experienced Divers (Trip B), Beginners (Trips A & C).

Length of Trips: 3 – 6 Nights

Max Guests: 24

Operates: October – May

Custom built by divers for divers, the MV Bavaria offers a selection of trips to the Similan and Surin islands, two national park status archipelagos in Thailand’s North Andaman Sea.

Above water, you’ll witness mighty boulder formations, tropical forests and white beaches. Below, get ready to discover the country’s best hard coral, with incredible reef gardens, swim throughs and wall structures. 

A myriad of colourful fish, crustaceans and mollusks make their home here, along with turtles, blue spotted stingrays, black tip reef sharks and leopard sharks. 

My favourite two routes are Trip B and Trip C, as they explore both the Similan and Surin islands, whereas Trip A only explores the Similans.

Trips C is the most beginner friendly, as guests only require their open water cert and 4 logged dives. 

Trip B is the best option for more experienced divers who don’t want to be slowed up by newbies as guests require their open water cart and at least 30 logged dives. 

In addition to offering plenty of land excursions, Bavaria is also unique in that she’s one of the few Thai liveaboards to throw a beach bbq, which is a great way to get to know people and unwind. 

For an extra charge, guests can also enjoy massages as well as pay for Nitrox, providing they’re certified. 

There’s 2 deluxe cabins with double beds, as well as 8 comfort cabins with twin beds – all have ensuite bathrooms. There’s also 2 standard cabins with shared bathrooms, ideal for the budget saver. 

It’s worth pointing out that none of the cabins are not very spacious compared to those of some other liveaboards such as Thai Aggressor or Merdeka 3

Social areas include an indoor salon with a large plasm tv and speakers, an outdoor lounge and al fresco dining area plus a partially shaded sun-deck.

Bavaria might not be as spacious as other liveaboards, but with her beach bbq and experienced diver itinerary, she’s still well worth considering!

Guest Reviews:

Eszter B
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"Relaxing six days on Bavaria, although we packed in four dives a day, including sunset or night dives. I appreciated the passion of the dive guides for their trade, the simple but good Thai food (plus Wiener Schnitzel), the helpful staff, the optional outdoors sleep overnight. I loved the smaller dive sites around the Similan Islands for their tranquility and occasional big finds, but of course it is difficult to override Cousteau's Richelieu Rock, and Koh Bon."!
Carlos BChile
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"we had a great time overall, the diving was great, the weather was great, the dive guides and crew where great, and made us feel at home. I would definitely do it again. Very happy with the experience".
Michael OU.S.A
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"From seamless checkin to making the arrangements for post dive transportation with gear....Bavaria MV hit all the marks with perfection. Marco, Marcos, Christie, Ube and Frenchy (and the rest) are all masters of their craft in diving and service".

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