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Reef Prince Review

Diving Squad Rating:


8.6 / 10 

With superb onboard facilities and an immense range of extra activities, Reef Prince is ideal for non-divers, although this does come at the cost of her being a little less diving-centric.

Instead of exploring the Great Barrier Reef, she travels along Australia’s western coast where guests will discover the stunning landscapes of Australia’s Kimberley Coast. 

Great for: Non-Divers, Land Excursions, Extra Activities. 

Trip Lengths: 6 – 11 days

Max Guest Capacity: 36

Operates: Feb – Nov


Reef Prince offers unique cruises along Australia’s western coast. Of these, 2 feature scuba diving: 

  • The Rowley Shoals cruise let’s guests dive four times a day, every day. There’s only one night dive throughout, but there is also cave, drift and coral garden diving. Guests only need their open water cert + 1 logged dives to participate and there’s plenty of snorkelling to. Rowley Shoals are 3 coral like atolls that are very rarely visited and harbour fantastic marine life.

  • The 11 day Kimberly Coastal Expedition explores the stunning coastline between Darwin and Broome, where insane topography and landscapes await. There’s many exciting additional activities, including fast boats rides through horizontal waterfalls, bush walks and aboriginal rock art excursions. On this trip, there is the chance to dive every other day. Divers should have their advanced open water cert to make the most of dive sites.

Reef Prince, is not just a diving liveaboard; which can be a little frustrating for hardcore scuba fanatics, especially with only getting to dive every other day on the Kimberly Coast Expedition.

However, this liveaboard is great for sightseeing and additional activities, which also include windsurfing, fishing, birdwatching, snorkelling, colonial fort visits and beach walks. 

The Kimberly Coastal Expedition is a particularly great option for groups with non-divers / snorkelers or if you simply don’t want diving to be the soul focus of your holiday. 


  • TV in cabins

  • Bar

  • Sea view cabins

  • Daily housekeeping

  • Naturalist guide

  • Sun deck

  • Daily housekeeping

  • Indoor saloon

  • Warm water showers

  • Al fresco dining

Airdrie L from Australia said:

“Superb biodiversity diving on understated boat with competent staff. The diving in untouched warm waters seeing so many different corals and fish”!

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