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October 12, 2023

Best Malapascua Dive Resorts in 2024

Malapascua is one of the coolest to go diving in the Philippines – its the only place in the world where you’re practically guaranteed to see thresher sharks year-round! 

Although Malapascua is a tiny island at just 148 hectares, it’s still advisable that you stay on the right part to be close to the majority of dive centres, restaurants and tourist infrastructure. 

Also, take heed: the quality of dive resorts varies considerably; some are luxurious, others more like backpacker hostels; thus the experience you have will be affected by where you stay!

To help you choose the right place for your own personal preferences, we’ve compiled this list of the best Malapascua Dive Resorts so you can stay and dive there like a boss!

(By the way, if you wanna know more about the actual experience of diving Malapascua; e.g. the best dives sites, dive season etc, check out our Diver’s Guide to Malapascua Page).

How to Use this Guide:

Below, we’ve presented the 10 best Malapascua Dive Resorts; each one has been given a title that describes it best whether that be our TOP PICK, the CHEAPEST or the MOST LUXURIOUS option.

When describing the location of each dive resort; we generally note it’s proximity to Malapascua Marketplace; this area can be considered as the central tourist-zone of Malapascua island, being at the south-end and within close proximity of most dive centres, resorts, restaurants and bars and also within easy walking distance of the port. 

Use the Quick Answer below to check out our very favourite picks on or scroll down further to read our comprehensive reviews of all ten. 

All of the listed options have their own in-house dive centre or are within very easy walking distance of an external dive centre you can use; for the case of the latter, we’ve described the best external dive centre options. Finally there is a section covering what to know about diving Malapascua!



Best Dive Resorts in Malapascua

1) TOP PICK: Shark's Tail Dive Resort

In-house Dive Centre
Bar, Restaurant, Swimming Pool, BACKPACKER VIBES
150M from Market, 200m from Bounty Beach

2) MOST LUXURIOUS: Tepanee Beach Resort

2 minute walk to dive centres
Spa, Fitness Centre, Jacuzzis, Restaurant, Bar
650M from Market, 100M from Logon Beach

3) RUNNER UP MOST LUXURIOUS: Malapascua Exotic Island Dive Resort

In-house dive centre
Spa, bar, restaurant
450M from Market, Next to Bounty Beach

4) CHEAPEST: Romantic Place Guesthouse

Within 2 minutes of dive centres
2 Swimming Pools, Bar,
500M to Market, 300M to Logon Beach

5) MOST NATURAL SETTINGS: Zhang Resort & Dive Centre OPC

$ - $$$
Dive Centre
Garden, Bar, Restaurant, Private Beach
800M to Market, 500M to Bounty Beach

6) BACKPACKER VIBES: Malapascua Budget Inn

$ - $$
2 minutes from dive centres
Bar and social area
50M to Market, 400M to Logon Beach

7) ITALIAN RESTAURANT: Angelina Beach Resort

2 minute walk to dive centres
Italian Restaurant, Bar, Massage Services
650M from Market, Along Logon Beach

8) ALTERNATIVE LOCATION: Avila's Horizon Dive Resort

$ - $$
Dive Centre
Restaurant, Bar
2.3KM to Market, North-Side of Malapascua Island

9) HOTEL VIBES: SLAM'S Garden Dive Resort

$$ - $$$
2 Minute Walk to Dive Centres
Swimming Pool, Restaurant, Bar
500m from Marketplace, Along Logon Beach

10) WATER-SPORTS: Malapascua Legend Water Sports and Resort

$$ - $$$
Several Minute Walk to Dive Centres
Gym, Spa, Water-Sports, Resto-Bar, Swimming Pool
300 meters to Marketplace, Along Bounty Beach

1. TOP PICK: Shark's Tail Dive Resort

Shark's Tail Dive Resort in Malapascua
  • $$

  • In-house Diving Centre

  • Swimming pool, bar, restaurant, backpacker vibes

  • 150M from Market, 200M from Logon Beach

I stayed at Shark’s Tail Dive Resort & Centre during my time in Malapascua over June 2023 and I was blown away by this very special and unique place. For starter’s although it calls itself a resort, the Shark’s Tail is more actually more akin to a backpacker hostel for scuba diver’s thanks to the backpacker crowd it attracts, the affordable prices and overall vibe. 

The bar / restaurant lounge area is a great place to meet people; I had met some very cool likeminded traveller friends within less than an hour of arriving and later that evening found myself drunkenly belting out karaoke with them. (My go-to song being Tainted Love). 

As well as extremely cheap 10-bed mixed dorm options, there are also some ultra-affordable private rooms including twin, double and ensuite bathroom options that offer some of the cheapest prices on all of Malapascua. 

There is a dive-centre on site; they regularly visit all of the most popular dive sites including Kinad Shoal for Thresher Sharks, Monad Shoal for Tiger Sharks, Lighthouse for mating Mandarin Fish at sunset, Gato Island and the various local dives around Malapascua. I strongly recommend this place,; it’s so unusual to find an affordable diver’s resort aimed at backpackers. 

Located on the south end of Malapascua island, within a few minutes walk of the marketplace, it is also to where the majority of restaurants, bars and tourist infrastructure are. 

2. MOST LUXURIOUS: Tepanee Beach Resort

Tepanee Beach Resort
  • $$$

  • 2 minute walk to dive centres

  • Spa, fitness centre, restaurant, bar, hot tub

  • 650M from Market, 100M from Logon beach

Tepanee beach resort has it’s own private access to a beach with shallow coral reef and frequented by baby black tip reef sharks that you can snorkel with. It is also just 100 meters from Logon beach and situated on the south end of Malapascua within easy reach of the majority of bars restaurants and tourist infrastructure. 

But there is more to this place than just it’s prime location; it is also the most luxurious resort on Malapascua with spacious rooms defined by colourful, wooden furnishings and coming with private balconies with ocean views.  

As well as the public jacuzzi and spa, there is also a basic fitness centre on site; which is extremely handy as Malapascua has so little in the way of gyms. The restaurant serves an immense variety of cuisine both local and international. 

It’s within just a few minutes walk of several dive centres, which the knowledgeable and friendly staff at the help-desk can help you to arrange dives with. 

3. RUNNER UP MOST LUXURIOUS: Malapascua Exotic Island Dive Resort

Malapascua Exotic Island Dive Resort
  • $$$

  • In-house dive centre

  • Spa, bar, restaurant, private beachfront

  • 450M from Market, next to Bounty Beach

Another luxury option in the prime location of the south end of Malapascua beach; Malapascua Exotic Island Dive Resort get’s extremely high customer reviews and immensely positive feedback on 

In particular, guests have praised the helpfulness and friendliness of the divemasters and instructors working at the in-house dive centre which operates trips to all the most popular Malapascua dive sites including to see thresher sharks, tiger sharks, pygmy sea horses and routes to Gato Island. 

There is a spa and wellness centre offering an extensive range of pampering services as well as a restaurant which for breakfast serves an impressive variety of Irish, English, Italian or continental options. 

Guests can choose from an extensive range of room options; all feature a private balcony and ensuite bathroom with some also offering ocean views and family spaces.

4. CHEAPEST: Romantic Place Guesthouse

Romantic Place Guesthouse: Cheap Accommodation in Malapascua
  • $

  • Within 3 minutes of dive centres

  • 2 Swimming Pools, Bar

  • 500M to Market, 300M to Logon Beach

If you’re looking to save as much money as possible (doubtless so you can pay for more scuba diving huhuhu!) Romantic Place Guesthouse is your best bet as it has the cheapest dorm process of anywhere in Malapascua; starting at around 365 PHP (about $6.70) a night for 4 – 8 bed mixed dorms with fans and a share bathroom. 

There are also a variety of affordable private room options, starting with Budget Double Rooms with ensuite bathrooms at roughly 875 PHP (about $16) a night. If you do have more to spend, there are also some more expensive private rooms such as private balcony and family room options. 

Despite being so affordable; Romantic Place Guesthouse is a nice place to stay; there are 2 Swimming Pools and a Bar as well as a colourful exterior area with a lush garden and the rooms are clean, spacious and nicely decorated. 

Romantic Place Guesthouse is also in a prime location, just 500 meters from the market and 300 meters from Logon beach, meaning it is only several minutes walk away from the majority of dive centres, bars and restaurants. 

5. Most Natural Setting: Zhang Resort and Dive Centre OPC

Zhang Resort and Dive Centre
  • $ – $$$

  • Dive Centre

  • Garden, bar, restaurant, private beach

  • 800M to Market,  500M to Bounty Beach

Zhang’s Resort and Dive Centre OPC is located just a little south from the centre of Malapascua island and subsequently it is away from the more heavily built up and touristic areas lining the southern end – yet still fairly close to most tourist infrrastrucutre. Set amidst beautiful lush gardens and  with its own private beachfront it offers quiet and serene vibes. 

Guests can choose from a variety of room options – from very cheap mixed dorms with aircon to deluxe double rooms with private balcony’s and ocean-view, family rooms. There is a bar and restaurant as well as room service and also the option for bike hire. 

For scuba divers, the dive centre operates frequent trips to Kinad Shoal to dive with Thresher Sharks as well as Monad Shoal for Tiger Sharks, Gato Island and the various local dives around Malapascua including Lighthouse Sunset Dives to see the mating Mandarin Fish. Truly one of the most peaceful places you can stay. 

6. BACKPACKER VIBES: Malapascua Budget Inn

Malapascua Budget Inn
  • $ – $$

  • 2 minutes walk to dive centres

  • Bar and social area

  • 50M to Market, 400M to Logon Beach

Although we still maintain that Shark’s Tail Dive Resort is the ultimate backpacker hostel for divers, another great option is Malapascua Budget Inn; which is definitely aimed for a younger, broker crowd of travellers, with most rooms made up of extremely cheap, 4 – 14 bed mixed dorms with aircon and also a few mid-price private room options. 

There is no restaurant, however; being right next to the Marketplace, Malapascua Budget Inn is within less than a minute’s walk of most restaurants and bars. It also has a very cool bar and social area which is a great place to meet other travellers and regale one another with your diving tales over an icy beer or three. 

The staff are very friendly and happy to help you arrange scuba diving; although this can also effortlessly be done by walking to one of the many dive centres or resorts that lie just a few minutes away. 

7) Italian Restaurant: Angelina Beach Resort & Italian Restaurant

Angelina Beach Resort
  • $$

  • Within 2 minute walk of dive centres

  • Restaurant, bar, massage services

  • 650M from market, along Logon Beach

If you’re a lover of Italian food then look no further than Angelina Beach Resort which has it’s own Italian Restaurant serving exquisite Italian Cuisine and fine wine. The staff are very friendly and helpful; they will even pack you a breakfast when you have to go on early morning dives to see thresher sharks!

This mid-priced resort is located on the lower end of Logon Beach at the touristic south end of Malapascua island; just 650 meters from the market and subsequently within easy reach of most restaurants and bars.

As well as room service, guests can arrange a variety of massage services from the comfort of their own rooms. All rooms are extremely spacious with beautiful stone and wooden interiors as well as their own private balconies, ensuite bathrooms and aircon; some also offering ocean views. 

Angelina Beach Resort is a friendly, peaceful and charming resort to stay in; with excellent food, awesome staff and a great all-round location. 


8. ALTERNATIVE LOCATION: Avila's Horizon Dive Resort

Avila's Horizon Dive Resort in Malapascua
  • $ – $$

  • Dive Centre

  • Restaurant, Bar

  • North-Side of Malapascua Island along Langub Beach, 2.3km from Market

Whereas the vast majority of tourist infrastructure including most dive resorts and centres as well as restaurants and bars are located along the more heavily built-up south end of Malapascua island, Avila’s Horizon Dive Resort is located 1.5km up on the north end of the island; just a few steps from the quiet Langub Beach. This makes it away from much of the crowds.

However, you won’t have to venture far for any of your needs as there’s an on-site dive centre that operates frequent trips to all of the favourite dive sites; including to dive with thresher sharks, tiger sharks and at Gato Island; plus in addition to the on-site restaurant and bar, there’s still a few other restaurants and bars nearby that can easily be walked to. 

Attracting a slightly older backpacker-ish crowd, the 3-star Avila’s Horizon Dive Resort gives guests the option between 8-bed mixed dorms with fans, ultra cheap (and tiny) bunk-bed twin rooms and a few slightly more expensive options including double, deluxe and family room options. The staff are very friendly and can help you with just about anything!

9. HOTEL VIBES: SLAM'S Garden Dive Resort

  • $$ – $$$

  • 2 minutes walk to Dive centres

  • Swimming Pool, Bar, Restaurant

  • 500M from Marketplace, next to Logon Beach

Maybe it’s the external layout or perhaps it’s the fancy architecture but something about SLAM’S Garden Dive Resort makes it feel more like a classy beachside hotel than other options. The large outdoor swimming pool and surrounding sundecks, along with the private balconies and terraces boasted by each room enhance this further.

With medium to high prices, there’s an extensive variety of room options from fan to aircon, twin to double to deluxe and family and because there are no dormitories, this place feels a little higher-end and less backpackery than other resorts. 

Situated right next to the charming Logon beach and only 500 meters from the market where you’ll find most restaurants and bars; it’s also only a couple of minutes walk to the majority of dive centres, making SLAM’S Garden Dive Resort setting a prime location. There’s also a bar-restaurant on-site serving a variety of tasty, high-end cuisine. 

10. WATER SPORTS - Malapascua Legend Water Sports & Resort

Malapascua Legend Water Sports & Resort
  • $$ – $$$

  • Several Minute Walk to Dive centres

  • Gym, Spa, Water-Sports Facilities, Swimming Pool, Bar, Restaurant

  • Bounty Beach, 300M Walk to Marketplace

We saved one of the coolest for last! This resort styles itself as focused on watersports; the friendly and organised staff can help you arrange a variety of water-sports activates on-site in addition to diving and snorkeling off-site and even hiking. 

Starting at medium and going up to high-price, rooms are spacious and feature aircon with ensuite bathrooms as well as extremely nice internal decor with private-balcony, ocean-view options available.

There are simply so many great facilities on-site including a gym, spa, large outdoor swimming pool and also a bar and restaurant, Located along bounty beach at the far south end of Malapascua, Malapascua Legend Water-Sports and resort is just a short walk away from the marketplace and majority of dive centres. 

Dive Centre Options

The majority of accommodation options listed on this page have their own in-house dive centres; however a few do not.

You can rest assured, that those which don’t have their own in-house dive centre are within just a few minutes walk of somewhere you can sign up to dive – and the staff where you’re staying will happily help you with this. You can walk into just about any dive-resort even if you’re not staying there and sign up to go scuba diving!

I’ve only heard good things about all of the dive centres and resorts at Malapascua – that said here are my three top recommendations: 

  • Shark’s Tail Dive Resort & Centre offer excellent prices and fantastic dive guides. They’re located just 200 meters from the centre of Bounty beach…along which you can also find countless other dive centre options.

  • Mabuhay Thresher Dive Centre are another great dive centre, located at the far West-end of Bounty beach.

  • Atlas Divers, another stellar-option, located mid-way up Logon Beach. 

What to know about diving Malapascua

Scuba diving Malapascua is pretty straight-forward but there’s certainly a few important things you’ll want to know such as diving season, how to get there and which are the best dive sites – as well as how experienced a diver you need to be in order to see those Thresher Sharks!

Thanks be to the Oden, we’ve covered all of this and more in our Main Guide on Scuba Diving Malapascua

Scuba Diver coming face to face with Thresher Shark at Kinad Shoal dive site of Malapascua

Best Places to Stay in Malapascua Diving Squad DEBRIEFING:

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Dive instructor looking for tiger sharks around Monad Shoal from boat
Sunrise starts are all part of the experience when it comes to diving with Thresher Sharks at Malapascua!

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