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Sawasdee Fasai

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10 / 10!

This has got to be one of the nicest modern style Thai liveaboards out there. With plenty of lavish social zones, up to 4 dives a day and cabins for every budget, Sawasdee offers excellent value for money. 

She explores Thailands North Andaman Sea, venturing to the legendary Similan & Surin Islands as well as Richelieu Rock.

Great for: Awesome Social Areas, Beginners, Value for Money, 

Length of Trips: 4 Nights

Max Guests: 30

Operates: October – May


Newly renovated in 2016, Sawasdee Fasai is an extremely modern and well furbished liveaboard with a spacious layout that creates a tranquil vibe on board, between action packed dives. There’s a massive sundeck with plenty of mattes as well as partial shading and loungers towards the back. It’s the ultimate place to catch the view, especially as the sun melts beneath the horizon each evening.
Inside there is an air conditioned indoor saloon with a large plasma TV, movies, books and a refreshment bar

The enormous dive deck on board ensures everyone has ample space for gear storage and kitting up, even when this liveaboard is at maximum guest capacity.

On the main deck are 2 master cabins and 5 deluxe cabins, each with ocean views and ensuite bathrooms.

Down on the lower deck are 4 standard cabins with en-suite bathrooms and 4 budget cabins with shared bathroom facilities.

Swasadee Fasai journeys to Thailand’s North Andaman Sea to explore the legendary Similan and Surin Islands. 

Above water you’ll witness white beaches, tropical forests and mighty boulder formations. Below, you’ll discover the very best hard coral in the country among a myriad of colourful fish, crustaceans and mollusks.

Living here also are many turtles, black tip reef sharks and leopard sharks. Between January and April, lucky divers can even spot whale sharks and manta rays.

There’s an average of 4 dives a day, with 3 day dives and 1 night dive being the norm. Guests only require their open water certification and no extra logged dives. A free check out dive is available on board for divers who have not dived recently. 

With such immaculate spaces and an excellent dive itinerary, we’re surprised but not annoyed to see that Sawasdee Fasai is only mid-priced compared to other Thai livebaords!

Guest Reviews:

Mohit JIndia
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"Everything was the highlight in the trip, straight from the airport pickup, to briefing of the entire trip, to well planned dives & schedule, to attention to detail, to delicious food, to super friendly crew, to expert dive masters (mine was assigned 'Mark', he was awesome!!), to smooth boat cruising (awesome captain!), to makes everything ready on time and last but not the least, drop to the hotel!! It was a breeze with no worry of anything, just relax and enjoy the diving!! Highly recommend for all!! Thanks for the awesome experience 'west coast divers', Kudos!!"!
Briah HU.S.A
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"Wide array of new marine wildlife that the divemasters always helped us to learn by showing us what we saw in the photo books and teaching us the hand signals for them so we could be on the lookout on future dives. Community time with the other guests - all were friendly and we all got along very well Despite all being from different places - England, US, Korea, China, Norway, and the crew was from all over the world as well. Resting on the top deck between dives (thank you for the two hour surface intervals!)".
Won Jeung LSouth Korea
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"Every dive, there is something to be astonished. Diverse marine life, beatiful corals, sometimes strong current and surge, temperature changes that make the dives more interesting. Richelliu rock was the highlight, there is everything. Sadly, we missed the whale shark and manta but that would be the reason to come back. Enthusiastic insturctors were very helpful every moment, thanks to the video they showed us on the last night. Many thanks to the boat boys and the chef as well. I would recommend this liveaboard to anyone intersted in visiting Similan"!

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